Friday Mar 01, 2013

Oracle's TaaS: Spend More Time Testing (and Less on the Other Stuff)

Recently we asked a group of testers what percentage of their testing time was spent on peripheral activities such as: 
  • procuring hardware  
  • deploying the application under test  
  • deploying a test tool  
  • find/detect/log issues/bugs  and/or 
  • patching an application
Two thirds of those testers indicated they spent between 40% to 70% of their time on these peripheral activities. 

When asked what the right solution could be to solve that enormous time consumption, the majority selected testing cloud solutions that combine capabilities for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service. Let's look at each one :

Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS ) based testing cloud : This solution is typically based on provisioning of virtual machines on provided infrastructure . This will only resolve the provisioning of applications under test and test tools which is only 10-15% of the total solution.

  • Software as a Service ( SaaS ) based testing cloud : This is Software ( for test automation ) as a service solution. This only addresses the test execution and ( possibly ) issue/bottleneck identification. It does not offer provisioning for applications under test . In many cases, it does not offer monitoring of internal applications.

  • The brand new Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Testing as a Service (TaaS) solution (.pdf) offers that combination and helps software development and QA organizations to spend more time on actual testing and less on peripheral activities, while significantly enhancing testing efficiency and reducing the duration of testing projects.

    Oracle's TaaS is a platform for delivering automated application testing services. It is a self-service solution designed for private clouds that orchestrates the testing process end-to-end by: 
    • Automating the provisioning of test labs including application under test and test tools. 
    • Executing load and/or functional test scripts against the application. 
    • Providing rich application monitoring and diagnostics data for analysis.
    • Sophisticated chargeback facility for metering and charging the usage of the testing cloud by end-users. 
    It's built with semantic understanding of testing artifacts like testing tools, applications, test scripts, it is not just VMs.

    All this information and more was discussed in a recent webcast we ran in cooperation with the online community. We uploaded the replay on Youtube for you to watch at your convenience.

    Happy testing!

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    Tuesday Nov 06, 2012

    Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Testing-as-a-Service Solution

    With organizations spending as much as 50 percent of their QA time with non-test related activities like setting up hardware and deploying applications and test tools, the cloud will bring obvious benefits. A key component of Oracle Enterprise Manager our current Application Quality Management products have been helping our customers with application load testing, functional testing and test process management, but also test data management, data masking and real application testing. These products enable customers to thoroughly test applications and their underlying infrastructure to help ensure the best quality, scalability and availability prior to deployment. 

    Today, Oracle announced Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Testing-as-a-Service Solution . This solution will allow users to significantly decrease the time needed to setup a complete test environment, while enhancing testing efficiency.

    Please read the Press Release mentioned above and join us in our Enterprise Manager LinkedIn Group discussion on this topic. (need to be a member).

    Or visit our booth this week during the EuroSTAR Software Testing conference in Amsterdam where we can demo this solution 

    I hope you find this helpfull

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