Tuesday Oct 09, 2007

Sun Launches New UltraSPARC T2 Systems at CEC in Vegas



At Sun's Customer Engineering Conference in Las Vegas, John Fowler and Andy Bechtolsheim took the stage to announce Sun's new UltraSPARC T2-based systems -- the SPARC Enterprise T5120/T5220 and the Sun Blade T6320 server.

The replay is available here.

Latest benchmark results are here.

Monday Oct 08, 2007

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This...

Sun customer Ben Rockwood wrote an unbelievably glowing blog about Sun's new Intel Xeon-based systems, the Sun Fire X4450 and Sun Fire X4150 servers.

Here are some of the great things he had to say:

“I firmly believe (bias aside) that the LOM [lights-out management] offered by the Sun systems is vastly superior to the Dell and HP counterparts.”

“Turning to the 2U system, the Sun Fire X4450, we find some real Sun engineering brilliance.”

“Andy B. and team do it again! John Fowler has got to be proud of what they accomplished.”

“Congrats to everyone at Sun and Intel involved in making these systems a reality.”

Wow! Thanks, Ben!

Thursday Oct 04, 2007

Sun #3 in x86 --"I Was As Surprised as Hell," Says Analyst

For the second time in as many weeks, Sun's x64 systems are being recognized.  Last week it was The Register's Ashlee Vance reporting on the launch of the Sun Fire X4450 and X4150, with the headline, "It's time to pay attention to Sun's x86 biz."

This week InternetNews' Dave Needle reports on the results of an  Enterprise buyer survey conducted by Gabriel Consulting Group (GCG) -- in which Sun delivered a "strong third place showing" in x86 servers.

Writes Needle: 

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the strong third place showing by Sun Microsystems, a relative newcomer to x86 servers. "We continue to be impressed by just how many customers have Sun x86 gear in their datacenters ... Even more surprising is how consistently Sun is ranked ahead of Dell on almost every survey criteria. This is pretty good progress for a vendor who has only been in the x86 server market for a few years and still offers a limited product line," the company said in its report.

 "I was surprised as hell," Dan Olds, principal of GCG, told InternetNews.com. "The big thing it tells you is that real customers see plenty of differentiation in these boxes, even if the vendors are using the same chips, Ethernet cards and other components."

Wednesday Sep 19, 2007

Fowler Talks Solaris Virtualization at IDF, Previews Intel-based Sun Server

Sun Systems EVP John Fowler took the stage yesterday as part of
Pat Gelsinger's keynote at Intel Developer Forum, talking about the
virtualization capabilities in Solaris (they're available at NO COST)
and providing a general update on the progress the two companies have
made since the announcement of their alliance in January '07.
The Webcast replay is available here.


Fowler previewed a soon-to-be-announced Intel-based Sun system
and showed a quick demo. If you look closely at the first pic in this entry,
you'll notice the Sun system is hmh, what, half the size of the others?


That Sun server can run Solaris, Windows (you saw last week's
announcement here), Linux or VMware.

IDF runs through Thursday at Moscone West in San Francisco.

Thursday Aug 23, 2007

Sun Delivers Sixth Straight Qtr of Server Revenue Growth, According to IDC

IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker for Q2CY07 is out this morning.  Their release is here.

The highlights for Sun, according to IDC data:

\*Sun posted its sixth straight quarter of factory revenue growth in the total server market and maintained its #3 position overall in part due to strong demand for its Sun Fire T1000/T2000 servers and x86 offerings
\*Propelled by Solaris, Sun holds the #1 position in the worldwide UNIX market, with 35.8% marketshare in revenue and 47.2% marketshare in shipments.
\*Sun broke into the top 5 in x86 server revenue with 50.9% revenue growth -- the highest among the top 5
\*Sun moved up into the #2 spot in midrange (all OS) server revenue with 26.1% marketshare.
\*Sun gained share Y/Y in Linux server revenue with 10.2% marketshare.

Here's what John Fowler, EVP, Sun Systems, pictured here at this week's Eco Innovation Launch, had to say:

"The combination of Solaris 10 and our fresh and exciting server portfolio is clearly solving the current customer problems of performance, power efficiency, and space, as evidenced by 6 quarters of growth and market share gains.  We look forward to continuing this with many new exciting products in the coming quarters."

Wednesday Feb 21, 2007

Tutorial on Solaris Containers for Virtualization

Solaris Containers for virtualization is the theme of a recent ServerWatch tutorial. Check out the details of this handy tutorial from the Reviews blog.


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