Monday Feb 24, 2014

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse at EclipseCon 2014

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is representing at this year's EclipseCon 2014.  Key sessions for mobile and cloud include:

Developing On-Device Java Mobile Apps ..and Android too! 

Now you can leverage your Java development skills to build mobile applications that install and run on both iOS and Android phones and tablets. See how Oracle has brought Java to iOS and enabled you to leverage your existing skills to develop mobile applications. Build HTML5 user interfaces, integrate with native device feature (camera, GPS, etc.) and use Java for the business logic - then deploy to multiple platforms from the same code base. Learn about the Oracle Mobile Application Framework architecture and development experience in this demo focused session.

 Java Application Development Lifecycle in the Cloud

Looking for a simpler way to do collaborative team development, automate build and deployment and track your code life cycle? Now you can get all of these services in the cloud, and work with them directly from Eclipse. In this demo-driven session, we will explore how to quickly provision a development environments, manage application source code with GIT and Maven, track development Tasks using Mylyn-based issue tracking system, collaborate with teammates on code changes with Code Review, document development processes with hosted Wikis, and implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Eclipse Hudson. All without the need to install and maintain the server infrastructure.

Friday Jan 10, 2014

Java 8 at EclipseCon 2014 - Oracle is Gold Sponsor

Oracle is a gold sponsor at the 2014 EclipseCon for North America, March 17-20, San Francisco!

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) will of course be representing. If you're going, you should definitely checkout our new mobile development capabilities.

Java 8 is also a huge deal as it planned to be GA around this time.  If you're interested, there is a dedicated track covering Java 8.  The schedule is still in the works, but you can check it out here.

Tuesday Dec 10, 2013

Eclipse and Hudson at the Googleplex

If you're in the area (Silicon Valley) and interested in Hudson, you may want to checkout the Eclipse Day event at the Googleplex next Wed, Dec 18.  Check out the details here.

Tuesday Jun 25, 2013

Getting Started with GlassFish 4 and OEPE

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse introduces new support for GlassFish 4.0, the reference implementation of Java EE7. 

Getting started with GlassFish 4.0 in Eclipse couldn't be easier. Follow these short steps to get GlassFish 4.0 setup so you can start developing, deploying, and debugging your Java EE7 applications.


GlassFish 4.0

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse from OTN or Eclipse Marketplace

Setting up the server connection

In the Servers view, click to add a New > Server .

Select GlassFish 4.0 from the list of supported server configurations.

Pick your GlassFish installation directory (usually <glassfish 4>/glassfish) and select your domain.

After you click Finish you should now be setup to launch Glassfish 4.0 in normal and debug mode within Eclipse as well as associate projects for deployment through the Add and Remove wizard.

Using GlassFish tools in Eclipse

GlassFish server tools provide some useful information about your running GlassFish 4.0 environment.

Resources displays current resources deployed in the domain including your JDBC Connection Pool and JDBC Resource names. I find this extra bit of information useful when working with JPA.

Deployed Applications shows the current active deployments in GlassFish which can be undeployed as needed from within Eclipse.

Deployed Web Services provides information about SOAP-based web services deployed in this domain.

Also with the running server are quick launch links to open the Administrative Console, Server Logs, and the GlassFish Community Site all within Eclipse's embedded browser.

Wednesday Jun 12, 2013

New Java EE7 and Glassfish Support in OEPE

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is now available for download from OTN and Eclipse Marketplace and includes new tooling for Glassfish and Java EE7.

The Glassfish Server tooling plugins have been redesigned in OEPE with a focus on performance, stability, and polish and include the following features:

  • New tooling architecture improves stability and performance when developing applications against Glassfish
  • Support for Glassfish 3.x and now 4.0
  • Target new projects against Glassfish Server and create appropriate deployment descriptors (glassfish-ejb-jar.xml, glassfish-web.xml)
  • Deploy and debug Web and Enterprise Applications directly out of the Eclipse workspace
  • View and manage deployed Applications, Web Services, and Resources on active Glassfish servers
  • Quick access to Glassfish Admin Console, Server Logs, and Glassfish Community Sites from within Eclipse

Eclipse Kepler (4.3) is the first release of Eclipse to support Java EE7 and, when combined with OEPE's Glassfish 4 support, Eclipse users get a development environment to develop, run, and test Java applications with the latest spec.  Some of the new feature enhancements in Eclipse Kepler which enable Java EE7 development are as follows:

  • Eclipse Kepler (4.3) adds new design time support for Java EE7 through the Web Tools Platform (WTP)
  • Updated Project Facets and Wizards for new Java EE7 spec levels (ie: Servlet, EJB, JPA, Web Services, JAX-RS, JSF)
  • Develop Java EE7 applications in Eclipse and run, deploy, and debug with Glassfish 4

For more information on the latest Java EE7 features and announcements, check out the Java EE7 blog.

