Tuesday Jul 30, 2013

What's New In OEPE

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is now available for download from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). This is a significant feature release which introduces new design time tools for a variety of technologies including; Oracle ADF, ADF Essentials, Apache Maven, and RESTful Web Services.

More details of this release can be found below:

  • Oracle ADF Support - OEPE fully supports application development with Oracle ADF 12.1.2. Finally, JDeveloper and OEPE users can develop ADF applications against the latest version of the framework on the latest and greatest version of their IDEs. All of the existing ADF design-time features have been updated for ADF 12.1.2 like ADF Faces and DVT tag support, AppXRay validation of ADF artifacts, ADF Task Flow editors, Data Control generation, ADF Bindings tooling, Refactoring, Debugging, and more. OEPE design time tools will take advantage of new standards in ADF 12.1.2 like facelets for page templating and use of the Sparse Data Control. Of course, OEPE still supports development with older versions of ADF 11gR1 as well.

  • Oracle ADF Essentials Tooling - In addition to ADF 12.1.2, OEPE users can also develop ADF applications using the free ADF Essentials. All of the existing ADF tools for WebLogic Server are also available when using ADF Essentials and GlassFish Server. OEPE includes additional features to make the ADF Essentials installation and configuration much easier with GlassFish.

  • Maven support for Fusion Middleware 12c - This release provides additional support for Maven build tools in a few different ways. Eclipse m2e and m2e-wtp are now included by default so that customers can create Maven-based projects in Eclipse, edit pom files, and manage their Maven libraries. Customers that use the new Maven Synchronization utility for Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c to manage their Oracle jars can configure their OEPE projects to use the new Maven library repository. A new ADF Project Archetype is shipped with OEPE which is useful for laying out a basic ADF applications in a Maven structure. Customers can also use the newly updated WebLogic Server Maven plugins with their Maven-based projects within OEPE.

  • JAX-RS and REST Design Time Tools - New design-time tools for JAX-RS are included in OEPE OEPE enhances the existing Eclipse WTP JAX-RS facet to add additional project configuration options, Jersey library management, and deployment descriptor configuration for JAX-RS. New wizards to create RESTful web service classes and REST Clients are included, a new REST Annotations view provides a easy configuration to manage REST annotations, and the Java Editor is enhanced to provide code completion and validation for JAX-RS annotations. JAX-RS classes can also be run against the target application server through the standard Run As > Run On Server action.

  • ADF Data Control Editor - A new rich editor for ADF Data Control configuration is now available. Clicking on your *.dcx will launch the editor which can manage Data Control Configurations, define List of Values, configure List Bindings, and modify the Data Control structure definition.

  • New Oracle Installer for OEPE and FMW 12.1.2 - The OEPE installer has moved to a new installer technology. In addition to OEPE, this new installer bundles WebLogic Server 12.1.2, Coherence 12.1.2, and Oracle ADF 12.1.2. This installer can be obtained from both the OEPE download page and the WebLogic Server download page.

For more information check out the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse OTN page and check back on this blog for more detailed walk throughs of the new OEPE 12.1.2 features.

Thursday Jul 11, 2013

New Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c (12.1.2) is Now Available!

In tandem with the new Oracle Cloud Application Foundation release today, OEPE 12.1.2 is perfectly synced with the latest release of Oracle WebLogic 12.1.2 and Oracle Coherence 12.1.2.

New and unique support for ease of design, development, configuration and deployment into Oracle Coherence:

  • Rich Deployment Descriptor editors including form based wizards and design time validators
  • Context sensitive help links directly into Coherence documentation
  • New tools for Coherence Managed Servers including project wizards for Coherence Grid Archive (GAR)
  • Packaging and deployment directly to WebLogic Server or Coherence Servers
  • Ability to deploy a GAR directly, embed as a library in other applications, or deploy as a shared library

Newly update WebLogic Server Adapter which provides unmatched access and ease of configuration for the Oracle WebLogic Server including:

  • Run/Deploy/Debug artifacts both locally and remotely
  • Detailed support for management of shared libraries
  • Ability to utilize FastSwap, which provides the ability to reload certain classes/components of an already deployed application
  • Direct access to management of WebLogic SCA tooling
  • Ability to configure and manage WLST (WebLogic Scripting Tool) artifacts
  • Tie in to the WebLogic MBean Browser

And don’t forget, this is all on top of the recent OEPE update for Java EE7!

Sign up for the official Cloud Application Foundation launch here

More info and download for Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is here


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