Tuesday Jan 12, 2010

Sun & Fujitsu Boost Performance of Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000

Sun and Fujitsu today announced an enhanced SPARC Enterprise M3000 server with the new 2.75GHz SPARC64 VII processor.  Using the faster processor boosts performance of the single-socket server and delivers enterprise performance and mission-critical reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) at an entry-level price.  It’s an ideal platform to handle database, BIDW, ERP and CRM applications.

Highlights of the SPARC Enterprise M3000 server include:

\* Faster performance at the same price point
  • Delivers up to 23 percent better performance than previous generation
\* Consolidates and Lower IT costs
  • Consolidates multiple entry-level servers into a compact 2U chassis
  • Improves the ratio of energy consumption to application throughput by up to 13 percent (compared to previous generation), helping customers further reduce their environmental footprint

The SPARC Enterprise M3000 entry-level server is part of Fujitsu and Sun’s comprehensive line of servers that includes the SPARC Enterprise M4000, M5000, M8000 and M9000 servers.

Tuesday Dec 01, 2009

Sun and Intel Collaborate on ITinnovation.com

Sun and Intel, in collaboration with TechDirt and Federated Media, have launched an online resource center at ITinnovation.com - a go-to place and conversation platform for IT professionals worldwide.

ITinnovation.com will cover a wide range of topics including virtualization, servers, data centers, storage and more.

What you'll find there:
- Discussions from Insight Community and TechDirt community forums
- IT resources from Sun and Intel including whitepapers and solution briefs
- A series of webcasts, hosted by TechDirt's Mike Masnick, with leading IT experts in the community, begins Dec 8, 2009 - details below.
      \* Topic: "Simplify your Mid-Market business with Sun's Intel Xeon 5500 Series based Systems"
      \* Date: Dec 8, 2009 9:00AM (PST)
      \* Guests: Kerstin Woods, Sr. Business Development Manager, Mid Market Solutions, Sun Microsystems
                      Ellen Steiner, Operations Manager, Mid Market Solutions, Sun Microsystems
                      Tushar Katarki, Sun's X64 Systems Marketing, Sun Microsystems
      \* To register click here

Whether you're a small, mid-size or large enterprise company, ITinnovation.com provides a platform and peer to peer guidance center that can help strategically manage IT.

Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

Sun Goes Deep with Sun Modular Datacenter D20

Continuing to advance its leadership in the modular datacenter space, Sun today released a new deeper rack model of the Sun Modular Datacenter (Sun MD). Known as Sun MD D20 (versus S20 for the original configuration), the new model provides customers with new choices for deploying a broader spectrum of enterprise-class servers and storage in their modular datacenters.  The deeper rack configuration is particularly key for customers who run larger database applications or who want to use Sun MD for back up and recovery or other business critical solutions which require larger amounts of disk and tape.

From the Sun portfolio, the new Sun MD D20 supports systems including the Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 and M5000 servers, Sun StorageTek SL500 Modular Library, and the Sun StorageTek 9985V System. Sun MD also supports a wide range of third-party equipment in both the standard and deep rack configs.

Since its official launch in January 2008, the Sun MD has taken the world by storm and has been deployed by numerous global customers - especially those in emerging markets - for a broad range of applications in high-performance computing, education, manufacturing, government, telecommunications and healthcare. The Sun MD is also the only containerized datacenter certified for regulatory and safety compliance as well as for fire-suppression in over 50 countries world-wide with installations on nearly every continent.

More information on Sun MD is available here.

Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

Sun's Santa Clara Datacenter Wins Eco Award!

The Uptime Institute recognized Sun with a Green Enterprise IT Award for the our work on our energy-sipping Santa Clara datacenter, as outlined in the whitepaper - "Aligning Business Organizations: Sun's approach for building energy-efficient datacenters."

Dean Nelson, Sun senior director of global lab and datacenter design services, accepted the award
tonight and provided an overview of Sun's eco responsibility efforts to Ken Brill, Executive Director of the Uptime Institute, in a podcast you can find here.

The official award name is a bit of a tongue-twister - Best-in-Class Implementation Winner for the 2008 Uptime Institute Green Enterprise IT Awards in the category of Energy Efficient IT Hardware Deployment. Click here for full details on the awards.

Tuesday Mar 06, 2007

Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' -- Project Blackbox Takes Manhattan


The Project Blackbox tour rolls on-- stopping this week in NYC and then heading onto Burlington, Mass next.  Dave Douglas, CTO for Project Blackbox and Sun's VP of Eco-Responsibility, hosted some press folks who braved chilly temps in Midtown yesterday to get the lowdown on Project Blackbox live and in person. I heard tourists were actually stopping and snapping pix with the Blackbox. Maybe we should have tried to park it over by the Today show!

Paul Monday, over at the Project Blackbox blog, is providing running commentary on the tour and interviewing folks closest to Project Blackbox.  (BTW - Thanks, Paul for the pic above!). Information Week also has a nice image gallery on the NYC stop as well.


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