Friday Sep 04, 2009

Sun Fire X4270 Delivers Outstanding Performance on the Two-Tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application Benchmark

The Sun Fire X4270 server running SAP enhancement package 4 for the SAP ERP 6.0 application (Unicode) with Oracle(R) Database on top of the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) delivered the highest two-processor Unicode result on the two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application Benchmark. Sun's server, equipped with two Intel Xeon X5570 processors (8 cores, 16 threads) supported 3,800 SAP SD Benchmark users(\*).  This result surpasses the 3,752 SD Users score posted by IBM System 550 server, equipped with four POWER6 processors (8 cores, 16 threads), making the Sun Fire X4270 server the fastest eight-core system on the two-tier SAP SD Standard Application benchmark.

The SAP Standard Application SD Benchmark is a two-tier ERP business test that represents full business workloads of order processing and invoice processing, while demonstrating the ability to run both the application and database software on a single system. For more detail on this benchmark result visit:

(\*) Two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) benchmark based on SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0 (Unicode) as of 08/21/09: Sun Fire X4270 (2 processors, 8 cores, 16 threads) 3,800 SAP SD Users, 2x 2.93 GHz Intel Xeon x5570, 48 GB memory, Oracle 10g, Solaris 10, Cert# 2009033. IBM System 550 (4 processors, 8 cores, 16 threads) 3,752 SAP SD Users, 4x 5 GHz Power6, 64 GB memory, DB2 9.5, AIX 6.1, Cert# 2009023.For more details, see

Tuesday Dec 16, 2008

Sun Optimized Oracle CRM Solution: 14,000 Users on a Single Server

When Sun unveiled the SPARC Enterprise T5440 server in October, one of the seven benchmarks on the system was a record setting result of 14,000 users on Oracle's Siebel CRM Release 8.0 Platform Sizing and Performance Program (PSPP). As enterprise customers continue to look to reduce energy consumption, consolidate their applications and cut costs overall, it's this magnitude of scalability in just a 4 RU package that sets the standard.

The Sun Optimized Oracle CRM Solution supports up to 2x more CRM users in about 1/3 the space and at 1/4 of the cost of other platforms. It brings together the performance, scalability and energy efficiency of the SPARC Enterprise T5440 server, the Solaris OS, Sun's Open Storage technologies and Oracle Siebel CRM 8 to provide an ideal platform for improving customer loyalty with better performance, space savings and reduced energy consumption. 

Upgrade today to the SPARC Enterprise T5440 and save 40%.


-Sun Optimized Oracle CRM Solution Brief 

-Sun Optimized Oracle CRM Solution Blueprint

-Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Press Release 

Monday Dec 08, 2008

Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 Delivers Best Ever Results on Key Telecom Billing Benchmark

Sun's SPARC Enterprise M9000 servers delivered the best ever results on benchmarks testing LHS' BSCS iX Release 2 telco billing and charging solution, according to a release issued today.

LHS, a leading provider of telecom billing and customer care systems across the wireless, wireline, and IP telecom markets worldwide, reported the SPARC Enterprise M9000 server with Solaris generated "an unprecedented" 1.89 million bills per hour and supported over 15 million calls per hour with average latency of 13.3 ms, demonstrating the massive scalability and performance of the box.

The SPARC Enterprise M9000 configuration also showed 99% of transactions had a latency of less than 41 ms under full load -- the best value ever measured and significantly better than previous benchmarks, according to the release.

More information on the LHS benchmark is available here.

Wednesday Sep 10, 2008

Sun Expands Cross-Platform Virtualization Collaboration with Microsoft

Sun and Microsoft announced several developments this week in our work to make it easier for customers to use our software and servers together in virtual environments. We also showed off some demos at Microsoft’s 'Get Virtual Now' customer event in Bellevue, Wash. on Monday. 

Here are the highlights:

- The Sun xVM Server, a datacenter-grade hypervisor, will be validated to work with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and prior versions.
- Sun and Microsoft are working together to offer customers the Solaris OS as a certified guest on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V.
- Sun is providing Sun Ray thin client customers the ability to access Windows as a guest OS running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V.

These announcements build on Sun’s current work with Microsoft. As a Windows Server OEM, Sun sells and supports Windows Server products on certified x64 servers and blades and offers Windows Server utilities and value-added software. Sun also provides solutions to enable major TCO savings for customers, such as Sun's Infrastructure Solution for Microsoft Exchange Server.

In addition, Sun and Microsoft plan to integrate Sun xVM Ops Center with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. This will mean that Sun customers will be able to use a single management framework to manage their choice of operating systems from Solaris and Windows to Linux as well as monitor physical and virtual environments.

Bob Kelly, Corporate Vice President of Infrastructure Server Marketing at Microsoft (right) and Lisa Sieker, Vice President of Systems Marketing at Sun Microsystems (left) celebrate the launch of the Sun-Microsoft Interoperability Center. Redmond, Wash., March 10, 2008.

Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

Eco-Efficiency Leader Sun is First to Disclose Actual System Power Consumption on VMmark

In case you missed this little gem from AnandTech, the facts don't lie -- the Sun Fire X4450, based on the Intel Xeon processor, delivers the best performance per watt -- besting even IBM's new JS22 blade with dual-core Power6 chips. And today Sun is doing one better and disclosing actual power consumption of the Sun Fire X4450 on VMmark, a free tool from VMware for comparing virtualized systems.

The Sun Fire X4450 server, running VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 software, posted one of the best scores among all 16 core results – 12.23 @ 8 tiles, with an average power consumption of only 830W measured during the steady state of the benchmark. The Sun server is up to 60% more power efficient than comparably equipped Dell PowerEdge R900 and HP ProLiant  DL580 G5 systems.(1)  And did I mention, the Sun X4450 server did it in half the space of those systems?

 More information on the VMmark result is available here.

(1) Calculations are based on the specifications referenced in the VMmark disclosure and were done with Dell's Datacenter Capacity Planner and HP's power calculator

Monday Nov 12, 2007

Sun in HPC: A Podcast w/ Sun EVP John Fowler

You may have seen the news this AM announcing the Sun Constellation System.

Take a listen as Sun Systems EVP John Fowler talks about Sun in the HPC space and the world's first open petascale computing environment.


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