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Are you providing better service to your customers or your employees?

Fiona Guy
Senior Principal Product Manager

We spend a lot of time talking with organizations and partners focused on improving customer service. Over the last few years, more customers are asking whether we can also help them improve their employee-service. I'm always relieved to hear organisations ask this. These questions to me indicate a level of organisational maturity that can take their customer service to the next level. Why? How are customer-service and employee-service related? Let me explain. 

When we think of customer service these days we, as consumers, are typically assessing an organization on a number of factors;

  • Efficiency: How quickly my question was answered.
  • Availability: Whether the question was answered when I needed it, through my preferred channel. 
  • Tone: Was the interaction personal and positive. 
  • Product knowledge: Whether viable options were explored / an accurate answer provided.
  • Result: The issue was actually resolved.

For the consumer, these experiences can be woeful... or wonderful. Want to enrol in university? We accept applications 24/7 online. Have a problem with your phone? We have a virtual assistant who can guide you through it. Need a home loan? We have a mobile lender who will come to your house for instant pre-approval. As a consumer, I love it when organizations get this right.

But many organizations don't stop to consider how well they are serving their employees. The challenges for the employee are not dissimilar to the customer: staff ask the same questions and feel frustration at incorrect or tardy answers and out-of-date advice. But let's be honest: Does your organization offer the same level of service to internal staff? Or do you still answer employee HR questions by directing them to a 20 page policy document?

Does it even matter? 

The research is now well-established; happier staff lead to a more productive workforce, and a marked increase in customer satisfaction. Despite this, 70% of organizations fail to invest in satisfying their workforce.

While the impact on their customer service is clear, the impact on hiring and staff turnover is only just beginning to be realized.  Employees entering the workforce over the last 5-10 years have grown up in a world of 24/7, self-service answers through a variety of channels. They are not afraid to move jobs if they are not satisfied in the workplace. Employers need to adapt to keep up with the expectations and digital aptitude of their workforce.

Employers need to adapt quote

Achieving the impossible

So how can a modern company provide personal advice to all of their employees 24/7 without burning out their internal HCM and support teams? 

The answer is Oracle Intelligent Advisor. Identified as a key differentiator in Oracle's customer experience (CX) suite and available on Oracle’s HCM pricelist, Intelligent Advisor provides personal, self-service advice that dynamically applies the company policies to the individual’s own circumstances, stepping them through the information needed, the appropriate policy, and how it applies to their circumstances.

For IT Helpdesk

Intelligent Advisor can provide interactive self-service advice and logging on internal IT helpdesk sites providing 24/7 answers to the most common employee questions.

For Employees

For employees, accurate, self-service advice on topics such as;

  • Leave entitlements
  • Transfer and relocations
  • Grievance resolution
  • Staff promotion eligibility
  • Mandatory reporting
  • Environment, Health, and Safety concerns

Oracle ourselves are already benefiting from implementing Intelligent Advisor for maternity, paternity and other employee leave calculations, seeing high level of adoption and good CSAT scores.

Oracle use of Intelligent Advisor for employee service

The self-service interviews can be crafted and maintained by the policy teams themselves, without needing to involve the specialist skills of a programmer. Letters, application forms and compliance documents can also be generated and attached at the back-end if needed for compliance or to speed up HR correspondence.

Which of course leaves more time for your staff to look after your employees and more time for your employees to look after your customers. 

For more information on Intelligent Advisor see https://www.oracle.com/applications/customer-experience/service/intelligent-advisor.html


Title photo credit: Rokas Niparavičius via Unsplash


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