Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

OpenOffice wins 3 SourceForge.net community awards

OpenOffice is the winner of 3 categories in SourceForge.Net 2008 Community Choice Awards.

Details here.


Sunday Jul 20, 2008

StarOffice 9 beta now available -- let us know what you think...

Sun has released StarOffice 9 and StarSuite 9 Beta. Cool, new features include support for Mac, PDF editing and a calendar extension for Mozilla to provide an effective mail/calendar solution. New tools and enhancements make StarOffice easier to use, and increase productivity and collaboration. StarOffice 9 supports Microsoft Office, including the import of, OOXML, PDF, ODF 1.2, and runs on Solaris, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Something for Everybody
StarOffice and StarSuite 9 beta has something for everybody. All users can benefit from the Start Center -- which makes it easier to start using StarOffice -- PDF import and editing, improved Microsoft Office compatibility, a mail/calendar solution and a fresh set of icons.

For existing StarOffice and StarSuite users, there is improved charting, notes recording, a solver, 1024 columns and spreadsheet collaboration in Calc, presentation console in Impress, multiple page editing and zoom slider in Writer, and a report builder for Base. Mac users at Sun finally get a native port of StarOffice. Microsoft Office users get a complete suite with an Outlook alternative for the first time, ability to read Office 2007 files and a familiar user interface that doesn't require re-learning.

StarOffice 9/StarSuite Core Product, Extensions
Seven extensions -- add-ons that provide extra functionality for StarOffice and StarSuite, and several features are provided as extensions and not included in the core product (or binaries) -- have been added for StarOffice: (1) Sun PDF Import, (2) Sun Weblog Publisher (blogger), (3) Sun Report builder (4) Sun Presentation Minimizer, (5) Sun Mediawiki publisher, (6) Sun Presenter Console, (7) eFax for StarOffice/StarSuite and OpenOffice.org. There is also one calendar extension for Mozilla Thunderbird which delivers mail, scheduling, to-do lists etc. Extensions do require StarOffice, StarSuite, or Mozilla. Note that the extensions are not required to use the StarOffice or StarSuite core product.

Try It -- Did You Like It?
Now the StarOffice team wants to hear from you. To do that, just:

   1. First, download the StarOffice 9 beta
   2. Then visit the StarOffice User Forums to let us know what you think.

PS: Do not forget to check out the announcement page...

Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

Sun Student Reviews Contest Winners Announced

This morning we announced the winners of the Sun Student Reviews Contest. Check out the winning submissions here -- those were excellent OpenSolaris and NetBeans reviews.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!!
Sun Student Reviews Contest Winners

Friday Jun 13, 2008

Sun Employees Help Save the Planet by Working Flexibly

As featured Monday night on ABC 7 News, Sun released the findings of an internal study it undertook to monitor the energy usage of more than 100 of the 19,000 participants in Sun’s Open Work flexible work program. Almost 10 years ago, Sun realized that the network would fundamentally change the way we work. At Sun, the Network is the both the Computer and the Office, with more than 56 percent of our workforce working wherever they need or want to be with Open Work, our flexible work program. Sun discovered that by being unbound to an single office and schedule, Open Workers are actually more productive, and tend to put as much as 60 percent of the time they saved by not commuting toward their careers.

Sun’s sustainable computing team created the Open Work Energy Measurement Project to compare home and work energy use in order to determine if Open Work really saves energy, or just transfers the energy cost and load to the employee. Sun found that by eliminating commuting just 2.5 days per week, an employee reduces energy used for work by the equivalent of 5,400 Kilowatt hours/year. Commuting was more than 98 percent of each employee's carbon footprint for work, compared to less than 1.7 percent of total carbon emissions to power office equipment.  Sometimes the most effective way to reduce one’s carbon footprint is to simply stay home!

On a related note, Reuters recently reported on a survey of 1,500 U.S. technology workers that found more than a third would accept pay cuts of up to 10 percent to work from home and avoid the expense of commuting to the office. Sun’s flexible work program is a great lure for tech workers tired of the commute, florescent lighting or chilly AC, but not the discount-rated ones, just the best!

Thursday Jun 12, 2008

Now You Can Turn a Server into a Storage Array...

Sun Releases Code that Let's Customers  Save Time and Money with Open Storage Arrays built with OpenSolaris COMSTAR

COMSTAR (Common Multiprotocol SCSI Target) -- now available in the latest OpenSolaris community build let's a standard x86 server transform into an Open Storage array. COMSTAR basically
allows the server to act like a block storage device. To the host system, a server running OpenSolaris
and configured with COMSTAR walks, talks and responds as a storage array.

COMSTAR is a open, pluggable architecture that allows developers to quickly add new storage targets (think iSCSI or Fibre Channel targets) and add new transports (the actual protocol support to talk to various devices (FC, SAS, etc.).

Director of Storage Platforms Scott Tracy wrote about the versatility of COMSTAR in this blog at blogs.sun.com/quicksticks

Recycle, reuse, repurpose. Make the most of your existing industry standard equipment. It's one of the many benefits of Open Storage.

Monday Jun 09, 2008

Student Reviews Contest Update

Last month we launched the Student Reviews Program aimed at promoting hands-on experience of open-source products for students around the world. Students can post their reviews to give feedback, discuss cutting-edge technologies, get connected with experts, as well as participate in student contests to win cool prizes.

The program started with a OpenSolaris 2008.5 and NetBeans 6.1 product reviews contest .
Student Reviews
48 students from 14 different countries -- Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Moldova, Pakistan, Romania, Sri Lanka, Sweden, USA and Vietnam -- have submitted 78 technical reviews during the contest period.

Check out the detailed contest update here.


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