Friday Jun 13, 2008

Sun Employees Help Save the Planet by Working Flexibly

As featured Monday night on ABC 7 News, Sun released the findings of an internal study it undertook to monitor the energy usage of more than 100 of the 19,000 participants in Sun’s Open Work flexible work program. Almost 10 years ago, Sun realized that the network would fundamentally change the way we work. At Sun, the Network is the both the Computer and the Office, with more than 56 percent of our workforce working wherever they need or want to be with Open Work, our flexible work program. Sun discovered that by being unbound to an single office and schedule, Open Workers are actually more productive, and tend to put as much as 60 percent of the time they saved by not commuting toward their careers.

Sun’s sustainable computing team created the Open Work Energy Measurement Project to compare home and work energy use in order to determine if Open Work really saves energy, or just transfers the energy cost and load to the employee. Sun found that by eliminating commuting just 2.5 days per week, an employee reduces energy used for work by the equivalent of 5,400 Kilowatt hours/year. Commuting was more than 98 percent of each employee's carbon footprint for work, compared to less than 1.7 percent of total carbon emissions to power office equipment.  Sometimes the most effective way to reduce one’s carbon footprint is to simply stay home!

On a related note, Reuters recently reported on a survey of 1,500 U.S. technology workers that found more than a third would accept pay cuts of up to 10 percent to work from home and avoid the expense of commuting to the office. Sun’s flexible work program is a great lure for tech workers tired of the commute, florescent lighting or chilly AC, but not the discount-rated ones, just the best!

Thursday May 01, 2008

Sun Named One of Bay Area's and Greater Boston's Best Places to Work!

Sun's been named a great place to work in both the San Francisco Bay Area and in Greater Boston over the last week!

In the Bay Area, Sun is ranked #5 among large companies in the Bay Area Best Places to Work, which is issued by the Bay Area Business Journals.  In Boston, Sun was named one of the top 20 large companies to work for in the Greater Boston Best Places to Work, sponsored by the Boston Business Journal.

Monday Mar 03, 2008

Sun Named one of the Best Places to Work in California!

Congratulations Sun! By providing employees with great benefits and an inclusive work environment that supports professional and personal development, you are a Top 20 Best Place to Work in California.

On Thursday night, the Employer’s Group honored Sun and 19 other California companies at an awards ceremony in Southern California. The Employers Group is the preeminent human resources expert and advocate serving California employers.

Sun’s ranking was based on the blind scoring of more than 400 companies’ responses to a survey of employers and employees in nine categories, including: work-life balance, pay, benefits, training and advancement opportunities, diversity programs, turnover, perks, employee voice and workplace culture, and community involvement.

The Employers Group believes that a best workplace has a balance between the exceptional and the ordinary, addressing the needs of their employees and treating their customers with respect.  At Sun Microsystems, the employees are the company’s number one asset.  Sun employees represent a variety of perspectives, and their innovative and enterprising spirit drives everything at the company. 

Congratulations to all of us!

Tuesday Feb 12, 2008

Open Work featured on NBC11 News this a.m.

Today NBC11 aired a story that on Sun's flexible work program Open Work that features both VP of Open Work Ann Bamesberger and Sun HR's Victor Cousins.  The piece takes a look at how employees and the company both benefit from our flexible work environments. 

Check it out and see how much time our employees save and how much money the company saves when they choose to work from home, an Internet cafe, or from an office they can reserve at a Sun campus.


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