Thursday Jan 08, 2009

JRuby 1.1.6 is now available

JRuby 1.1.6 is the sixth point release of JRuby 1.1 which includes patches addressing compatibility issues and offers enhanced performance. 

Thomas EneboThomas Enebo comments, "We wanted a more rapid release cycle to better address issues brought up by users of JRuby. So our goal will be to do more frequent point releases during next several months (about 3-4 weeks a release). "

Download it here

- Additional Ruby 1.9 support (via --1.9)
- Full 1.9 parser.
- Most core 1.9 methods/libraries/classes.
- An evergrowing list of dead IO references bug fixed.
- Much faster Array sort.
- Run gems out of jar files without having to unpack them.
- Store gem repositories in jars and load them via the classpath.
- Improved JavaEmbedUtils for embedders.
- Removed two measurable memory leaks during RC process.
- 74 bugs fixed since 1.1.5.

Sunday Jul 20, 2008

The JRuby community announces the release of JRuby 1.1.3!

JRuby 1.1.3 is the third point release of JRuby 1.1.  The fixes in the release are primarily performance enhancements and compatibility resolutions. 

In an email interview Thomas Enebo states, "Our goal is to put out point releases more frequently for the next several months (about 3-4 weeks a release). We want a more rapid release cycle to better address issues brought up by users of JRuby."

Highlights include:
- RubyGems 1.2
- Greatly improved interpreter performance
- jrubyc compiler usability improvements and bug fixes
- Reduced memory usage and object churn
- Dozens of IO-related and core class RubySpec fixes + reduced memory for IO
- ThreadGroup fixes to resolve Mongrel "dead thread" issues
- New options/properties for tweaking JIT, thread pooling, and more
- Block invocation performance improvements
- Much faster Time performance
- Much better support for --debug
- 82 issues resolved since JRuby 1.1.2

Check out the site and download the code. 

Thursday May 15, 2008

Podcast: On the record with Barton George, Charlie Nutter and Thomas Enebo

Photo courtesy of Barton George 

The ever popular radio voice and blogger -- Barton George had an opportunity to meet up with Charlie Nutter and Thomas Enebo at JavaOne 2008. Check out his podcast, I believe you will find it very enlightening.

Some of the topics they discussed:

  • A historical background, Ruby, then Rails, then JRuby.
  • What the guys were doing pre-Sun and how Tim Bray lured them to the fiery orb.
  • Three licenses is better than one (GPL, CPL, LGPL)
  • How JRuby is working with GlassFish and NetBeans.
  • The DaVinci machine project, jMaki and what ever happened to AJAX?
  • Might we see a JPerl?
  • Looking to get more involved with MySQL

Sunday Apr 06, 2008

Community News: JRuby 1.1 is ready for prime time

In a little more than 9 months time, the JRuby community is pleased to announce its second major project release, JRuby 1.1

In a blog post, Thomas Enebo mentions, "The main goal for ver 1.1 was to improve performance. With the help from the community, we have made great strides in performance.There have been more and more reports of applications exceeding Ruby 1.8.6 performance; we are even beating Ruby 1.9 in some micro-benchmarks."

"Thousands of reported issues and unending IRC conversations helped keep JRuby focused on doing what is most important: Making Ruby applications work well," commented Charlie Nutter. "Try your applications against JRuby 1.1 and give us feedback." 

If you find any issues let the JRuby team know via IRC, email the mailing list, or file a bug.

Major features include:

  • Compilation of Ruby to Java Bytecode (in AOT and JIT modes)
  • Oniguruma port to Java
  • Refactored IO implementation
  • Improved memory consumption
  • Thousands of compatibility fixes

Wednesday Nov 07, 2007 updates available

The JRuby community has announced two releases, JRuby 1.1 beta 1 and JRuby 1.0.2

JRuby 1.1b1 is the first release towards the goal of JRuby 1.1.  JRuby 1.1 represents a concerted focus on speed and refinement.  Ruby code can be compiled in an Ahead Of Time (AOT) or Just In Time (JIT) mode; yielding a faster Ruby!  It uses less memory than previous releases. This is also the most compatible 1.8 release yet.

The community has asked folks to download JRuby 1.1b1 and provide feedback.  So test your applications and help make JRuby 1.1 a great release.

JRuby 1.0.2 is a minor release of the stable 1.0 branch. The fixes in this release include low risk compatibility issues. Periodic point releases are designed to support production users of JRuby 1.0.x.

The JRuby team wanted to pay special thanks and issue a big welcome aboard to the new contributors who rose to Charlie Nutter's challenge to write patches for some outstanding bugs: Riley Lynch, Mathias Biilmann, Christensen, Peter Brant, and Niels Bech.

Tuesday Mar 06, 2007

NetBeans Ruby Pack + Demos

The NetBeans Community has announced an early access release of the NetBeans Ruby Pack. The pack provides support for the Ruby programming language and offers developers added support for dynamic and scripting languages and includes editing features for both Ruby and JRuby.

Here are a few blog entry's I think you will find interesting:

Roman Strobl has created two excellent demos of the new NetBeans with Ruby support. The first demo shows Rails support and the second gets into editing.

Tor Norbye's blog entry includes his thoughts about these demos and new features he's implemented.

Adding support for dynamic languages -- the JRuby team announced their 0.9.8 release! Thomas E. Enobo and Pat Eyler have posted entries highlighting the improvements to the JRuby code. To download the latest version visit:


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