Additional information about OEPE can always be found on the OEPE OTN page.

Thursday May 30, 2013

New WebLogic Management Tools Webcast is Now Available

 If you missed Greg Stachnick's webcast, no worries!  The recording is available on demand here.  

The best eclipse based tools for the Oracle platform simply gets better and better.  Download Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse here.

Friday Mar 29, 2013

Back from a Succcessful EclipseCon Boston

Good to be back home from a successful EclipseCon Boston. (Duke approved!) We met some good folks, learned of some interesting projects/technologies and quaffed a few delicious local beers.  After a tour down Salem street in the evening, I can definitely see why locals (and tourists), love Boston. (I still wish we could have made it into Neptune Oyster, but the wait was measured in hours - maybe next time.)   I don't follow hockey, but Bruin fans, tough loss to Montreal.  My Canadian co-workers were cheering (quietly) at the bar... as we were surrounded by Bruin fans.  And well, you know - polite and all that.  

EclipseCon 2014 - perhaps next year, it will be San Francisco?  Cheers.

Tuesday Jan 22, 2013

Join Us at EclipseCon Boston 2013

Oracle is a Gold sponsor for EclipseCon Boston 2013 March 25-28.  

If you're planning to go, stop by our booth and join our sessions. We'll have a number of sessions and events including:

  • Hudson as an effective Agile ALM Tool (Winston Prakash)
  • Large-Scale Adoption of Hudson (Jim Clark)
  • Dali Tooling for Dynamic Persistence and NoSQL (Neil Hauge)
  • EclipseLink: Beyond Relational and NoSQL to Polyglot and HTML5  (Shaun Smith)
  • A couple of presentations covering Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (Greg Stachnick)
  • Our BoF event: Oracle & Eclipse,Djava Unchained - "the 'D' is silent"


Thursday Sep 06, 2012

OEPE and Oracle ADF at Oracle OpenWorld!

OEPE's support for Oracle ADF is really starting to cook!  

If you're going to Oracle OpenWorld 2012, check out this list that focuses on Oracle ADF.  It's long, but you can readily search for "Eclipse" to find the OEPE related sessions.  

Also here:

Monday Aug 13, 2012

New OEPE video with Oracle ADF

Virtual Developer Day - Oracle Fusion Development (On-Demand)

From a recent OTN Virtual Developer Day - Oracle Fusion Development (July 2012)  - Checkout the OEPE presentation covering Oracle ADF development.  Plus checkout all the other cool demos and presentations available from the comfort of your office.

Monday Jun 18, 2012

Eclipse and Oracle Fusion Development - Free Virtual Event, July 10th

Below is one of many sessions covering Oracle Fusion Development.  It's a free virtual event on July 10. Live chats with Oracle's technical staff.  Check it out!

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse - ADF Development

Oracle ADF Development has never been easier in Eclipse. During this session we will explore best practices to use standard Java EE technologies like EJBs and JPA to build rich ADF applications based on ADF Data Controls, Task Flows, and ADF Faces components all within Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) 12c. We will also look at how OEPE’s AppXRay technology enables developers to understand and visualize dependency relationships between ADF components, xml descriptors, and Java objects in order to drive validation, content assist, and refactoring.

Free Virtual Developer Day - Fusion Middleware Development
Join a free online developer day where you can learn about the various components that make up the Oracle Fusion Development platform including ADF, ADF Mobile, Oracle WebCenter Portal, Business Intelligence and more. Online seminars and hands-on labs available directly from your browser. Join us on July 10!  Register here

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Eclipse Juno DemoCamp, June 13, Redwood Shores, CA (Oracle HQ)

Oracle <3 Eclipse

Oracle is hosting an Eclipse Juno DemoCamp, June 13, Redwood Shores, CA (@Oracle HQ)  Come learn/view presentations on Oracle’s support for Eclipse (external presentations are also welcome!) and network with your colleagues and peers over beer and pizza.  You can register directly here:

Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

m2e-wtp proposal to move into an Eclipse project

I am attending EclipseCon 2012 in Reston VA this week and had a chance to attend Jason van Zyl's session on M2E. One announcement during the presentation was the plan to move m2e-wtp plugin into the m2e project at Eclipse. The project proposal was posted yesterday afternoon for those who are interested - Jason said that m2e-wtp will not make it into the m2e Juno release but they expect the code to be transitioned over to Eclipse over the next six months.

Getting the maven and wtp project models to play nicely together has been an issue for quite some time for our users. Hopefully this is a good step toward resolving those issues.


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