Friday Aug 31, 2007

Create your own movie at

Did you know that you can create your own movie at

Yes, that's right! The popular frame rendering software, Blender, is currently available from Application Catalog. Blender offers full functionality for modeling, rendering, animation, post-production, creation and playback of interactive 3D content with the singular benefits of cross-platform operability and a download file size of less than 2.5MB. image

However, if you are not using Blender in a parallel computing environment, it takes literally hours to create the frames that will make up your movie. The version of Blender available from the Application Catalog can run simultaneously on multiple CPUs in the Sun Grid Compute Utility environment, so you get your frames rendered in orders of magnitude faster. And at $1/CPU-hr, it is very affordable not only for professional artists, but also to occasional hobbyists. Check it out to create 3D visualizations, stills as well as broadcast quality video at

Tuesday Aug 21, 2007 is now available in the Netherlands

The on-demand pay-as-you-go Sun Grid Compute Utility service from is now available in the Netherlands. With this addition, grid service is currently available in 25 countries. We continue to see growth of the service since opening it up internationally in May 2007.

Wednesday Aug 08, 2007

How to use the Application Catalog

This flash video shows how easy it is to tap into's powerful and affordable compute resources and takes viewers through the process of selecting an application, creating and running a job, and downloading the results.

  View the Demo

Check out here on how to become a Sun Grid developer and here for becoming a Sun ISV partner for

Thursday Aug 02, 2007

Brookhaven National Laboratory selects for its computational needs

For years science research labs and organizations have been researching, simulating and recreating phenomenon’s occurring in our world for environmental discovery, medical research, the history of our universe and human life. This research commands high power computing ability to run, analyze, and store such recreations and information.

Recently Sun Grid Compute Utility, a computing infrastructure that provides massive computational needs on an on-demand basis, has been powering the Brookhaven National Laboratory Solenoidal Tracker (STAR) project taking place at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). Brookhaven National Laboratory has recently ported STARSIM, the mainstay simulation application for the STAR project, to the Solaris 10 OS to take advantage of the computational power provided by Sun Grid Compute Utility (available from Sun Microsystems' and is approaching the next frontiers in their studies of the "perfect liquid" formed from nuclear matter under extreme conditions. The pay-as-you-use model offered by Sun Grid Compute Utility is helping move Brookhaven National Laboratory’s simulation effort forward efficiently and without any additional infrastructure investment.

Learn more about Sun Grid Compute Utility here.
Image from Brookhaven National Laboratory
(Image courtesy of Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Wednesday May 02, 2007 service is now available in 24 countries

The pay-per-use Sun Grid Compute Utility service from is now available in 24 countries. The users, developers, and ISVs from selected countries in Europe, Asia and Australia can now join The full list of countries are available in the announcement.

We have also added new features that expand the power of Sun Grid Compute Utility. The Internet Access feature enables applications running in to securely access external data and services over the Internet. This feature allows applications running on Sun Grid Compute Utility to access data irrespective of its location on the Internet, and opens the possibility for ISVs and developers to offer new services that are mashups of data and services from multiple sources.

Finally, we are announcing limited Beta program for developers to try out the new Job Management APIs. The APIs provide programmatic access for the most commonly used tasks such as transferring data, applications and results to and from the Sun Grid Compute Utility. The APIs enable integration of into the enterprise data center.

Users signing up for a account will get 200 CPU-hrs free for a limited time.

Life Sciences embrace

We announced the new Application Catalog in March, 2007, and since then many commercial and open-source applications have become available for users to "click and run" in the Sun Grid compute environment. While these applications span a wide range of industries, Life Sciences is quickly becoming one of the important ones where a lot of ISVs are realizing the scale and efficiency can offer for their spplications. To date, 13 applications are available in this category, and during this week's Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, Q-chem and Biocceleration's GenCore 6.0 became available in the catalog.

I'd have more details about the applications currently available in the catalog in the coming days, but here's a big scoop... ;-)

There will be an important announcement about tomorrow. Can't tell you more than that though -- be sure to check this blog for the update.

In the mean time, enjoy couple of pictures from the very busy booth of ours in the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo that ended an hour or so ago.

Sun Booth Bio-IT Image 1
Sun Booth Bio-IT Image 2

Sun Booth Bio-IT Image 3

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