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GA release of OPA August 2017

Brad Tuckett
Release Manager

The Oracle Policy Automation team is pleased to announce that OPA August 2017 (12.2.8) is now available for both public and private cloud customers.

Amongst the many enhancements in the August 2017 release, there are three key features worth highlighting:

Checkpoints for Service Cloud agents: Policy Automation now gives Service Cloud agents the ability to save and resume interview checkpoints. Agents can resume and update partially completed interviews started by Contacts on the self-service channel, and vice versa. This provides a seamless omni-channel experience when customers call an agent for help completing an application or getting advice.

Mobile assessments for Service Cloud: Mobile assessments for Service Cloud allow field agents to complete interviews on mobile devices even while offline. Interviews are designed as assessments and workflow synchronizes the data to field agents who retrieve and complete assigned assessments on their mobile devices. Data is automatically uploaded from the mobile device and synced with Service Cloud when online.

Deployments REST API: The OPA Hub REST API for deployments provides a flexible mechanism to deploy, explore, activate, retrieve and update policy models on an OPA Hub programmatically. This enables administrators to both build custom web interfaces and automation scripts for policy life cycle tasks, such as promotion from test to production, and to build value-add services that inspect the contents of deployed policies, such as ensuring compliance with certain corporate standards.


Hub enhancements

Policy Automation Hub dashboard page

New Hub dashboard and user interface styles: The Hub, used for administering OPA projects online, has been given a new look and feel. A dashboard page replaces the old Welcome page and provides an overview of Hub status. There is a streamlined navigation bar that provides quick access to the main areas in which users work. Message logs are now available from the user menu. The new styling is consistent with other Oracle cloud applications.

Change Hub UI language while logged in: Users can now change the language of the Policy Automation Hub user interface after they have logged into the Hub. This allows for externally authenticated users to change language.

Time per screen statistic: Interview statistics in Oracle Policy Automation Hub have been enhanced to include a new chart that shows how much time users are spending on average on each interview screen. You can filter the information by customers or agents, and export the data for offline analysis. This enables interview designers to optimize the screens that are taking users the longest time.

Use custom root certificates for web service connections: To simplify the development life cycle when using custom connectors, you can now use web service connections that present custom SSL certificates. For example, self-signed certificates can be used for development servers.


Policy Modeling enhancements

List unused attributes in a project: It is now possible to obtain a list of unused attributes in a project. This can help find mismatches in attribute wording, for example, or simply attributes that are no longer needed and can be removed.

Execute project test cases from the command line: A command-line utility is now available for running test cases (OPMRunTests.exe). This allows testers of integrated solutions to include policy model test case results and execution timing in their automated testing. The command-line tool can generate reports of the test case results in various formats (XML, HTML, JUnit) and testers can have these checked by staff that may not even have Policy Modeling.

Warranty example project: A new example project, Warranty, has been added to the suite installed with Policy Modeling. This policy model is designed for online self-service use and agent call centers, and assists in logging warranty and service requests. The interview guides the user through troubleshooting and creating a service request and produces mandatory reporting documentation.

Interview accessibility checks: Interview designers can now select a Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) level in Policy Modeling for the interview to be validated against. These checks can aid designers in creating accessible interview experiences for users with disabilities.


Interview enhancements

Remove interview checkpoints on submit to Service Cloud: Checkpoints can now be removed from Service Cloud when an interview is submitted. This means that when resuming a completed interview, instead of the final screen being displayed to the user, the interview will start afresh. (Incomplete advice resumes as normal.) This works for both agents and contacts and allows for the revisiting of advice experiences, even for new cases.

Control when interviews show error event messages: The display of interview errors and warnings can now be configured on a per-screen basis to display either immediately (that is, whenever a control changes value), or on navigation away from the screen.


Want to start using the August 2017 release?

Public cloud: You can upgrade your testing sites at any time via Oracle Cloud Portal Service Cloud Configuration Assistant. All sites will be automatically upgraded according to the published schedule.

Private cloud (on-premises): Download from Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and Oracle® Software Delivery Cloud.

The latest OPA Mobile application is available in Google Play and Apple App Store.


Want further information?

A summary presentation of the key features and benefits in this release can also be found on OTN.

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