Wednesday May 13, 2009

New Mid-Market Solution for Sun Storage 7000 and x64 Systems

Sun recently expanded its portfolio of solutions developed for mid-sized companies with the introduction of an Open Archive solution that pairs the Sun Storage 7110 and 7210 Unified Storage Systems and ultra-scalable Sun Fire X4140 and Sun Fire X4240 servers with industry-leading Symantec Enterprise Vault 8 software. The resulting Open Archive solution for mid-sized companies delivers tested and optimized storage and server configurations that make it easy for customers to very simply archive many different types of data, such as files/records, email, instant messaging and sharepoint content while ensuring data integrity. By using 4x less power and 1/2 the footprint, the Sun Open Archive Solution can significantly reduce storage costs, minimizing management complexity and increasing storage ROI.

Other major highlights:

- Lowers total storage costs by up to 90%\*

- Reduces the amount of production and backup storage needed by up to 80%

- Simplifies deployment, administration and management

- Greatly improves your ability to search and discover archived information

For more information check out the Sun and Symantec Open Archive solution for mid-sized companies datasheet or visit

\* “Digital Archive Solution from Sun Protects United Kingdom’s Video Heritage,” British Board of Film Classification Customer Snapshot, Sun Microsystems,

David Simmons, Director of Sun's mid-market business, discussed the Open Archive Solution with Sun News Radio host Chhandomay Mandal. Listen to the short segment below for the highlights.

Monday Aug 25, 2008

Dell Offers Solaris 10 on Nine PowerEdge Servers

It started with a handshake and a t-shirt exchanged between two industry leaders in November. This week, Dell expanded its support of the Solaris OS by leaps and bounds as it began offering Solaris 10 as an OS option on nine of its most popular Intel & AMD based PowerEdge servers.  Dell now offers Solaris across a broader range of x86 based systems than any vendor - aside from Sun - including both Intel and AMD based rack servers and blades.

In addition to shipping and supporting Solaris on PowerEdge servers, Dell will provide technical assistance for Solaris on Dell systems to its customers, better simplifying the experience when they’re seeking to purchase a complete hardware, software and service solution.

For more information about Solaris on Dell servers, including a complete list of the newly certified PowerEdge systems, check out

Dell is just one of a number of leading global systems vendors  to offer Solaris on its systems.  This week’s news with Dell underscores the growing demand Sun has seen for Solaris on x86 systems and offers even broader choice of supported systems for Solaris customers.  For the very latest information on Solaris, visit

Thursday Oct 04, 2007

Sun #3 in x86 --"I Was As Surprised as Hell," Says Analyst

For the second time in as many weeks, Sun's x64 systems are being recognized.  Last week it was The Register's Ashlee Vance reporting on the launch of the Sun Fire X4450 and X4150, with the headline, "It's time to pay attention to Sun's x86 biz."

This week InternetNews' Dave Needle reports on the results of an  Enterprise buyer survey conducted by Gabriel Consulting Group (GCG) -- in which Sun delivered a "strong third place showing" in x86 servers.

Writes Needle: 

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the strong third place showing by Sun Microsystems, a relative newcomer to x86 servers. "We continue to be impressed by just how many customers have Sun x86 gear in their datacenters ... Even more surprising is how consistently Sun is ranked ahead of Dell on almost every survey criteria. This is pretty good progress for a vendor who has only been in the x86 server market for a few years and still offers a limited product line," the company said in its report.

 "I was surprised as hell," Dan Olds, principal of GCG, told "The big thing it tells you is that real customers see plenty of differentiation in these boxes, even if the vendors are using the same chips, Ethernet cards and other components."


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