IT Innovation, Oracle News | July 26, 2016

Cloud Purchasing, Simplified

By: Jeb Dasteel | Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Oracle


Benjamin Franklin said, “Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.” It’s a sentiment reinforced by our world of instant gratification—as long as the job can get done simply and quickly.

For B2B companies, this means helping customers realize value as quickly as possible or risk losing them to competitors that can. Customers seek out effective, easy-to-use services. At Oracle, we regularly examine and seek to improve our customers’ experiences with our products, and work hard to meet their changing needs. This is why Oracle introduced the Accelerated Buying Experience, making purchasing simple and fast, to reflect changing customer expectations. Now customers can buy Oracle Cloud services with the click of a button.

As Oracle Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff Doug Kehring has explained, the Accelerated Buying Experience was designed with our customers’ needs in mind. Customers can now complete their purchases more quickly than ever before and experience even faster time to value. To enable this, Oracle is using its own software-as-a-service applications, including Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, and Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote Cloud.

“By streamlining the time it takes to order Oracle cloud services, we are enabling customers to gain the benefits of modernization significantly faster than they would experience anywhere else,” Kehring explained in a blog post about the new capability. “Customers can also save money on the buying process, since less time and energy is spent from both sides.”

Thus far, the Accelerated Buying Experience has been a phenomenal success. Take, for instance, PeerPay, a UK-based company launching this year. PeerPay selected Oracle’s Cloud Database as the production environment for its cloud-based peer-to-peer lending platform called FloFunder. The automated platform matches businesses that wish to raise cash flow with other businesses and individuals able to provide that finance as an investment.

“In the usual rush to prepare for launch, I was delighted when the complete process of ordering our cloud services from Oracle was so straightforward, as this allowed me time to focus on what really matters: getting on with preparing for product launch,” says PeerPay CTO Alan Burns. “It took me four minutes from receiving the quotation email to sign it electronically, and in less than 10 minutes I had an approved contract back from Oracle.”

Oracle’s Accelerated Buying Experience is really a first step in Oracle’s own cloud transformation, one that will further streamline our customers’ experience with us and help drive their success.

"I applaud Oracle and its ongoing efforts to enhance the customer experience across all facets of its business,” says John Matelski, chief innovation and information officer with DeKalb County’s Department of Innovation & Technology. “The Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience is another transformational change that Oracle has developed, which will help customers make better decisions in a more timely manner, as well as make it easier to procure cloud and eventually on-premises products and services more rapidly and with fewer hassles.”

All of this means that Oracle’s customers can more easily adhere to Benjamin Franklin’s advice to get things done today. Enabling the Accelerated Buying Experiences across our organization delivers a great customer experience, letting customers simply and quickly achieve an outcome. We are planning to expand the Accelerated Buying Experience and will keep all of our customers, partners, and employees informed as we roll out the improvements.

Jeb Dasteel is senior vice president and chief customer officer at Oracle.

Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Oracle

Jeb Dasteel is senior vice president and chief customer officer at Oracle. He is responsible for driving customer focus into all aspects of Oracle’s business. In this capacity, Dasteel serves as a customer advocate and works with the Oracle organization to develop and deliver customer programs that increase customer retention, value delivered, satisfaction, and loyalty. He has been with Oracle for 16 years in a number of corporate and field-based roles. Prior to joining Oracle in 1998, Dasteel worked as an IT strategy and business consultant at Gemini Consulting, helping Fortune 500 organizations define and implement IT strategies that supported their business objectives.

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