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Intelligent Advisor 21B (12.2.23) now available

Brad Tuckett
Release Manager

Intelligent Advisor Release 21B (12.2.23) is now available for public cloud and private cloud (on-premise) customers.

Be sure to also review the features added to 21A since our last post.

Statistics REST API (Monthly update 2)

System integrators can now access Intelligent Advisor statistics through a REST API. This enables the statistics to be shared without logging in through the Hub user interface.

Test decision service rules in a browser (Monthly update 1)

While writing decision service rules, authors can now instantly switch to a Live view to add data objects and input values and see how these flow through the rule logic. Rules that aren't relevant to a particular test case are grayed out to provide helpful insight when investigating unexpected behavior. This interactive experimentation can reduce the time spent troubleshooting before integration testing via the decision service API.

The Account Risk Assessment decision service project in Live view with imported input data

Configure first day of week for calendar controls (Monthly update 1)

Interview designers can now choose the start day of the week for calendar controls to match user expectations and existing websites.

Debug logs for deployments (Monthly update 1)

A debug logging platform has been implemented to provide detailed information about what has been happening within different aspects of the system. Debug logs are captured for interview sessions created by Web Determinations interviews, Determinations Server interview service, and the Chat API. These logs can be used by customers to help them resolve their own issues, and by support staff to help them replicate customer issues. Deployment session debug logging is available through the Intelligent Advisor Hub user interface, as well as by using the Deployments REST API.

Reference decision services from Policy Modeling projects

References to Intelligent Advisor decision services can now be added from any Policy Modeling project to calculate certain data values. The decision service is called both when debugging and after the project is deployed. Runtime caching of rule results ensures high performance, particularly for projects with large volumes of reference data rules.

This functionality allows business users to define shared lookup tables and rules in decision service projects for reuse in different Policy Modeling projects, without needing a desktop application install. The shared data and logic can then be instantly updated for multiple projects without redeploying them from Policy Modeling. Because decision services have clearly defined contracts, and those contracts can be made read-only to rule authors, the ability to allow non-experts to update reference data held in decision services is made a more reliable process.

Hide interview controls using interview extensions

An interview extension is now available that makes it possible to selectively hide interview controls. This can be used to create progressive reveal interviews.

Trigger custom events in related applications

An interview extension can now send a custom event, and a customer using the JavaScript interview embedding API can receive these custom events and handle them as required in the interview.

Want to start using the 21B release?

Public cloud: You can upgrade your testing sites at any time via Oracle Cloud Portal Service Cloud Configuration Assistant. All sites will be automatically upgraded according to the published schedule.

Private cloud (on-premises): Licensed customers should download from Oracle® Software Delivery Cloud.  Developers can download and evaluate recent releases from the Oracle web site.

Want further information?

A summary presentation of the key features and benefits in this release is available on the Oracle web site.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Mudit Behl Tuesday, July 27, 2021
    Hi Brad,
    From when the 21B installers will be available on download link.
  • Brad Tuckett Tuesday, July 27, 2021
    The Intelligent Advisor pages are in the process of redesign. Suggest you download directly from https://edelivery.oracle.com - for the 21B release, you need to search for "Policy Modeling 12.2.23" or "Policy Automation 12.2.23"
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