Sunday May 31, 2009

Sun News -- The Week in Review

Weekly news recap from Chhandomay Mandal and Maijaliisa Burkert is now available.  Listen to the short segment below to get all the highlights.  


Friday Apr 17, 2009

Sun at the NAB Show in Las Vegas

Sun is exhibiting at the NAB Show in Las Vegas next week. 

Darrell Jordan-Smith, Sun's Vice President for Global Communications and Media, will be on a panel to discuss "media consumption habits and preferences". The panel is sponsored by Deloitte so one of the topics of discussion will be the "2009 Deloitte State of the Media Democracy survey".

Another topic you'll be hearing a lot about is "Advanced Advertising". The Sun media team will be on hand to discuss this new phrase and here is an excellent whitepaper on the topic.

Have fun at the show!

Friday Apr 10, 2009

New York City Entrepreneur Week

Sun is working with the Connectors Group on a week-long (April 20 - 24) startup forum taking place in New York. This event is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to network with VCs, fellow entrepreneurs and of course with Sun! Our very own Angelo Rajadrai, Senior Technical Evangelist with our Startup Essentials Team, will be presenting on Thursday.

Sun is sponsoring a business plan competition. The winner will receive technology support from Sun including GlassFish, MySQL and engineering services.

More information here.

Tuesday Apr 07, 2009

Building the NHIN "Network of Networks"

The Department of Health and Human Services has selected Sun's open source technologies as the backbone of its NHIN-CONNECT initiative.  

The goal of NHIN is to support the secure exchange of interoperable health information within the federal government and with the tribal, state, local and private sectors to enable increased efficiency, better patient care and improved population health.   

NHIN-CONNECT uses Sun's GlassFish™ open source application platform technology, the Java™ Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS) SOA Platform, and the Sun Java™ Identity Management suite.

Here is the press release.

Monday Jan 05, 2009

Sun Microsystems To Provide Access and Identity Management (IAM) Solutions to more than 400,000 Marines

We have great news!

Sun Microsystems has been selected to provide identity and access management (IAM) solutions for the United States Marine Corps (USMC), including more than 400,000 Marines that use both classified and unclassified networks. This strategic win was in partnership with BearingPoint (see press release here) and includes the following products in the Sun Identity Management Suite:

- Sun Identity Manager
- Sun Role Manager
- Sun OpenSSO Enterprise
- Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition

\*The Solaris Operating System (OS) and Sun hardware will also be used for the IAM solution.

The IAM project is part of the Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services (MCEITS) program of record and will serve as the single identity and access management system for all USMC systems and users. Using a federated identity management approach, the IAM solution will create a single identity gateway to business and mission critical systems across the Marine Corps. Integrating with the Department of Defense’s Common Access Card, the solution will use Sun’s Identity portfolio to provide role-based access to a variety of applications to enable data sharing and collaboration in a trusted environment. The system will securely “know” who a user is based on their role, and provide access based on this information.

Sun's open source strategy is paying off as government agencies have realized the benefits of open source -- more transparency, no vendor lock-in, the ability to offer input in product development, ease of use, etc.

For more information on Sun's identity management products, please visit:

Thursday Dec 11, 2008

Sun Open Storage: Backbone for new data-transfer world record

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) just announced they have set new records for sustained data transfer among storage systems, using the Sun Fire X4500 and X4540 storage servers.

Sun Fire X4540 storage server

An international team of physicists, computer scientists and network engineers achieved a bidirectional peak throughput of 114 Gbps and a sustained data flow of more than 110 Gbps among clusters of servers at SC08 in Austin, Texas.

Caltech's exhibit at SC08 demonstrated new applications and systems for globally distributed data analysis for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, which is expected to resume operations in the spring. As I blogged about in September, CERN is also utilizing Sun Storage to handle the massive amounts of data that will be generated by the LHC.


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