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OPA Mobile and Service Cloud Synch OOTB

Philip Whitwell

The release of August 2017 OPA introduced out-of-the-box integration between Oracle Policy Modeling's Mobile application (iOS and Android, available from Apple's App Store and Google Play, respectively) and Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC) allowing mobile users to download their Assessments from OSvC work on a number of Assessments across one or more Deployments offline and then when they have connectivity again synchronize the completed Assessments and update OSvC.The fields and objects that are used in OSvC are mapped in and out of the OPA Interview in the same way that they are for Web Determination Interviews.

This article will take you through a basic sample to get you started but if you just want to have a play scroll to the bottom where there are some details how to access a demo instance.

1)  Add the required configuration to Service Cloud

 Click OPA Help for help to support this configuration.

2) Setup a mobile user in both OSvC and OPA Hub

The agent name in Service Cloud must match the Policy Automation Hub username.

The Hub user must have the Mobile role for the appropriate collection of deployments.

3) We are now ready to create a mobile enabled deployment that can synch data with OSvC

Open OPM, create a new project and in the data tab, select Data Mapping button to connect your Policy Model 

In the dialogue below tick the Contact center agents or mobile users(Account) option.

(If this does not appear ensure you have a mobile user enabled on the Hub)

i)  In the Input Mappings view tick next to Name.First and  Name.Last to create two new attributes.

ii) In the Output Mappings view tick next to Address.City and in your Word rule document create a simple rule to populate this field, e.g. 

the contact address city="Manchester"

iii) Create a screen with Contact First Name and Contact Last Name so you can see the data retrieved from  OSvC and add a Submit button so that the Contact record in OSvC will have the Contact City updated

iv) Now deploy the Policy Model, e.g. SimpleMobileMap to your Hub making sure you add it to a collection that the mobile user you created in step 2) has access 

v) Go to the Hub and select the SimpleMobileMap deployment and tick the Mobile option

5) Next we need to create a mobile assessment record in the custom object we created in step one.

Select the MobileAssessments from the navigation and create a new record as below

i) Deployment, SimpleMobileMap, must match the deployment name in the OPA Hub

ii) Account should be the user you created in Step 2 where the username is the same in the Hub and OSvC

iii) Description is used to identify the Assessment when in OPA Mobile

iv) Status should be set to Open for the Assessment to be downloaded to OPA Mobile

v) ObjectID should be set to a valid ID for the mapping used in Step 4) in this case Contact

vi) Save the record and then we are ready to open OPA Mobile

6) Download and install OPA Mobile from


i) First connect OPA Mobile to a Hub                                  Then login using the mobile user


Login details for the demo.oracle.com deployment are

Hub:  https://gseopa00097.rightnowdemo.com/opa-hub

Please email phil.whitwell@oracle.com for login details

Service Cloud Agent Web URL:  https://rnowgse00856.rightnowdemo.com/AgentWeb/   This is perfect to reset some records so that you have a play

Service Cloud Desktop Install: https://rnowgse00856.rightnowdemo.com/cgi-bin/rnowgse00856.cfg/php/admin/launch.php

Please email phil.whitwell@oracle.com for login details

7) Play with the mobile assessments

If you use a 'pull down' gesture it will refresh the list of available Assessments.  

Note: If no Assessments appear try logging in to the OSvC Agent Web and resetting a few of the Mobile Assessment records to open

Once you have submitted an Assessment  you will be asked 'Mark the assessment for upload?'  If you choose Yes then the Assessment will automatically be added to the Done list and will be synched back to OSvC when a refresh is triggered, either automatically or manually by the 'pull down' gesture.

If you choose No then the Assessment will marked as 'Pending Submit' and you will need a 'Swipe Left' gesture to reveal the 'Mark for Upload' button.

8) Check the results in Agent Web

If you login to the OSvC Agent Web and Navigate to Contacts, Search for Last Name: Sanchez 

You can see as well as the City being updated to Manchester there is also a number of Attachments that have been synched back.

Please play!

Try using new contact ids in the Mobile Assessment table and changing the deployment to map in/out more fields, use new deployment names to leave the basic example working.


Further Reading...

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