Tuesday Jan 12, 2010

Sun & Fujitsu Boost Performance of Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000

Sun and Fujitsu today announced an enhanced SPARC Enterprise M3000 server with the new 2.75GHz SPARC64 VII processor.  Using the faster processor boosts performance of the single-socket server and delivers enterprise performance and mission-critical reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) at an entry-level price.  It’s an ideal platform to handle database, BIDW, ERP and CRM applications.

Highlights of the SPARC Enterprise M3000 server include:

\* Faster performance at the same price point
  • Delivers up to 23 percent better performance than previous generation
\* Consolidates and Lower IT costs
  • Consolidates multiple entry-level servers into a compact 2U chassis
  • Improves the ratio of energy consumption to application throughput by up to 13 percent (compared to previous generation), helping customers further reduce their environmental footprint

The SPARC Enterprise M3000 entry-level server is part of Fujitsu and Sun’s comprehensive line of servers that includes the SPARC Enterprise M4000, M5000, M8000 and M9000 servers.

Tuesday May 19, 2009

Energy Stars for Servers are Finally Here

Yesterday, the EPA published its new Energy Star for Servers spec . Yes, it's the same Energy Star first introduced in 1992 and used on all sorts of consumer products like kitchen appliances, lighting and home electronics. We're ecstatic that energy-efficiency is finally becoming a more transparent piece of the tech sector.

Customers now have a baseline against which to accurately measure and compare the energy-efficiency of servers on the market. In the long run, the Spec will enable customers to reduce their energy consumption and overall carbon footprint. And that's a good thing.

Listen to our own energy-efficiency guru Subodh Bapat, vice president of energy efficiency and Distinguished Engineer at Sun, talk about the Spec and what it means to Sun and our customers on Sun's Blog Talk Radio with host Chhandomay Mandal.

While still in its infancy, the Spec's first draft (Tier 1 it's called) focuses solely on idle power consumption – which is a great place to start but not exactly comprehensive. Let's put it this way: Measuring just idle power consumption is akin to trying to measure the most efficient car based on the gas it burns at a red light vs MPG on the highway.

So what happens now? Look for Sun to announce Energy Star compliant servers in the coming months. Then check out the next rev of the Spec (Tier 2) due out in October 2010. Sun has been actively involved with the EPA in developing and providing feedback on the spec and will continue to do so. We (and most other vendors) hope that the next rev will include performance per watt benchmarking, as well as take into account some of the energy saving innovations for which Sun is known - like multicore chips.

Our work with the EPA's Energy Star program is just one of the many ways Sun supports sustainability internally and externally.

Wednesday May 13, 2009

New Mid-Market Solution for Sun Storage 7000 and x64 Systems

Sun recently expanded its portfolio of solutions developed for mid-sized companies with the introduction of an Open Archive solution that pairs the Sun Storage 7110 and 7210 Unified Storage Systems and ultra-scalable Sun Fire X4140 and Sun Fire X4240 servers with industry-leading Symantec Enterprise Vault 8 software. The resulting Open Archive solution for mid-sized companies delivers tested and optimized storage and server configurations that make it easy for customers to very simply archive many different types of data, such as files/records, email, instant messaging and sharepoint content while ensuring data integrity. By using 4x less power and 1/2 the footprint, the Sun Open Archive Solution can significantly reduce storage costs, minimizing management complexity and increasing storage ROI.

Other major highlights:

- Lowers total storage costs by up to 90%\*

- Reduces the amount of production and backup storage needed by up to 80%

- Simplifies deployment, administration and management

- Greatly improves your ability to search and discover archived information

For more information check out the Sun and Symantec Open Archive solution for mid-sized companies datasheet or visit http://www.sun.com/smb/archive.

\* “Digital Archive Solution from Sun Protects United Kingdom’s Video Heritage,” British Board of Film Classification Customer Snapshot, Sun Microsystems, sun.com/customers/servers/bbfc.xml.

