Tuesday May 12, 2009

Sun and Microsoft Release Joint Whitepaper Highlighting Interoperability

Interoperability between applications in heterogeneous technology environments is essential to successful collaboration. Sun and Microsoft are taking interoperability to a new level by utilizing the SAML federation standard in both the Sun OpenSSO Enterprise federation solution and the forthcoming Microsoft “Geneva” Server federation solution.

As part of these efforts, Sun and Microsoft have created a new whitepaper: "Microsoft "Geneva" Server and Sun OpenSSO - Enabling Unprecedented Collaboration Across Heterogeneous IT Environments" available for download here.

Sun's Chief Identity Management Officer, Daniel Raskin, posted his blog entry on OpenSSO & "Geneva" here

Microsoft released their "Geneva" beta 2  this week and offers some commentary on interoperability over on their Forefront blog. 

Monday Nov 10, 2008

Sun to Include MSN Toolbar As Optional Download With Java

Starting today, when U.S.-based Internet Explorer users download the Java Runtime Environment from java.com, they will also be given the option of downloading the MSN toolbar, powered by Microsoft Live Search.

You can read more about the agreement in the press release and also listen to Eric Klein, VP of Java Marketing at Sun, offer his thoughts on the announcement on Sun News Radio.

Wednesday Sep 10, 2008

Sun Expands Cross-Platform Virtualization Collaboration with Microsoft

Sun and Microsoft announced several developments this week in our work to make it easier for customers to use our software and servers together in virtual environments. We also showed off some demos at Microsoft’s 'Get Virtual Now' customer event in Bellevue, Wash. on Monday. 

Here are the highlights:

- The Sun xVM Server, a datacenter-grade hypervisor, will be validated to work with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and prior versions.
- Sun and Microsoft are working together to offer customers the Solaris OS as a certified guest on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V.
- Sun is providing Sun Ray thin client customers the ability to access Windows as a guest OS running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V.

These announcements build on Sun’s current work with Microsoft. As a Windows Server OEM, Sun sells and supports Windows Server products on certified x64 servers and blades and offers Windows Server utilities and value-added software. Sun also provides solutions to enable major TCO savings for customers, such as Sun's Infrastructure Solution for Microsoft Exchange Server.

In addition, Sun and Microsoft plan to integrate Sun xVM Ops Center with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. This will mean that Sun customers will be able to use a single management framework to manage their choice of operating systems from Solaris and Windows to Linux as well as monitor physical and virtual environments.

Bob Kelly, Corporate Vice President of Infrastructure Server Marketing at Microsoft (right) and Lisa Sieker, Vice President of Systems Marketing at Sun Microsystems (left) celebrate the launch of the Sun-Microsoft Interoperability Center. Redmond, Wash., March 10, 2008.

Thursday May 22, 2008

Microsoft embraces ODF -- What does Sun have to say about it?

If you've any interest in standards and open source, one of the most thought provoking topics in a long time (in my opinion) has been how to save your files in a way that you can access them in the years ahead.

On Wednesday, Microsoft issued a press release that states they will support ODF.

Since Sun has long supported Open Standards and Open Source and our commitment to them remains strong and unwavering. This news pinged my interest so I approached Jim Parkinson, vice president, Developer, Tools and Services at Sun, to ask him about these developments.

In summary, he stated, "Sun welcomes Microsoft's decision to embrace OpenDocument Format (ODF v1.1). We look forward to working with Microsoft on the OASIS ODF Technical Committee to complete the improved ODF v1.2 specification and to submit it as an update to ISO/IEC. This is valuable progress towards the interoperability and openness that customers are demanding worldwide."


You might also enjoy an insightful perspective on Microsoft's decision in Simon Phipp's blog entry and and invitation from Peter Korn, Accessibility Architect at Sun, who is officially inviting Microsoft and others to join in the OASIS OpenDocument Format Accessibility subcommittee efforts.

Other ODF related links:
\* Patrick Durusau and ODF 1.2
\* IBM and ODF

Monday Nov 19, 2007

What's new in Microsoft and OpenSolaris Interoperability?

Innovate on OpenSolaris OpenSolaris Project: CIFS Server. Sun recently donated server software source code that implements the Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocol -- also known as SMB -- the standard for Windows file sharing services. This in-kernel CIFS server enables Microsoft users to store and retrieve files on an OpenSolaris system.

To support the CIFS protocol several changes were also made to core components of OpenSolaris including ZFS, VFS, credentials, file system utilities, etc. Sun has also donated these changes to the OpenSolaris project.

Why is this in-kernel CIFS support so important? Check out Alan Wright's blog entry for the gory details... but essentially Windows interoperability requires that a CIFS server convince a Windows client or server that it "is Windows". This is really only possible if the operating system supports those services at a fundamental level.

A related OpenSolaris project, CIFS client, allows OpenSolaris systems to act as CIFS clients in a Microsoft environment -- the flip side of the equation. The OpenSolaris CIFS client stores and retrieve files on a Microsoft CIFS system helping to complete the file sharing capabilities between OpenSolaris and Microsoft environments.

The CIFS projects greatly improve the usefulness of OpenSolaris in data environments that serve both NFS and CIFS clients by bringing the enterprise scalability and reliability of the OpenSolaris to a Microsoft environment.

See what Alan, Bob, Lynn, and Marc say about the news.


Tuesday Apr 03, 2007

Upcoming Atom Publishing Protocol Interop

Here is an exciting bit of news for folks interested in the Atom Publishing Protocols (APP).

Check out Tim Bray's blog posting regarding the upcoming Atom Publishing Protocol interop that is being hosted at the Google campus in Mountain View. Everybody is invited, provided they bring along an APP implementation, client or server.

  • Mon, April 16th, 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Tue, April 17th, 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Tim has made the prediction that the APP will be huge and if you look at the folks involved, he could be right.


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