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GA Release for Intelligent Advisor 20D (12.2.21)

Brad Tuckett
Release Manager

Intelligent Advisor Release 20D (12.2.21) is now available for public cloud and private cloud (on-premise) customers.

Be sure to also review the features added to 20C since the initial GA release, in particular the ability to develop decision services in a browser.

Service Cloud rebranded to B2C Service (Monthly update 2)

All references to "Service Cloud" in Policy Modeling and Intelligent Advisor Hub have been replaced with "B2C Service".

Chat API enhancements (Monthly update 2)

A couple of enhancements have been made to the Intelligent Advisor Chat API. The following features are included in the Chat API response when accessed through the versioned API with either 12.2.21 or latest:

  • Reference tags in explanations
  • Masks defined for masked input text boxes

Style interviews using Redwood theme (Monthly update 1)

The Redwood theme, now available in interview styles, applies the latest Oracle standard application look and feel to Intelligent Advisor interviews. Using this theme gives a consistent employee experience for interviews embedded within the latest Fusion agent user interface and knowledge articles, or other Redwood-themed interfaces.

Provide auto-advance functionality in interviews (Monthly update 1)

An interview extension is now available that makes it possible for system integrators to trigger a submit action when a control selection is made. This enables auto-advance functionality to be provided in interviews without having to customize every control. The new custom event extension is onChange.

Customize form controls (Monthly update 1)

System integrators can now use an interview extension to customize form controls so that they can provide an experience matching customer's requirements. The new custom rendering extension is customForm.

Programmatically create checkpoints and trigger a seed data refresh (Monthly update 1)

It is now possible to programmatically create checkpoints and trigger a seed data refresh using interview extensions. This is done using new options on the Interview.saveData() method:

  • refreshSeedData
  • createCheckpoint

Generate reviewable transcripts for interviews (Monthly update 1)

System integrators can now save all interview questions asked and answers given without mapping, so that they can easily provide a reviewable transcript for every interview that is conducted.

Interview extension data connections

The new interview extension data connection allows developers to securely call out to a third party service using JavaScript interview extensions. The interview extension connection is managed in Intelligent Advisor Hub in the same way as other data connections, allowing access to be appropriately controlled per Hub and per workspace.

This feature enables third party data validation, identity checking and other services to be incorporated into advice experiences. The development lifecycle can be simplified by centrally managing each connection's details across the development/test/production environments.

The connection is invoked securely from an interview extension, with a new fetch() method that passes the call request to the Intelligent Advisor server.

Discoverable object mappings using Deployments REST API

This feature augments the Deployments REST API to include a sub-resource that retrieves object mapping data for a given policy modeling version. The mapping information is extracted from the compiled policy model.

Show data for all deployment versions in deployment statistic charts

Deployment statistics charts now show the combined data for all versions of the deployment by default, instead of only showing the data for the active version. This change means that users will now see data for historical versions when there is no selection in the Deployment version selection list, making it easier to see where a new deployment version has impacted performance.

Disable data validation logging in Hub

It is now possible for Hub Administrators to turn off and on data validation message logging for deployments on the Message log page.

Want to start using the 20D release?

Public cloud: You can upgrade your testing sites at any time via Oracle Cloud Portal Service Cloud Configuration Assistant. All sites will be automatically upgraded according to the published schedule.

Private cloud (on-premises): Licensed customers should download from Oracle® Software Delivery Cloud.  Developers can download and evaluate recent releases from the Oracle web site.

Want further information?

A summary presentation of the key features and benefits in this release is available on the Oracle web site.

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