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Top Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Questions

Guest contributors:
Courtney Llamas and David Wolf

What are
the steps involved for upgrading from Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
Release 3 to Release 4? Is it an upgrade in place or a new install/migration
Yes, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c R3 to R4 is an out-of-place
upgrade, which means the installer will install in a new Oracle Home
and migrate the application over. You will need the additional space
for a new Oracle Home. You can reduce downtime of the upgrade by performing
a “Software Only Install”, and then upgrade later. See the
upgrade documentation here.

Do the patch
and upgrade functionality work on Oracle Database 11g targets
or only on Oracle Database 12c targets?

A: Yes, patching and upgrading can be performed on any certified target
version. For more details on database patching and lifecycle management visit
this page

Where can
I find a full list of new enhancements compared to Release 3?

A: The new features are listed in Oracle
Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Introduction Guide

Is there
a list available of new features by management pack?

A: The new features are listed in Oracle
Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Introduction Guide
. They are listed
by plug-in, not management pack. For the license information read
this page

What are
the best hardware configuration and setup in order to provide high availability
capabilities for database as a service (i.e. Oracle RAC, Oracle Exadata)?

A: The more you rely on Oracle Enterprise Manager, the more you need
to think about high availability. The best recommendation is to have
a multi-OMS system with a standby for disaster recovery. You can scale
up to this as the environment grows, but starting with a multi-OMS system
will give you the availability and scalability you need. A standby database
with Oracle Data Guard and a software replicated standby OMS would be
the next step. Please read this whitepaper Deploying
a Highly Available Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control
more information.

Can Snap
Clone be used with EMC storage or is Oracle ZFS storage required?

A: Yes. Snap Clone can be used with either EMC VMAX and/or VNX Block
Storage, both are supported. More details can be found on this page
under the section: Database
Cloning and Dynamic Data Refresh

Does Oracle
Enterprise Manager support monitoring of hypervisors?

A: Oracle Enterprise Manager supports monitoring of Oracle VM natively
and VMWare via a Blue
Medora third party plug in.
More details on managing physical and
virtual host can be found here.

Is the
metering and chargeback functionality part of the base product or does
it requires an additional management pack?

A: Metering and Chargeback for Oracle Database is part of the Oracle
Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database
. Metering and Charge back
for guest virtual machines (VMs) and hosts are included with the base
product and does not require a separate license. Read this whitepaper
for more on Metering
and Chargeback
with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Does Enterprise
Data Governance require additional licensing?

A: Use of the Enterprise
Data Governance
capabilities within Oracle Enterprise Manager requires
an Oracle
Database Lifecycle Management Pack

How is the
new AWR Warehouse feature different from the existing AWR report in
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3?

A: The existing AWR report in Oracle Enterprise Manager pulls AWR data
from the source database and relies on the AWR retention setting of
that database. This is typically only saved for 8 days. There’s
been a big demand for saving this data for 30-60 days and even longer.
AWR Warehouse, automates the extract of the source AWR data and loading
to a warehouse database so that data can be retained without affecting
the performance and storage of the source database. The reports are
the same, it just allows you to dig back further in time. Read this article
for more details

Does this
new release require more disk space for the AWR Warehouse? More CPU
and memory?

A: Not for the OMS. The recommendation is to setup the AWR Repository
in a separate database, outside of the Oracle Enterprise Manager repository
database. Hosting on the same server would be fine, so long as there
is sufficient memory and CPU for both instances. Read
this article on AWR Warehouse
for more details.

AWR Warehouse also support Oracle Database 10g and/or 11g AWR?

A: AWR Warehouse must be installed on Oracle Database or higher
or version with the appropriate patch. It also must be an equal
or higher database version of the source databases it accommodates.
Check out this demo
to understand AWR Warehouse
. Read the AWR
Warehouse documentation.

there a list of 3rd party technologies that can be managed by Oracle
Enterprise Manager 12c?

A: Check out the Oracle
Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange
for a list of the available
3rd party plug-ins and connectors.

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