Monday Apr 27, 2009

Java Enterprise System Release 6 - Available Now

Today, Sun is announcing a new version of Java Enterprise System - Release 6

As you probably know, Java Enterprise System, or Java ES for short, is Sun's comprehensive set of subscription-based services that combines software, support, professional services and educational services in a single package - for a single price, which is based on employee count.

Java ES R6 is comprised of several Java System Suites:

    \* Sun Java Enterprise System Base
    \* Sun GlassFish Portfolio
    \* Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS)
    \* Sun Java Identity Management Suite
    \* Sun Java Availability Suite

This allows customers to purchase Java ES components based on their business requirements. And then, as business needs change, they can easily add additional Suites.

Java ES R6 includes several new software compontents -  Sun GlassFish Web Space Server and Sun OpenSSO Enterprise, as well as GlassFish Portfolio, an open web and application platform. In addition, the Java ES Base suite is now tested with the Identity Management and Java CAPS suites.

There's a great post over on Paul Hinz's blog that gives an overview of Java ES R6. Paul's also got a chart that outlines the particular versions of each of the software components included in Java ES R6 - compared to Java ES R5.

What's particularly helpful about Java ES is that all the software components are rigorously tested to ensure interoperability and reliability. So that way, you know which version of GlassFish Enterprise Server works with NetBeans and OpenSSO Enterprise and Directory Server Enterprise Edition and so on...

The best way to learn about the benefits of Java Enterprise System is to read what some of our customers have to say.

Wednesday Apr 15, 2009

GreenPeace: Have you heard Sun Microsystems is the first with response on climate leadership

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO, Sun, The Green Technology CompanyIn March 2009, the Greenpeace organization launched an IT Climate leadership Challenge to the CEOs of some of the largest IT companies in the world asking them to stand up and be counted in support of a strong Kyoto deal this year and lead the way in providing climate solutions across the economy. 

Greenpeace asked that these corporations provide real solutions for the imminent threat of global warming while also tackling the current economic crisis by turning climate change into a business opportunity. They outlined four specific criteria for IT companies as part of the challenge.

  • Publicly demonstrate their support for a strong Kyoto deal
  • Lobby their national governments to support strong global mandatory Kyoto regulation
  • Significantly cut their own company's absolute emissions
  • Ensure a large scale increase in their company's own use of renewable energy

  • The good news is Greenpeace has recognized Sun as the IT leader. And more good news come from New York City, where Sun is being recognized as part of the Uptime Institute’s Global Green 100 List. Sun's VP and Distinguished Engineer for Energy Efficiency, Subodh Bapat, is in NY to accept the prestigious award that honors the achievements of global corporations with a commitment to increasing energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of their enterprise IT and datacenter operations. More information here.

    Photo courtesy of Greenpeace.

    Monday Apr 13, 2009

    Sun Provides Java ME SDK to Samsung Mobile Innovator

    Powered by the Sun Java ME SDK, Samsung Mobile Innovator is a global website and suite of tools that enable the world’s mobile application developers to build Java technology based applications for Samsung’s mobile phones, more quickly and easily.

    The features of Samsung SDK 1.1 include
    ▶ Support for mobile service APIs (MSA) and sensor APIs
    ▶ Easier integration with IDEs, such as NetBeans and Eclipse
    ▶ Multi-tasking virtual machine support
    ▶ Search feature in the SDK toolbar for querying any Samsung Mobile Innovator site’s data
    ▶ Debugging, performance and optimization tools to help build efficient mobile applications

    Tuesday Mar 31, 2009

    Sun Launches Access Only - New, Entry-Level Java SE for Business Program

    Found out some interesting news from our Java business team this morning. We've just launched Access Only - a new entry-level addition to the Java SE for Business Program.

    The Access Only program is intended for customers who have been using stable Java applications for many years and who do not need technical support to resolve problems. It provides extended access to Java -- 10 years from initial release -- without any support.

    This means that customers could continue to use their legacy applications (which are often tied to a specific version of the Java platform) and know that they are secure - without having to pay for support that they don't want.

    With Access Only, customers will have access to the latest security updates such as the release of J2SE 1.4.2_20 released on 3/24/09 or any release of Java SE 5.0 after its EOL in October of 2009. They will also have access to any other bug fix releases that Sun provides, such as the upcoming release to support Windows 2008.

    Pricing for the Access Only program starts as low as $5,000 (USD) per year for small companies or $2,500 (USD) per year for individual departments and can be purchased via the Sun Online Store.

    And what about those companies thinking they want to get extended access to Java plus support? Don't worry, the team's got you covered. We're still offering three levels of support for Java SE for Business: Standard, Premium, and Premium-Plus. 

    Full details of the Java SE For Business Program and the new Access-Only feature, are available here.

    Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

    Second Annual Document Freedom Day (2009)

    Document Freedom

    Today the world is celebrating the second annual Document Freedom Day. As a community we have a lot to celebrate and recognize.

    • It is becoming politically acceptable for organizations everywhere to standardize on OpenDocument Format (ODF) for their documents.
    • Microsoft is expected to release information any day now regarding their support of ODF in their latest office suite (and with the ODF plug-in already freely available for their older versions).
    About the Document Freedom Day
    The Document Freedom Day (DFD) is a global day for Document Liberation with roughly 250 active teams worldwide. It is a day of grassroots effort around the world to promote and build awareness for the relevance of Free Document Formats in particular and Open Standards in general.

    Document Freedom Day is supported by a large group of organizations and individuals, including, but not limited to ANSOL, Ars Aperta,, COSS, Esoma, Estándares Abiertos, FFII, Free Knowledge Foundation, Free Software Foundation, Free Software Foundation Europe, Free Software Foundation Latin America, Funambol, Google, IBM, NLnet, ODF Alliance, Open Forum Europe, Open Source Initiative (OSI), Opentia, OSL, iMatix, Red Hat, Sun, The Open Learning Centre. Click here to see a list of DFD Teams.

    Friday Mar 20, 2009

    Breaking News: Sun Studio Express 3/09 is now available

    Sun Studio Express 3/09, the official build used for the Sun Studio 12 Update 1 Early Access Program, is now available on Solaris, OpenSolaris and the latest Linux distributions (RHEL/SuSE/Ubuntu/CentOS), feature highlights since the Sun Studio 12 release include:

    • C/C++/Fortran compiler optimizations for the latest x86 architectures from Intel and AMD including SSSE3, SSSE4a, SSe4.1, SSE4.2 compiler intrinsics support
    • C/C++/Fortran compiler optimizations for the latest UltraSPARC and SPARC64-based architectures
    • DLight - New tool to utilize and visualize the power of Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) technology
    • dbxTool - New stand-alone GUI debugger
    • Full OpenMP 3.0 compilers and tools support
    • MPI performance analysis in the Performance Analyzer
    • NetBeans IDE 6.5 including new remote development features

    Join the Sun Studio 12 Update 1 Early Access Program and evaluate the new capabilities of Sun Studio Software, provide feedback directly to the product team, and influence future product releases.

    Check out Kuldip Oberoi's blog or view the Sun Studio 12 Update 1 Early Access Program podcast to learn more.

    Download your free copy of Sun Studio

    Learn more about the Sun Studio 12 Update 1 Early Access Program


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