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Top new features of Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana v2.0.0

Murtaza Husain, and Hozefa Palitanawala

We are excited to announce the second major release of Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) App for Grafana version v2.0.0. This version includes several new features and performance enhancements:

Dashboard for WebLogic Server Performance Summary

The image below is a screenshot of the WebLogic Sever Performance Summary Report dashboard. It has pre-defined panels for WebLogic metrics, such as CPU, Heap, Memory Pool, Active Sessions or Garbage collection, which are the metrics collected by Enterprise Manager.


Figure 1 The sample WebLogic JVM Performance Report dashboard.

Dashboard for JVM Performance Report

Similarly, below image is a screenshot of the WebLogic JVM Performance dashboard showing metrics such as Memory Usage and Garbage collection.


Figure 2 The sample WebLogic Server Performance Summary dashboard.

Build dashboard panels for String based metrics columns 

This feature is used to show configuration information on a dashboard without writing a query.  EM Metrics sub-system collects numeric performance information like “Total Archive Used (%)” and text information such as “Automatic Archiver” status “Started, Stopped, Failed”. Another example would be the value for metric “Database Status”, which could be “Active, Suspended, Instance Recovery”. Version 2.0 of the EM Grafana plugin lists down the configuration type text metric information to be shown on a dashboard.


Figure 3 The String based metrics search for non time series based dashboards.

Highlight SQL Syntax for better readability

Highlight SQL Syntax for improved readability and syntactical error finding
This helps speed up the time required to get context of a query, spot issues or modify sub part of a long complex query.


Figure 4 The ability to highlight SQL Syntax while writing customer queries. .

Build dashboards from data collected using Metric Extension. This lets you build charts that are unique to your IT environment.

Knobs to throttle the Grafana REST API usage. This helps prevent overuse of the API that in turn can compromise the operational performance of key EM subsystems.

EM RU version compatibility checker to help identify any compatibility issues. This version is certified with Grafana version 7.3 and EM version 13c Release 4 Release Upgrade 7+. 

Additionally, we would like to highlight the “Access Remote Repository” on the App’s Data Source page. It allows to create dashboards on pre 13.4 version of EM in your environment. 

Figure 5 Remote Management Repository enablement option shown while adding EM as a data-source.

Below are the steps for setting up Remote Repository Data Source as shown in Figure 5. 

  • Host and Port where the remote repository resides.
  • SID or Service Name of the remote repository.
  • Named Credential the App will use to log in to the remote repository. Note: The named credential must be a Global Named Credential that has already been defined in Enterprise Manager.

These Global Named Credentials must be defined in Enterprise Manager Release 13.4, Release Update 3 and above only. For more information about Global Named Credentials, see Named Credentials in the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Security Guide. See Figure 5 above for more details.

For detailed explanation on installation, upgrade, and usage, refer to the Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana User’s Guide. Note: Grafana API are disabled by default and need to be enabled using the OMS property “oracle.sysman.db.restfulapi.grafana.enable”

The EM App is an example of Oracle’s ongoing commitment to extend the use of Oracle Enterprise Manager via various extensibility mechanisms.  For other examples of Oracle-provided and partner-provided extensibility capabilities, visit the Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange at http://www.oracle.com/goto/emextensibility .

Have questions about the Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana? Community support is provided via the forums at Oracle Groundbreakers. You can also view videos pertaining to installation/configuration and monitoring of Database and WebLogic Server targets. We look forward to hearing about your experiences with the EM App. We look forward to hearing about your experiences with the EM App. We look forward to hearing about your experiences with the EM App.

This solution is part of Oracle’s overall Observability and Management Platform. To learn more, click here.


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