Friday Oct 23, 2009

Sun News -- The Week in Review

Catch up on Sun news this week by listening to the short podcast below in which Chhandomay Mandal and Maijaliisa Burkert discuss Sun's top spot in tape storage automation revenue for the first half of 2009, as well as an eWeek article discussing Sun's Solaris Operating System's optimization for Intel Nehalem processors.

Wednesday May 13, 2009

New Mid-Market Solution for Sun Storage 7000 and x64 Systems

Sun recently expanded its portfolio of solutions developed for mid-sized companies with the introduction of an Open Archive solution that pairs the Sun Storage 7110 and 7210 Unified Storage Systems and ultra-scalable Sun Fire X4140 and Sun Fire X4240 servers with industry-leading Symantec Enterprise Vault 8 software. The resulting Open Archive solution for mid-sized companies delivers tested and optimized storage and server configurations that make it easy for customers to very simply archive many different types of data, such as files/records, email, instant messaging and sharepoint content while ensuring data integrity. By using 4x less power and 1/2 the footprint, the Sun Open Archive Solution can significantly reduce storage costs, minimizing management complexity and increasing storage ROI.

Other major highlights:

- Lowers total storage costs by up to 90%\*

- Reduces the amount of production and backup storage needed by up to 80%

- Simplifies deployment, administration and management

- Greatly improves your ability to search and discover archived information

For more information check out the Sun and Symantec Open Archive solution for mid-sized companies datasheet or visit

\* “Digital Archive Solution from Sun Protects United Kingdom’s Video Heritage,” British Board of Film Classification Customer Snapshot, Sun Microsystems,

David Simmons, Director of Sun's mid-market business, discussed the Open Archive Solution with Sun News Radio host Chhandomay Mandal. Listen to the short segment below for the highlights.

Thursday Jun 12, 2008

Now You Can Turn a Server into a Storage Array...

Sun Releases Code that Let's Customers  Save Time and Money with Open Storage Arrays built with OpenSolaris COMSTAR

COMSTAR (Common Multiprotocol SCSI Target) -- now available in the latest OpenSolaris community build let's a standard x86 server transform into an Open Storage array. COMSTAR basically
allows the server to act like a block storage device. To the host system, a server running OpenSolaris
and configured with COMSTAR walks, talks and responds as a storage array.

COMSTAR is a open, pluggable architecture that allows developers to quickly add new storage targets (think iSCSI or Fibre Channel targets) and add new transports (the actual protocol support to talk to various devices (FC, SAS, etc.).

Director of Storage Platforms Scott Tracy wrote about the versatility of COMSTAR in this blog at

Recycle, reuse, repurpose. Make the most of your existing industry standard equipment. It's one of the many benefits of Open Storage.

Tuesday Mar 18, 2008

SAM-QFS Open Sourced via OpenSolaris Project

Sun has open sourced the StorageTek Storage Archive Manager (SAM) and Sun StorageTek QFS code! This major contribution to the OpenSolaris community is now available for download with additional information here.

We are very excited to take this big step in creating an open source community around SAM-QFS and continuing to grow OpenSolaris as a premier storage OS.

  • What does this mean for Sun?

Sun continues to execute against its strategy to open source all of its software. As a result, Sun is changing the storage marketplace. Sun's software is open, and with these source contributions, Solaris and OpenSolaris are well positioned as storage OS's.

  • What does this mean for the Storage Community?
Storage developers and deployers interested in these technologies will find more than just access to the source when they participate in the OpenSolaris storage community. They will find an open source community focused entirely on storage. The OpenSolaris storage software stack includes: file systems, file sharing protocols, archive policy management, replication, integrated device drivers, network interoperability software, and the tools and recipes needed to more easily deploy Solaris as a general purpose storage server or appliance.
  • What does this mean for Sun's customers?
Our customers will benefit from more choice, value and innovation that comes from open software, open standards and commodity servers and storage hardware.

Check out these sites for additional perspectives.
Ted Pogue
Margaret Hamburger
Lynn Rohrer

Monday Nov 12, 2007

Sun in HPC: A Podcast w/ Sun EVP John Fowler

You may have seen the news this AM announcing the Sun Constellation System.

Take a listen as Sun Systems EVP John Fowler talks about Sun in the HPC space and the world's first open petascale computing environment.

Monday Oct 01, 2007

Sun Systems Teleconference w/ John Fowler & Jon Benson

To listen to this morning's teleconference with John Fowler and Jon Benson on the integration of Sun's Systems and Storage business units, the replay is available here.

More information is also available on Jonathan Schwartz's blog.


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