Tuesday Jan 12, 2010

Sun & Fujitsu Boost Performance of Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000

Sun and Fujitsu today announced an enhanced SPARC Enterprise M3000 server with the new 2.75GHz SPARC64 VII processor.  Using the faster processor boosts performance of the single-socket server and delivers enterprise performance and mission-critical reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) at an entry-level price.  It’s an ideal platform to handle database, BIDW, ERP and CRM applications.

Highlights of the SPARC Enterprise M3000 server include:

\* Faster performance at the same price point
  • Delivers up to 23 percent better performance than previous generation
\* Consolidates and Lower IT costs
  • Consolidates multiple entry-level servers into a compact 2U chassis
  • Improves the ratio of energy consumption to application throughput by up to 13 percent (compared to previous generation), helping customers further reduce their environmental footprint

The SPARC Enterprise M3000 entry-level server is part of Fujitsu and Sun’s comprehensive line of servers that includes the SPARC Enterprise M4000, M5000, M8000 and M9000 servers.

Friday Jan 08, 2010

Sun VirtualBox 3.1 Named 2010 Technology of the Year by InfoWorld

Our VirtualBox team got some very exciting news this week - InfoWorld named Sun VirtualBox 3.1 on their "2010 Technology of the Year" list.

The VirtualBox listing is here (on page 3 of the article).

When I spoke with Andy Hall (senior product manager for VirtualBox) about the award yesterday, he was most impressed by the inclusion of VirtualBox among the other technologies on the list. You can see his blog post here.

Congratulations to the VirtualBox team!

New Sun Identity Management Customer - Express Scripts

The Sun Identity Management team has just posted a new customer success story.

Express Scripts, a Fortune 500 pharmacy benefits management company, is using Sun's Identity Management Portfolio for a centralized identity management solution that automates provisioning for more than 100 systems based on an employee’s job function or operational role. The solution has accelerated provisioning by up to 64% and created a centralized identity directory that maps multiple corporate identities across disparate systems that are each associated with a single employee.

"With Sun Identity Manager and Sun Role Manager, we have significantly improved our operational efficiency and cut costs. We have reduced provisioning from about 14 days down to 5 days. In addition, there are about 1,000 fewer help desk calls per month."
— Matthew Modica, Senior Manager of IT Security, Express Scripts   

You can also read more identity customer success stories here.

New Release of GlassFish ESB with Rich Feature Enhancements and Healthcare Pack

Today, Sun is announcing the immediate availability of GlassFish ESB 2.2.

In case you're not familiar with this product, GlassFish ESB provides a lightweight, modular architecture that enables agile SOA-based service development, deployment and testing.

The latest version includes a host of updates and new features, including support for newer versions of GlassFish, NetBeans and the latest operating systems, as well as some new components - the E-mail Binding Component (BC), REST BC, and POJO Service Engine(SE). Plus, GlassFish ESB 2.2 introduces a couple of new Packs.

The Healthcare Pack extends the functionality and features of GlassFish ESB to healthcare organizations who are focusing on  improving the exchange of electronic health care information. It includes the HL7 Binding Component, Sun Master Index, and support for PIX/PDQ profile.

The Platinum Pack extends the base ESB with some additional components including the Worklist Manager Service Engine, the COBOL Copybook Encoder, the BPEL Monitor and a new Event Management API on top of existing Intelligent Event Processor SE.

All in all, some great capabilities have been added to an already outstanding integration/SOA platform. 

Interested in more info? You can download the bits, see more on sun.com, visit the community, view a demo to explore core features of GlassFish ESB or attend a training course.

Wednesday Jan 06, 2010

TechniScan Selects Sun to Develop Integrated Healthcare Services

On the customer front -- Sun will design a SOA solution architecture based on Sun's Java(TM) Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS) and provide expert implementation services for TechniScan, Inc., a medical device company engaged in the development and commercialization of an automated breast ultrasound imaging system. Using Sun's Java CAPS, TechniScan should be able to bring its SVARA Ultrasound technology to market faster – potentially improving the way breast cancer is diagnosed and treated.

Here's a link to the release: http://www.sun.com/aboutsun/pr/2010-01/sunflash.20100106.1.xml

For more information on Sun Java CAPS, go to http://www.sun.com/software/javaenterprisesystem/javacaps/index.jsp.

Tuesday Dec 22, 2009

New OpenSSO Podcast & Webinar Highlight Fine-Grained Authorization Capability

Over on Daniel's blog he's put up a post with replay information for some recent multimedia segments on OpenSSO.

As you may recall Sun announced OpenSSO Express 9 earlier this month and one of the key features of the release is a new fine-grained authorization capability.

For the latest edition of the Identity Buzz Podcast, Daniel and Jamie Nelson (director of engineering for OpenSSO) sat down with  Redmonk analyst, Coté to talk about fine-grained authorization and the latest release of OpenSSO Express (apparently punk rock kittens were also discussed). You can listen here.

Daniel and Jamie also conducted a webinar, which highlights fine-grained authorization, as well as other features of the product.


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