Some Exciting Customer Presentations!

While I always enjoy getting in front of customers to present on some new and really cool functionality in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, it's even better to be in the audience listening to actual customers doing just that!  There are a couple of those presentations coming up on Thursday this week at OOW.  Unfortunately I can't be there to listen in, but if you're interested in learning how to provide scalable and flexible patching solutions, make sure you get along to...

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Bash script to deploy webapp to Weblogic server domain via WLST

I wrote a bash script to deploy a war file to ALL managed servers in a Weblogic domain. You should be able to modify it to work for your needs. #!/bin/bash HOST_NAME=${1-localhost} HOST_USER=${2-weblogic} HOST_PASS=${3-welcome1} HOST_PORT=${4-7001} JAVA_BIN="/usr/bin/java" SCRIPT_HOME="$(dirname $(readlink -f $0))" WL_JAR="${SCRIPT_HOME}/middleware/wlserver_10.3/server/lib/weblogic.jar" JAM_JAR="myapp.war" function getServerList() {WLST_SERVER_LIST=$(${JAVA_BIN} -cp ${WL_JAR}...

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EM Compliance ‘Required Data Available’ flag – Understanding and Troubleshooting

Overview Starting in release of Enterprise Manager a new column was added to the top level Compliance Standard Results page named ‘Required Data Available’. This column is meant to convey whether the data required for proper compliance evaluation of all of the rules within the Compliance Standard for each associated target is available in the repository. If the value for a given target is ‘No’ then the complianceresults for that target should not be considered valid....

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Enterprise Manager Ops Center - OS provisioning across secondary network interfaces

Description One of Enterprise Manager Ops Center's core functionalities is to be able to provision the OS to bare metal servers. If the network you are provisioning across is connected to one of the onboard ports (on the first onboard network chip), all is well and provisioning will work as expected. This would be the case for 95% plus of all customers, but if you are trying to provision across a network that is connected to a port on a card in an expansion slot (or a second...

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Upgrading to Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Hi all, this is just a quick note for those looking to upgrade to the new relase of Ops Center ( It is avalable for download: From OTN - after July 25, 2014 From OSDC - after July 31, 2014 From  the Ops Center BUI - after July 20, 2014 Before you can see the new version in an existing 12.2.0 (or earlier) version of Ops Center you will need to apply a quick patch to to make the new version visable to downlaod. Details of how to access this IDR and how to apply it can be...

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Creating A Secondary I/O domain with Ops Center 12.2

Contributed by Juergen Fleischer and Mahesh Sharma. The purpose of this blog is to show you how to create a Secondary I/O domain. The First I/O domain is commonly known as Control Domain (CDOM). There are various terms that are used for a Secondary domain, like alternative I/O domain or redundant I/O domain. The secondary I/O domain will have been assigned some physical I/O devices, which may be a PCIe bus root complex, a PCI device, or aSR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization)...

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