Friday Oct 30, 2009

Sun News -- The Week in Review

Get a quick recap of Sun in the news this week in the short segment below as Chhandomay Mandal and Maijaliisa Burkert review Amazon's new cloud storage offering based on MySQL open-source software, the 100 million download milestone hit this week, the announced availability of Sun investor proxy materials, and the new 3.0.10 maintenance release of VirtualBox.

Tuesday Jan 27, 2009 3.0.1 Generally Available


Globe photo courtesy of Jason Rogers. Use

The Community is pleased to announce the immediate availability of 3.0.1. This point release addresses a few minor issues that have been reported with the current release.

Although minor releases normally do not include new features, there are two points of interest with this version. 

  • enhanced support for grammar checkers, and an
  • increase in the number of words held in personal word lists to 30,000.

A full list of fixes can be found in the developers' release notes. is now available in more than 90 languages and for all major platforms. For a list of languages and platforms click here.

The next release will contain new users features and is scheduled for general availability next quarter.

Sunday Nov 16, 2008

Now Available: StarOffice 9

Today we announced the availability of StarOffice 9 with new versions of word processor, presentation, spreadsheet, database and drawing software.

This major update to Sun's productivity suite comes with native support for Mac OS X, delivers significant enhancements and provides advanced, extensible productivity tools for all users.

StarOffice 9 is available for download from here for $34.95. Volume pricing for the enterprise starts at $25 per user and is immediately available from Sun and its authorized resellers.

The new subscription model includes license and support, comes in one- and three-year terms, and the customers can choose between standard or premium support. More information about services is available here.

Information about features, extensions and languages can be found here.

StarOffice 9

Friday Aug 15, 2008

Vote on the 3.0 splash screen Logo 3.0 will be getting a new splash screen to reflect our new and fresh release, and the community has the final word on it. Several great proposals have been submitted and we asking all community members to vote. Together with the splash screen, two other design elements will be included, namely the Windows installer graphic, and the about box image.

In the voting form, check your favorite splash screen and then submit the form - that's it!

Voting guidelines. Voting ends on Monday 18 August  2008 at 12:00 UTC+1. All community members are eligible to vote, and voting is absolutely anonymous. You will need to register and a registration confirm will be sent to you via e-mail containing the link to your personal survey. This is to ensure that only valid votes are cast. Although you need to register, voting is completely anonymous! After your successful vote, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail.

Your email address will not be re-used for marketing (spam) purposes. 

Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

OpenOffice wins 3 community awards

OpenOffice is the winner of 3 categories in SourceForge.Net 2008 Community Choice Awards.

Details here.


Sunday Jul 20, 2008

StarOffice 9 beta now available -- let us know what you think...

Sun has released StarOffice 9 and StarSuite 9 Beta. Cool, new features include support for Mac, PDF editing and a calendar extension for Mozilla to provide an effective mail/calendar solution. New tools and enhancements make StarOffice easier to use, and increase productivity and collaboration. StarOffice 9 supports Microsoft Office, including the import of, OOXML, PDF, ODF 1.2, and runs on Solaris, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Something for Everybody
StarOffice and StarSuite 9 beta has something for everybody. All users can benefit from the Start Center -- which makes it easier to start using StarOffice -- PDF import and editing, improved Microsoft Office compatibility, a mail/calendar solution and a fresh set of icons.

For existing StarOffice and StarSuite users, there is improved charting, notes recording, a solver, 1024 columns and spreadsheet collaboration in Calc, presentation console in Impress, multiple page editing and zoom slider in Writer, and a report builder for Base. Mac users at Sun finally get a native port of StarOffice. Microsoft Office users get a complete suite with an Outlook alternative for the first time, ability to read Office 2007 files and a familiar user interface that doesn't require re-learning.

StarOffice 9/StarSuite Core Product, Extensions
Seven extensions -- add-ons that provide extra functionality for StarOffice and StarSuite, and several features are provided as extensions and not included in the core product (or binaries) -- have been added for StarOffice: (1) Sun PDF Import, (2) Sun Weblog Publisher (blogger), (3) Sun Report builder (4) Sun Presentation Minimizer, (5) Sun Mediawiki publisher, (6) Sun Presenter Console, (7) eFax for StarOffice/StarSuite and There is also one calendar extension for Mozilla Thunderbird which delivers mail, scheduling, to-do lists etc. Extensions do require StarOffice, StarSuite, or Mozilla. Note that the extensions are not required to use the StarOffice or StarSuite core product.

Try It -- Did You Like It?
Now the StarOffice team wants to hear from you. To do that, just:

   1. First, download the StarOffice 9 beta
   2. Then visit the StarOffice User Forums to let us know what you think.

PS: Do not forget to check out the announcement page...


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