Monday Mar 10, 2008

Sun Announces Intent to Create JVM for iPhone

One of the big benefits of Java software is that it facilitates the ability to deliver the same content and services across multiple Java technology-enabled devices (mobile phones, PCs, and set-top boxs).

The Sun Java team has announced that they plan to use the to use the new iPhone SDK to create a JVM for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Here's a video featuring Eric Klein, vice president of Java marketing discussing the news:

This would allow the 10s of thousands of existing Java-based mobile applications to run on iPhone and iPod Touch. And also for new Java applications to be created specifically for the iPhone, which could leverage the unique capabilities of the device.

Developers would also be able to use their existing Java tools, including the productivity-enhancing features of NetBeans and the NetBeans Mobility Pack, to easily create, test, debug and deploy applications that would then run on the iPhone & iPod Touch - in addition to literally billions of other devices.

After Sun announced our intent to create a JVM for iPhone and iPod Touch, there were questions raised in some blogs & forum posts about whether Apple's iPhone license agreement allows us to deploy the JVM.

"Our announcement was based on our excitement to build a JVM for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, as well as our assessment of Apple's publicly available information on the SDK and related business terms. If there are clauses in the iPhone beta SDK license agreement that potentially limit third party application distribution, then these are items that we want to have a positive discussion with Apple about. Sun and Apple have an ongoing relationship around Java SE on Mac OS X and we look forward to further discussions with Apple about a JVM for iPhone and iPod Touch. Sun definitely plans to deliver a JVM for iPhone and iPod Touch if at all possible!" said Eric Klein, vice president of Java marketing at Sun.

We'll be talking more about our plans, as well as our overall Java strategy, at the 2008 JavaOne conference May6-9 in San Francisco.

Monday Mar 03, 2008

Python and Jython Developers Join Sun to Pump Up it's Dynamic Language Effort

Jython James Gosling, Vice President and Sun Fellow announced today as part of his session at Sun Tech Days in Sydney that Ted Leung, author, Apache Software Foundation (ASF) member and long-time Python developer at the Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF), and Frank Wierzbicki, lead implementor of the Jython project (Python on the Java VM), will become Sun employees this month. They'll be working full-time on Python and Jython, respectively, and in particular paying attention to developer tools.

PythonPython is a dynamic object-oriented programming language that is used for many kinds of software development, from web to desktop applications, running on a spectrum of operating systems as well as virtual machines. Python offers high developer productivity and ease of integration with other languages and tools and enjoys an avid user community. Like other dynamic languages, such as Ruby, Python has recently moved to the software mainstream, and many best-practices and tools remain to be invented.

This doesn't mean that we will be paying less attention to our efforts around other environments, including Java technology and Ruby. With contributions to the Ruby, JRuby, and Rails communities, Sun has also recently offered tooling support in the NetBeans IDE as well as optimized runtime environments in GlassFish (JRuby) and Solaris (Ruby). Sun thinks that the Python technology is worth investment and attention and we hope to become a member of the Python community and learn from the experience.

Sun is a platinum sponsor in the upcoming PyCon 2008 conference, including sponsorship of PyCon "sprints", where active development occurs in a variety of projects, including PyPy and Jython. In addition, Sun has recently submitted, for consideration, an application for membership in the Python Software Foundation (PSF). 

Tim Bray has added a Python trivia question to his post, check it out. 

Welcome aboard gentlemen!


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