Friday Dec 11, 2009

New Oriental Insurance Corporation Limited Portal Leverages Sun Technologies

Oriental Insurance Corporation Limited (OICL) has launched its new web portal based on Sun's Java CAPS, MySQL and Portal Server products.

Based in India, OICL wanted to integrate its 26 regional offices and more than 900 operating offices across the country with a unified portal that catered to its customers and agents.

Because their legacy application infrastructure core did not support web services, OICL is using Sun software infrastructure technologies to create a web services layer to expose their core insurance services and SOA enable their application infrastructure.

OICL's new web portal facilitates transactions and claims management for 8,000 customers, agents and third party agencies by providing secure Web-based access to legacy insurance applications. In addition, OICL uses Sun SPARC based Solaris systems to run all of the software from end-to-end.

Thursday Dec 10, 2009

Sun Launches Java EE 6, Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 and NetBeans 6.8

As I promised in a recent blog post, we've got BIG news today - Sun is announcing the availability of Java EE 6, Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 & NetBeans 6.8.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this milestone launch!  You can see the press releases here.

I won't reiterate the announcements in this post. Instead, I'll give you some pointers to blogs by our marketing & engineering team members (all of who are sleep deprived and over caffinated at this point). :-)

Kevin Schmidt's blog gives a nice overview of the three announcements & how they relate to each other. We also managed to grab Kevin to sit down with Chhandomay for a few minutes & tape a Sun News Radio podcast on todays news:

Java EE 6 spec lead, Roberto Chinnici, gives his perspective on why he has great expectations for Java EE 6 adoption.

Of course, Eduardo & the team have an extensive post for GlassFish v3 over on the Aquarium site with links to technical posts, podcasts etc.

Over on The Clingan Zone, John has a list of firsts available in this release of GlassFish v3 & Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3.

Jim Parkinson did a post earlier this week on NetBeans 6.8.

And for some non-Sun perspective, you can check out the top 10 things Java Champion Adam Bien likes about GlassFish v3.

Wednesday Dec 09, 2009

Open Government Momentum

It's great to see the ongoing momentum and support that open source software is finding by United States government. The White House recently announced its Open Government Directive - an initiative requiring each federal agency to make high value data publicly available and to also quickly come up with formal open government plans. Click here for the announcement on the White House blog and also be sure to check out a statement from Open Source for America!

Tuesday Dec 08, 2009

New Identity Buzz Podcast - Layer 7

There's a new Identity Buzz Podcast available now.

In this episode, Daniel discusses the Sun OpenSSO Enterprise / Layer 7 SecureSpan Gateway integration with K. Scott Morrison, Layer 7 CTO & chief architect.

The Sun Developer Network also has a good article on the Sun/Layer 7 integration - Delegating XML Gateway Runtime Authorization to OpenSSO.

For the latest & greatest Sun Identity Buzz you should subscribe to the feed to get episodes automatically. Here’s the iTunes link and the Feedburner feed

New Release of Java Enterprise System and GlassFish Portfolio - Available Now

Today, Sun is announcing a new version of Java Enterprise System - Release 7 (Java ES R7) and a updated release of GlassFish Portfolio. The new Java ES R7 and GlassFish Portfolio releases include updates to the individual software components and some notable new features. Over on Ed Conzel's blog, he lists out the details on what's new in the Java ES R7 and GlassFish Portfolio releases.

Java Enterprise System – Release 7
Java ES is a comprehensive set of subscription-based services that combines software, support, professional services, and educational services into a single package with a simplified price. All products within Java ES are coordinated during development and released along identical time lines. Java ES is comprised of several Java System Suites, which allows customers to purchase components based on their business requirements. And then, as business needs change, they can easily add additional Suites.

What's particularly helpful about Java ES is that all the software components are rigorously tested to ensure interoperability and reliability. So that way, you know which version of GlassFish Enterprise Server works with NetBeans and OpenSSO Enterprise and Directory Server Enterprise Edition and so on...

GlassFish Portfolio
Sun GlassFish Portfolio, the most complete open-source Web application platform, offers enterprise-class features and support, best-in-class performance, and flexible subscription-based pricing for enterprises of all levels.

Built on leading open source projects including: Apache Tomcat, Ruby, PHP, Liferay Portal and GlassFish, the Sun GlassFish Portfolio packages these components into a complete, pre-integrated and fully-tested open source platform, resulting in increased productivity and faster time to market.

Friday Dec 04, 2009

On the Road Again With Sun Software

In October and November, members of our sales, marketing and engineering teams combined forces for a "road show" highlighting some of Sun's open standards-based software products, including GlassFish Portfolio, JavaFX and MySQL.

If you didn't get a chance to attend in person, I've got good news for you - the team has just launched a website that contains all the presentations from the event plus product whitepapers, customer case studies, ROI calculator, videos, interactive tours and galleries.

It's a great resource for people to learn more about the features and benefits of the products, as well as how Sun's software solutions can reduce your application costs by up to 90% while significantly improving your price/performance.


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