Monday Jul 28, 2008

Sun Puts Partners First

Last week, Sun went live with 2 significant changes to its North American Channel Program that will better position partners of all sizes to drive growth. Channel partners are critical to Sun’s overall business strategy with the channel driving roughly 70% of Sun’s global revenue.  

According to Sun's Vice President of North American Partner Sales, Tom Wagner, the pathway to growth is through our partners.  Click here to hear Tom discuss the new Partner First and the National Coverage models and why they are so beneficial to partners.

Partner First Sales Model – Sun is moving to a 100% channel-led sales model outside of the company's top 300 named accounts, opening up thousands of accounts for partners.

National Coverage Model – Provides partners with a single window into Sun, a Sun contact that can better focus on their needs and help grow their business on a national scale.

For more information go to

Thursday May 08, 2008

Sun Shows Off Sun-SAP Compliance and Business Intelligence Appliance Solutions at SAPPHIRE 2008

At partner SAP’s annual SAPPHIRE Conference next week (, Sun showcased two new Sun and SAP solutions that solve business intelligence and compliance challenges for enterprises.  

Sun and SAP worked together to certify the Sun and Intel solution for SAP’s NetWeaver BI Accelerator ( that gives end-users better and more timely data insights and decisions. The solution provides a Web search engine-like capability for structured data, delivering a 10 to 100 times average speed increase for query performance. SAP Netweaver BI Accelerator is now available from Sun on the Sun Blade 6000 system. This solution includes the Sun Blade 6250 server modules with 16 or 32 GB of memory, Sun StorageTek 6140 array with an Oracle Cluster File System, Fiber channel and network switches, and is cabled, labeled and ready to integrate. 

Sun demonstrated how the integration of its identity management solution with SAP’s governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution creates a streamlined, end-to-end compliance process for enterprises. The latest versions of Sun’s Java System Identity Manager (IDM) ( have been integrated with SAP’s GRC Access Control ( for the first time using Web services. By integrating the solutions, IT departments can better control and authorize business applications for governance and compliance purposes. 

Sun and SAP have a long history of partnering to provide enterprises with all the technology they need to optimize SAP solutions in the datacenter. For more information on the partnership, visit

Tuesday Mar 11, 2008

Photos from Sun/Microsoft Interoperability Center

Here are some photos from the official opening of the Sun/Microsoft Interoperability Center on Microsoft's Redmond campus. 

Lisa Sieker, marketing vice president for Sun's Systems group, and Bob Kelly, corporate vice president of infrastructure server marketing at Microsoft, cut the ribbon to officially open the Center.




Keep reading below for an interview with Joe Heel, SVP of Sun's Global Storage Practice, to get his thoughts on the new Center, in addition to the Sun Infrastructure Solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Tuesday Jan 22, 2008

New Survey Shows that Sun ISVs Choose Solaris for Performance, Availability and Security

Sun recently completed a survey of its ISV community about their use of the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) in their solutions. The survey identified the most important features and common partner solutions running on the Solaris 10 OS. Partners from countries including the U.S., China, Germany, Italy and Australia participated in the survey.  Some of the key findings include:

 Partners find performance and availability as the most important considerations when choosing an operating system. These aspects directly impact the strength of their own technology offerings.

- Over 80 percent of respondents named performance, availability and security as the most important capabilities when choosing the Solaris 10 OS

- Over 70 percent of respondents also said that networking, data management, interoperability, platform choice and support & services were important in their choice of the Solaris 10 OS

The most commonly offered partner solutions running on the Solaris 10 OS are products that require high availability and uptime.

- The Solaris 10 OS is most often used for Web-based services, data management, application services delivery and infrastructure/data center management

The vast majority of partners are having a positive experience with the Solaris 10 OS and believe it provides value to their businesses.
- 87 percent of participants said that the Solaris 10 OS is a critical or important part of their business
- 91 percent reported having a positive experience with the Solaris 10 OS
- 88 percent deployed the Solaris 10 OS with little to no difficulty

One example of a Sun ISV who has found success with the Solaris 10 OS is Sapotek, a Web 2.0 company providing a free, online desktop. After switching from Linux, the company experienced a six-fold increase in server performance, 99.99% availability and a 50% reduction in hosting costs. A full case study with more information is available here.

More information on the survey and results are available upon request!

Tuesday Jan 15, 2008

Sun and JDA Team Up to Create Joint Retail Solution

At the annual NRF Conference in New York City this week, Sun and retail tech giant JDA will unveil a joint solution that helps retailers and manufacturers make operations more cost efficient.

JDA is offering the JDA Enterprise Planning Suite running on the power efficient Sun Blade 6000 system – providing a single, integrated box for financial, merchandise, channel and key item planning. This enables users to better manage inventory from one source and conserve data center resources without increasing administration and complexity. Customers can manage a variety of platforms, operating systems and applications on the single solution.

The JDA Enterprise Planning Suite consists of Windows and Solaris applications that retailers use to better plan operations across the supply chain so they are in line with business goals. By offering their suite on the Sun Blade 6000 system, JDA helps retailers reduce their hardware footprint, and lower support costs and power usage.

Visit to learn more.

Thursday Dec 20, 2007

Sun Unveils New Program for ISVs to Enhance Sales Collaboration

Sun Unveils New Program for ISVs to Enhance Sales Collaboration

This week, Sun unveiled a new program that reaffirms its commitment to strengthening relationships with its vibrant ISV community and increasing opportunities for them to drive more sales.  Sun Sales Connect provides partners with new resources and services for better collaborating and coordinating on sales opportunities with Sun and its extended sales community.  Sales Connect gives ISVs who are members of the Sun Partner Advantage Program (SPA) ( more avenues for increasing sales pipelines and uncovering joint business with Sun and also channel partners.   

Services offered as part of Sales Connect support and enhance Readiness, Awareness, Collaboration and Engagement activities with our ISV partners and include the following:

\* Sales Readiness Service Bureau – streamlines creation of sales materials and message alignment  for  joint Sun/ISV sales solutions

\* Field Awareness Service – elevates visibility of ISV solutions  and builds field momentum with the extended Sun sales community

\* Sales Exchange events – Sun-sponsored account mapping and pipeline planning events to jumpstart sales collaboration between ISV  partners, channel partners and Sun sales teams

\* Sales Concierge – Efficient way for ISVs to connect with Sun sales support

\* Industry Engagement Track – Enables Sun and ISVs to jointly build out sales pipelines in specific accounts and industries

The program is now available to SPA members in North America.  It will be rolled out to parts of Europe and Asia in 2008.  Various levels of members are eligible for different services.  SPA members can click here []  to see if they are eligible for the programs.


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