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  • July 17, 2013

This is ADF Architecture TV

Chris Muir
Product Manager

In 2011/12 Oracle conducted a survey amongst key ADF customers asking what they'd like to see next from Oracle's ADF Product Management team beyond the ADF basics which we’ve already covered in-depth? Concepts such as ADF design, architecture, best practices and patterns were high in the results.  We responded in late 2012/early 2013 by delivering a one week internal training course to staff and key Oracle partners around the world.  Yet we wanted to do more for everyone, and with support from Oracle's Development Tools management we’d like to announce the ADF Architecture TV YouTube channel. 

This free TV channel will publish, week by week, episode by episode, a huge array of short, distinct topics as relating to all parts of the ADF development lifecycle, from planning, to design, to development, deployment and delivery.  All in all we have current plans for near 100 episodes.  The channel also takes a distinct departure from our traditional online video content in that key Oracle staff now stand in front of the YouTube camera, no longer are we a background narrator of the slides.  (Though our budget is limited, no makeup artists for us, you get to enjoy us on even on our bad hair days!)

The complete set of topics to be covered is currently indexed on the ADF Architecture Square for you to check out.  We’ve already published two episodes on the YouTube channel so you can get a taste of what's to come, which you can enjoy from either work with a small time investment each week, or even from your iPad/Android tablet at home (well maybe that's just me, I really need to get a life outside Oracle).

We hope you personally will find the channel a new and engaging model for consuming our ADF collateral, and in turn this will help you and your organization to success on your next ADF project.  Take time out to subscribe to the channel so you receive instant notification of new episodes being published.

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