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  • January 16, 2013

ADF Naming and Project Layout Guidelines

Chris Muir
Product Manager

In 2012 the Oracle ADF enablement product management team announced a new OTN website the ADF Architecture Square which includes the ADF Code Guidelines paper.  This paper before it was originally published not only considered ADF best practices, but also suggestions for ADF naming conventions and guidelines for project layouts.  However it was quickly realized the document was going to become too large and unwieldy, so we split it.

Today the ADF PM team is happy to announce the publication of the resulting second document the ADF Naming and Project Layout Guidelines.  Just like its sister publication, besides giving you guidelines on ADF naming conventions and project layouts,  the document has been produced to allow new ADF development teams a shortcut in writing their own such document.  If you've already got your own, good for you, dont change.

Having been embroiled in bipolar arguments with developers in the past about their preference for naming standards (I might have been one of the developers ;-), of the two documents I do expect this document to be more contentious than the sister publication.  And indeed there was a few debates inside Oracle in producing this document about the use (or not!) of Hungarian notation in ADF.  Yet the thing to realize is in many cases naming conventions are a personal preference.  And as the document clearly tries to state, if you don't like the guidelines, one size doesn't fit all, change them!

Like the previous document this paper has been designed to be a living document that will change and evolve over time. We encourage customers to discuss these guidelines on the ADF EMG, and log any issues on the ADF EMG Issue Tracker so we can continue to improve them.

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