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  • March 9, 2012

ADF Runtimes vs WLS versions as of JDeveloper

Chris Muir
Product Manager

The following blog post attempts to give Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) administrators and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) customers some guidance of the pairing of ADF Runtime versions to WLS, in order to assist future planning and project management.

The blog post discusses two different branches of Oracle's JDeveloper, namely the 11.1.1.X.0 branch including versions through the current, and separately the 11.1.2.X.0 branch including through the current  In reading this post readers must be clear on the two different branches.

The recent Oracle JDeveloper release shows a small change in Oracle's pairing of ADF Runtimes versions to WebLogic Server which WLS administrators should be aware of.

Since the inception of JDeveloper 11g each new release has required a new version of WLS too.  For example:

  • ADF Runtimes required WLS 10.3.1
  • ADF Runtimes required WLS 10.3.2
  • ADF Runtimes required WLS 10.3.3
  • ADF Runtimes required WLS 10.3.4
  • ADF Runtimes required WLS 10.3.5

This "history" is articulated in summary form in the Certification and Support Matrix under the Application Server heading.

Note with the release of JDeveloper there is a subtle change in the ADF Runtime to WLS version pairing.  The latest ADF Runtimes can run against WLS 10.3.6 and 10.3.5.  This is the first time in the 11.1.1.X branch we've seen a version run on two versions of WLS.  As such if you have a 10.3.5 WLS server or have just installed WLS 10.3.6 you can also happily install the ADF Runtimes on either.

Customers need to be careful though as this does not imply the opposite.  If you install WLS 10.3.6, only the ADF Runtimes are certified, the ADF Runtimes are not (though the ADF Runtimes are still of course certified against WLS 10.3.5).

While I'm not in a position to comment publicly in detail on future JDeveloper versions beyond those revealed in the roadmaps at OOW, in terms of future releases in the 11.1.1.X.0 branch you should see this trend continue (note the italics on "should", there's no guarantees), namely the runtimes running on both WLS 10.3.5 and WLS 10.3.6.  Obviously to customers having some indication of the trend here is useful, as in previous releases customers had to build a new set of WLS servers for each JDeveloper 11.1.1.X.0 release which was considerable effort.

On considering the other 11.1.2.X.0 branch of JDeveloper, as per it's Certification and Support Matrix, the current requirement is a WLS 10.3.5 server with the ADF Runtimes installed and a ADF Runtime 11.1.2.X.0 patch applied over the top.

Observant readers referring to Oracle's roadmap from OOW will note the upcoming 12c JDeveloper release.  There are no specifics I can give on versions and release dates at all, but it is reasonable to say the ADF 12c runtimes will only run on WLS 12c, not WLS 10.3.X.  There is no information available beyond the general release numbers, so readers should not assume any of the existing or future WLS 12c versions will be satisfactory at this time for ADF 12c - essentially this is to-be-advised at the official release.  The only thing to take from this last paragraph is the 12c release of JDeveloper will require a new stripe of 12c WLS servers, which should assist your future planning efforts if you wish to move to that platform when available.

For customers interested in Fusion Middleware (FMW) including SOA Suite etc over ADF, note the same rules apply across the board. However I recognize my reader base is mostly ADF developers thus my focus on the ADF Runtimes.

If there's anything unclear in the explanation or in the Certification and Support Matrixes please leave a comment and we'll endeavour to rectify this.

Thanks to Brian Fry with his assistance on this blog post.

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Ray T Friday, March 9, 2012

    Thanks Chris. It's good to have a concise clarification :)

    One thing that I've found a little odd is that word on the wire is that the integrated WLS for JDev is WLS 10.3.5. - yes? I hope we don't see any issues in development that are red herrings once the app is actually deployed to a standalone WLS 10.3.6. Just playing Devil's advocate :O

  • Chris Muir Friday, March 9, 2012

    Thanks for your comment Ray. In addressing your concerns of red herrings because of the mismatch between developer environments and server environments, if you perceive this to be a warranted risk you have the choice to avoid the risk simply by deploying the ADF runtimes to your existing 10.3.5 infrastructure rather than moving to WLS 10.3.6. In that way your server infrastructure will be aligned with your development environment.


  • Dan Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    We need to know if JDeveloper 11.1.2 will someday support the SOA extension for BPEL development.

  • Chris Muir Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Hi Dan

    As per the roadmap published at OOW, FMW (including SOA etc) will not be published on the 11.1.2.X branch. Rather there will be further releases on the 11.1.1.X.0 branch beyond, and in turn on the 12c future branch.

    The 11.1.2.X branch was released to give ADF customers exposure to JSF2.X including Facelets, without having to wait for the 12c branch. For FMW customers however, you need to stay on the 11.1.1.X.0 branch until 12c is released with FMW.


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