Sunday Nov 16, 2008

Now Available: StarOffice 9

Today we announced the availability of StarOffice 9 with new versions of word processor, presentation, spreadsheet, database and drawing software.

This major update to Sun's productivity suite comes with native support for Mac OS X, delivers significant enhancements and provides advanced, extensible productivity tools for all users.

StarOffice 9 is available for download from here for $34.95. Volume pricing for the enterprise starts at $25 per user and is immediately available from Sun and its authorized resellers.

The new subscription model includes license and support, comes in one- and three-year terms, and the customers can choose between standard or premium support. More information about services is available here.

Information about features, extensions and languages can be found here.

StarOffice 9

Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

OpenOffice wins 3 community awards

OpenOffice is the winner of 3 categories in SourceForge.Net 2008 Community Choice Awards.

Details here.


Sunday Jul 20, 2008

StarOffice 9 beta now available -- let us know what you think...

Sun has released StarOffice 9 and StarSuite 9 Beta. Cool, new features include support for Mac, PDF editing and a calendar extension for Mozilla to provide an effective mail/calendar solution. New tools and enhancements make StarOffice easier to use, and increase productivity and collaboration. StarOffice 9 supports Microsoft Office, including the import of, OOXML, PDF, ODF 1.2, and runs on Solaris, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Something for Everybody
StarOffice and StarSuite 9 beta has something for everybody. All users can benefit from the Start Center -- which makes it easier to start using StarOffice -- PDF import and editing, improved Microsoft Office compatibility, a mail/calendar solution and a fresh set of icons.

For existing StarOffice and StarSuite users, there is improved charting, notes recording, a solver, 1024 columns and spreadsheet collaboration in Calc, presentation console in Impress, multiple page editing and zoom slider in Writer, and a report builder for Base. Mac users at Sun finally get a native port of StarOffice. Microsoft Office users get a complete suite with an Outlook alternative for the first time, ability to read Office 2007 files and a familiar user interface that doesn't require re-learning.

StarOffice 9/StarSuite Core Product, Extensions
Seven extensions -- add-ons that provide extra functionality for StarOffice and StarSuite, and several features are provided as extensions and not included in the core product (or binaries) -- have been added for StarOffice: (1) Sun PDF Import, (2) Sun Weblog Publisher (blogger), (3) Sun Report builder (4) Sun Presentation Minimizer, (5) Sun Mediawiki publisher, (6) Sun Presenter Console, (7) eFax for StarOffice/StarSuite and There is also one calendar extension for Mozilla Thunderbird which delivers mail, scheduling, to-do lists etc. Extensions do require StarOffice, StarSuite, or Mozilla. Note that the extensions are not required to use the StarOffice or StarSuite core product.

Try It -- Did You Like It?
Now the StarOffice team wants to hear from you. To do that, just:

   1. First, download the StarOffice 9 beta
   2. Then visit the StarOffice User Forums to let us know what you think.

PS: Do not forget to check out the announcement page...

Friday Nov 09, 2007

Now Available: New StarOffice Extensions

StarOffice now has cool new extensions -- small add-ons that adds functionality to StarOffice. The three below are most popular with couple of more extensions on the way. Stay tuned! In the mean time, try these out and let us know what you think via your review.

Sun Report Builder The Sun Report Builder adds a powerful database report editor to StarOffice Base. The Sun Report Builder is similar to a form designer, with visual tools that allow you to create reports by dragging and dropping database fields. There are three different header and footer types that provide you the flexibility you need to design smart and professional looking reports. You can even build multi-column reports with the Sun Report Builder.

eFax extension Send and receive faxes from within the StarOffice office suite! eFax is an online fax service that eliminates the need for a fax machine, an extra fax line and all the associated expenses (paper, ink cartridges etc.). You can continue to use your existing fax number or obtain a new number for free. When someone faxes to your number, the fax is displayed in the eFax Messenger solution if it's installed on your computer or the fax is converted to a file and is emailed to you as an attachment. The extension integrates eFax into StarOffice and gives you a free 30-day trial.

Sun Weblog Publisher The Sun Weblog Publisher allows you to quickly create, edit and publish weblog entries on many popular Blog servers. It is easy to use so that any user can start blogging right away! You can use the full functionality of StarOffice Writer such as spellchecking, key formatting tools like lists, tables, and pictures, and easy handling of hyperlinks to write articles for your blog. Then you can send the entire Writer document or just the current selection as a new entry to your blog. Everyone can create blog articles with pictures and text tables.

Monday Oct 29, 2007

Flying high with the Star!

StarOffice has made its appearance in world's largest passenger plane. Check it out here.


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