David Simmons, Director of Sun's mid-market business, discussed the Open Archive Solution with Sun News Radio host Chhandomay Mandal. Listen to the short segment below for the highlights.

Wednesday Apr 29, 2009

Sun Boosts x64 Servers with 2.9 GHz Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processors

Updating its x64 servers with the latest AMD Opteron technology, Sun has added new processors running at 2.9GHz to select x64 models including the Sun Fire X4140, Sun Fire X4240 and Sun Fire X4440 servers.  The highly efficient 45nm processor can boost performance by to up 35 percent, compared to previous generation systems, while decreasing processor power consumption by up to 35 percent at idle.  Sun's AMD Opteron-based x64 systems offer a choice of OSes, including Solaris, Linux, Windows and VMware and deliver exceptional scalability, virtualization and consolidation capabilities with up to twice the storage, memory and I/O capacity. And, with prices starting at $2,289 (USD), they make ideal solutions for both the enterprise and the midmarket. For a free 60 day trial via Sun's Try and Buy Program visit http://www.sun.com/tryandbuy.

The Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor is designed to give mid-market businesses easy integration from dual- to quad-core computing to help them lower total cost of ownership, scale the performance of business applications and increase capacity - while minimizing costs to the IT infrastructure.  Check out these resources for more on Sun solutions for the midmarket:

\* "Sun and AMD's Technology + Business - Sun Solutions for Mid-Sized Businesses" magazine
\* "Business Benefits of Deploying Next-Generation IT in the Midmarket" - IDC whitepaper on how midmarket businesses can capitalize on new technology in competitive times.

For more information on Sun solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses check out http://www.sun.com/smb and Sun's x64 servers based on AMD-processor technology at http://www.sun.com/amd.

Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

Sun announces new Open Network System products

Today we announced the latest Open Network Systems from Sun.

John's perspective:

"Today's IT customer is looking for three things - speed, simplicity and savings. With Sun's Open Network Systems approach, we're integrating our networking advancements, our system expertise, and our core IP and innovative designs to transform commodity components into entirely new platforms with breakthrough application performance, efficiency and scale," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems Group, Sun Microsystems. "Our new x64 systems with breakthrough networking technologies, advanced thermal management, open software stacks and Open Storage enhancements will give the datacenter an extreme makeover, revealing new efficiencies and maximizing IT investment."

Dimitrios Dovas, Director of Product Management, x64 Volume Systems, joined Sun News Radio host Chhandomay Mandal to talk about Sun's latest Open Network Systems products powered by Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series (aka Nehalem). Listen to the short segment below for the highlights.

Tuesday Feb 17, 2009

Sun's Joins Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance

Last Fall, Sun came out with its first Intel-based Netra systems -- the Sun Netra X4250 and Sun Netra X4450 servers. The Sun Netra X4250 server, a 2U rackmount server powered by two high-performance LV quad-core Intel Xeon processors and the Sun Netra X4450 server, a 4U rackmount server and the industry's only carrier-grade server powered by four quad-core Intel Xeon processors bring high performance and datacenter efficiency to the telco market. In an effort to continue collaboration with Intel and optimize the entire development lifecycle, from concept to deployment, Sun recently joined Intel's Embedded and Communications Alliance (ECA).  Check out Sun's Netra line of servers which also includes the Sun Netra CP3250 ATCA blade server -- Sun's first eight-core, dual-socket Intel Xeon processor blade server optimized to run the most demanding, processor-intensive telco applications.

The Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance is one of the world's most recognized embedded and communications ecosystems providing customers with a trusted supply line of Intel-based products and services. Sun's participation in this alliance helps align Sun and Intel's technical development and continues the collaborative efforts between the two companies in designing next generation carrier-grade systems that meet industry needs.  Customers will see the added benefit of this alliance through next generation systems that will include the ultimate balance in performance, energy efficiency, and greater memory and I/O performance.

For more information on Sun's Netra solutions available through Intel's Embedded and Communications Alliance click here.

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