Friday Jun 12, 2009

Sun Wins APEX CleanTech Innovation Award

Adding to numerous eco accolades, Sun was honored with the Colorado Technology Association's (CSIA) prestigious APEX CleanTech Innovation Award. This award acknowledges exceptional companies that demonstrate the success, innovation, leadership, and determination that is the core of Colorado’s technology industry. CSIA was impressed with Sun's latest next-generation datacenters like the one in Broomfield, Colorado that maximizes space utilization while minimizing operating costs. They specifically noted Broomfield's estimated  $1 million dollar savings in electricity costs and 11,000 metric tons of CO2 per year.

Here is a link to the award:

Wednesday Apr 15, 2009

GreenPeace: Have you heard Sun Microsystems is the first with response on climate leadership

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO, Sun, The Green Technology CompanyIn March 2009, the Greenpeace organization launched an IT Climate leadership Challenge to the CEOs of some of the largest IT companies in the world asking them to stand up and be counted in support of a strong Kyoto deal this year and lead the way in providing climate solutions across the economy. 

Greenpeace asked that these corporations provide real solutions for the imminent threat of global warming while also tackling the current economic crisis by turning climate change into a business opportunity. They outlined four specific criteria for IT companies as part of the challenge.

  • Publicly demonstrate their support for a strong Kyoto deal
  • Lobby their national governments to support strong global mandatory Kyoto regulation
  • Significantly cut their own company's absolute emissions
  • Ensure a large scale increase in their company's own use of renewable energy

  • The good news is Greenpeace has recognized Sun as the IT leader. And more good news come from New York City, where Sun is being recognized as part of the Uptime Institute’s Global Green 100 List. Sun's VP and Distinguished Engineer for Energy Efficiency, Subodh Bapat, is in NY to accept the prestigious award that honors the achievements of global corporations with a commitment to increasing energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of their enterprise IT and datacenter operations. More information here.

    Photo courtesy of Greenpeace.

    Wednesday Oct 08, 2008

    Sun's Shrinking Carbon Footprint

    Today Sun is being recognized by the US EPA for surpassing an aggressive greenhouse gas emissions goal. As part of the EPA Climate Leaders program, Sun achieved a reduction of GHG emissions from US operations by 23 percent, surpassing its goal five years early. Sun's flexible work program, Open Work, as well as the use of energy efficient technologies and services are essential to reducing operational GHG emissions for Sun as well as its customers. Sun has pledged an additional 20 percent GHG emissions reduction from worldwide operations over 2007 levels by 2015. To learn more about this achievement and eco innovation at Sun visit

    Friday Jun 13, 2008

    Sun Employees Help Save the Planet by Working Flexibly

    As featured Monday night on ABC 7 News, Sun released the findings of an internal study it undertook to monitor the energy usage of more than 100 of the 19,000 participants in Sun’s Open Work flexible work program. Almost 10 years ago, Sun realized that the network would fundamentally change the way we work. At Sun, the Network is the both the Computer and the Office, with more than 56 percent of our workforce working wherever they need or want to be with Open Work, our flexible work program. Sun discovered that by being unbound to an single office and schedule, Open Workers are actually more productive, and tend to put as much as 60 percent of the time they saved by not commuting toward their careers.

    Sun’s sustainable computing team created the Open Work Energy Measurement Project to compare home and work energy use in order to determine if Open Work really saves energy, or just transfers the energy cost and load to the employee. Sun found that by eliminating commuting just 2.5 days per week, an employee reduces energy used for work by the equivalent of 5,400 Kilowatt hours/year. Commuting was more than 98 percent of each employee's carbon footprint for work, compared to less than 1.7 percent of total carbon emissions to power office equipment.  Sometimes the most effective way to reduce one’s carbon footprint is to simply stay home!

    On a related note, Reuters recently reported on a survey of 1,500 U.S. technology workers that found more than a third would accept pay cuts of up to 10 percent to work from home and avoid the expense of commuting to the office. Sun’s flexible work program is a great lure for tech workers tired of the commute, florescent lighting or chilly AC, but not the discount-rated ones, just the best!

    Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

    Sun's Santa Clara Datacenter Wins Eco Award!

    The Uptime Institute recognized Sun with a Green Enterprise IT Award for the our work on our energy-sipping Santa Clara datacenter, as outlined in the whitepaper - "Aligning Business Organizations: Sun's approach for building energy-efficient datacenters."

    Dean Nelson, Sun senior director of global lab and datacenter design services, accepted the award
    tonight and provided an overview of Sun's eco responsibility efforts to Ken Brill, Executive Director of the Uptime Institute, in a podcast you can find here.

    The official award name is a bit of a tongue-twister - Best-in-Class Implementation Winner for the 2008 Uptime Institute Green Enterprise IT Awards in the category of Energy Efficient IT Hardware Deployment. Click here for full details on the awards.

    Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

    Sun Shines on Earth Day

    Today Sun was honored by InfoWorld as one of the Green 15: companies and organizations that have undertaken the best green-tech-oriented projects in the past year.  Sun was selected for our datacenter consolidation project, focused on Santa Clara, Calif, Bangalore, India and Blackwater, UK.  The Santa Clara datacenter alone reduced power capacity demand by 75 percent.  And the project saved Sun $1.1M per year in energy costs.  Check out the article here.

    This morning I got an email from our vice president of eco responsibilty Dave Douglas that was an inspiring start to Earth Day.  Dave says that he's approached weekly by employees at Sun wondering if the eco team is hiring.  And he tells them, "you already have an eco job!"  If we each bring our personal passion for eco responsibilty to work, we can look at all of our projects and responsibilities in a new green light.  Dave wrote about this idea in Environmental Leader a couple weeks ago.  Read his column here.


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