Wednesday Mar 04, 2015

New Mobile and REST tools come to OEPE

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) is a major feature release which provides new design time and runtime tools for Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) 2.1.0 and new tools for REST service development.

Support for Oracle Mobile Application Framework 2.1

OEPE includes new design-time support for and ships the Oracle Mobile Application Framework 2.1. Oracle MAF 2.1 new features include:
  • Support for Java 8 - Java is the language used for business logic development on Oracle MAF, in fact Oracle MAF is the only solution out there that will run the same Java code on both iOS and Android.  Now developers can leverage the latest features of the Java language - such as Lambda expressions, Collections with Generics and more - while running on a 64bit JVM that supports the Java 8 Compact2 profile.
  • Cordova 3 support - Cordova is used in Oracle MAF to provide access to device features. Oracle MAF 2.1 updates the Cordova version to 3.6.3 on Android and 3.7 for iOS, dramatically increasing the number of available plugins that developers can leverage.
  • Simpler Cordova Plugin integration - Oracle MAF leverages the plugman command line to build and incorporate plugins into Oracle MAF apps.
  • Xcode 6 and Android 5 support - use the latest SDKs to compile and deploy your MAF applications across multiple devices.
Additional details for the MAF 2.1 runtime features can be found here and release notes can be found here.

New REST Service Development Tools

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse provides a new robust editor for developers who work with REST services. The new REST Service Editor includes the following capabilities:
  • Wizards to create a REST service description
  • Invoke REST operations and analyze the Response payload with multiple representations for returned data types 
  • Create complex JSON Request payloads to test deployed REST services
  • Support for multiple security protocols including OAUTH and Basic Auth
  • Generate Java clients of the REST Service based on the service description
  • Create Data Controls to easily bind MAF components to the REST service operations

REST Service Editor in Action

Additional Information

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse on OTN

Introduction to the REST Service Editor

Code Generation with REST Service Editor

OEPE YouTube Playlist for Mobile Developers

Oracle MAF Blog

Monday Feb 24, 2014

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse at EclipseCon 2014

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is representing at this year's EclipseCon 2014.  Key sessions for mobile and cloud include:

Developing On-Device Java Mobile Apps ..and Android too! 

Now you can leverage your Java development skills to build mobile applications that install and run on both iOS and Android phones and tablets. See how Oracle has brought Java to iOS and enabled you to leverage your existing skills to develop mobile applications. Build HTML5 user interfaces, integrate with native device feature (camera, GPS, etc.) and use Java for the business logic - then deploy to multiple platforms from the same code base. Learn about the Oracle Mobile Application Framework architecture and development experience in this demo focused session.

 Java Application Development Lifecycle in the Cloud

Looking for a simpler way to do collaborative team development, automate build and deployment and track your code life cycle? Now you can get all of these services in the cloud, and work with them directly from Eclipse. In this demo-driven session, we will explore how to quickly provision a development environments, manage application source code with GIT and Maven, track development Tasks using Mylyn-based issue tracking system, collaborate with teammates on code changes with Code Review, document development processes with hosted Wikis, and implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Eclipse Hudson. All without the need to install and maintain the server infrastructure.

Tuesday Nov 06, 2012

We'll be at QCon San Francisco!

Oracle Technology Network is a Platinum sponsor at QCon San Francisco. Don’t miss these great developer focused sessions:

Shay Shmeltzer - How we simplified Web, Mobile and Cloud development for our own developers? - the Oracle Story

Over the past several years, Oracle has beendeveloping a new set of enterprise applications in what is probably one of the
largest Java based development project in the world. How do you take 3000 developers and make them productive? How do you insure the delivery of cutting edge UIs for both Mobile and Web channels? How do you enable Cloud based
development and deployment? Come and learn how we did it at Oracle, and see how the same technologies and methodologies can apply to your development efforts.

Dan Smith - Project Lambda in Java 8

Java SE 8 will include major enhancements to the Java Programming Language and its core libraries.  This suite of new features, known as Project Lambda in the OpenJDK community, includes lambda expressions, default methods, and parallel collections (and much more!).  The result will be a next-generation Java programming experience with more flexibility and better abstractions.   This talk will introduce the new Java features and offer a behind-the-scenes view of how they evolved and why they work the way that they do.

Arun Gupta - JSR 356: Building HTML5 WebSocket Applications in Java

The family of HTML5 technologies has pushed the pendulum away from rich client technologies and toward ever-more-capable Web clients running on today’s browsers. In particular, WebSocket brings new opportunities for efficient peer-to-peer communication, providing the basis for a new generation of interactive and “live” Web applications. This session examines the efforts under way to support WebSocket in the Java programming model, from its base-level integration in the Java Servlet and Java EE containers to a new, easy-to-use API and toolset that are destined to become part of the standard Java platform.

The complete conference schedule is here:

But wait, there’s more! At the Oracle booth, we’ll also be covering:

  • Oracle ADF Mobile
  • Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Oracle ADF Essentials
  • NetBeans Project Easel
Hope to see you there! 

Thursday Sep 06, 2012

OEPE and Oracle ADF at Oracle OpenWorld!

OEPE's support for Oracle ADF is really starting to cook!  

If you're going to Oracle OpenWorld 2012, check out this list that focuses on Oracle ADF.  It's long, but you can readily search for "Eclipse" to find the OEPE related sessions.  

Also here:

Monday Aug 13, 2012

New OEPE video with Oracle ADF

Virtual Developer Day - Oracle Fusion Development (On-Demand)

From a recent OTN Virtual Developer Day - Oracle Fusion Development (July 2012)  - Checkout the OEPE presentation covering Oracle ADF development.  Plus checkout all the other cool demos and presentations available from the comfort of your office.

Monday Jun 18, 2012

Eclipse and Oracle Fusion Development - Free Virtual Event, July 10th

Below is one of many sessions covering Oracle Fusion Development.  It's a free virtual event on July 10. Live chats with Oracle's technical staff.  Check it out!

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse - ADF Development

Oracle ADF Development has never been easier in Eclipse. During this session we will explore best practices to use standard Java EE technologies like EJBs and JPA to build rich ADF applications based on ADF Data Controls, Task Flows, and ADF Faces components all within Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) 12c. We will also look at how OEPE’s AppXRay technology enables developers to understand and visualize dependency relationships between ADF components, xml descriptors, and Java objects in order to drive validation, content assist, and refactoring.

Free Virtual Developer Day - Fusion Middleware Development
Join a free online developer day where you can learn about the various components that make up the Oracle Fusion Development platform including ADF, ADF Mobile, Oracle WebCenter Portal, Business Intelligence and more. Online seminars and hands-on labs available directly from your browser. Join us on July 10!  Register here

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Eclipse Juno DemoCamp, June 13, Redwood Shores, CA (Oracle HQ)

Oracle <3 Eclipse

Oracle is hosting an Eclipse Juno DemoCamp, June 13, Redwood Shores, CA (@Oracle HQ)  Come learn/view presentations on Oracle’s support for Eclipse (external presentations are also welcome!) and network with your colleagues and peers over beer and pizza.  You can register directly here:

Thursday Mar 15, 2012

Oracle is a Gold Sponsor at EclipseCon 2012, Reston, VA, March 26-29

Come see the latest news for Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) and more!

We will also have session covering:

Stop by the Oracle booth and check out the latest on: OEPE, EclipseLink, Hudson Project and Java Mission Control (formerly JRockit) and of course, get a free t-shirt and other tchotchkes. Come early, supplies limited.

The official schedule is here:


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