Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

Sun Shines on Earth Day

Today Sun was honored by InfoWorld as one of the Green 15: companies and organizations that have undertaken the best green-tech-oriented projects in the past year.  Sun was selected for our datacenter consolidation project, focused on Santa Clara, Calif, Bangalore, India and Blackwater, UK.  The Santa Clara datacenter alone reduced power capacity demand by 75 percent.  And the project saved Sun $1.1M per year in energy costs.  Check out the article here.

This morning I got an email from our vice president of eco responsibilty Dave Douglas that was an inspiring start to Earth Day.  Dave says that he's approached weekly by employees at Sun wondering if the eco team is hiring.  And he tells them, "you already have an eco job!"  If we each bring our personal passion for eco responsibilty to work, we can look at all of our projects and responsibilities in a new green light.  Dave wrote about this idea in Environmental Leader a couple weeks ago.  Read his column here.

Thursday Feb 28, 2008

Sun Helps Fulfill the Wish of Third TED Prize Winner--President Clinton

Tonight, onstage at TED in Monterey, Chris Anderson will give an update on the wishes of the third TED Prize winners and how their wishes have progressed since TED '07.  Sun will be there to report on how we've helped prizewinner President Clinton to begin to establish a healthcare system in Rwanda.

Along with AMD and Nokia, Sun is providing technology, training and expertise to help the Rwandan Government, Clinton Foundation and Partners in Health to manage patient records and clinics.

Learn more here.

Thursday Oct 25, 2007

Vote for Sun’s CSR Report on CorporateRegister.com

Sun’s social responsibility strategy of Innovate, Act, and Share, has been redefined with the company’s second-annual CSR report, released just a few weeks ago.

CorporateRegister.com, a leading global directory of CSR related resources, is now accepting nominations for its 2007 CR Reporting Awards. Sun is a nominee in several categories, including:

  • Best Report
  • Best Carbon Disclosure
  • Relevance & Materiality
  • Openness & Honesty 
  • Credibility through Assurance
Have a look at our report, and if you like it, give us your vote!

Thursday Oct 04, 2007

IDEA(L)S AND ACTION: Second Annual CSR Report is Out!

Today Sun issued our second annual corporate social responsibility report.  The report covers all of the work we're doing around opensource, eco, global citizenship and our foundation as well as how socially responsible our entire production cycle is.  The fact that we do this work, and measure and report on it, make me proud to be a Sun employee.  The report covers the work of folks across Sun, from our operations group to HR and production management . . . everyone touches social responsibility at this company.

In our first CSR report, we set out some goals we wanted to achieve, things like ensuring products are RoHS compliant; reducing our greenhouse gas emissions; ensuring privacy checks and balances throughout the product cycle; and ensuring that all of our suppliers comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.  You'll see here how we're measuring up against those goals and the new commitments we're making.

Got questions or comments?  Send a note to csr@sun.com or comment here.  I'm eager to hear what you think.


Thursday May 31, 2007

Sun Wins Global Supplier Performance Award from Vodafone


Sun was honored for its corporate responsibility program by Vodafone in this year's Global Supplier Performance awards.  Formally named the Vodafone Corporate Responsibility (CR) Engagement Award, it is given in recongition of Sun's commitment to Vodafone's Code of Ethical Purchasing and the company's support of Vodafone's corporate responsibility activities.

The awards are driven and allocated based on the findings of Vodafone's Supplier Performance Management system. The system provides performance feedback from across the Vodafone group covering its six key supplier performance pillars of:  Corporate Responsibility, financial stability, technical capability, delivery and quality of service as well as the strength of the commercial relationship. These performance measures form an intrinsic part of Vodafone's sourcing strategy development and execution.

In a press release from Vodafone, the managing director of Vodafone's Global Supply Chain said:

"These awards are designed to recognise where our suppliers have demonstrated a spirit of true strategic partnership by understanding Vodafone's needs then going the extra mile to deliver excellent service and value.  In today's competitive market place it is crucial to work with partners that have a deep understanding of our business needs and competitive pressures."


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