Wednesday Oct 02, 2013

Highlights from Oracle Enterprise Manager General Session featuring Oracle customers & ACEs

The Oracle Enterprise Manager General session at Oracle Open World 2013 highlighted the efforts of everyday heroes who are driving their IT organizations’ journeys to a more efficient and agile IT. These heroes shared their experiences in deploying and managing large-footprint Oracle stack environments encompassing Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, and Oracle engineered systems. The session also covered Oracle Enterprise Manager’s own journey as a product in this context and also gave a sneak preview of what’s to come.

Here the is storify highlights from the general session.

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Wednesday Sep 18, 2013

Learn from Korea Telecom and HDFC about their private cloud journey at Oracle Open World

Join us and listen to Korea Telecom and HDFC in the  Zero to Cloud: Real Customers, Real-World Success Stories [CON9585] at Oracle Open World on Tuesday, Sep 24, at 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM in #305 , Moscone South.

In this session, real customers will discuss their real successes as early adopters,  revealing how they were able to organize IT resources into a cloud, enable self service provisioning, publish self service applications and meter and manage the cloud. We'll walk you through their best practices and customer experiences in implementing clouds in the real world for greater agility, IT efficiency and reduced costs.

You will learn how the Data Centers of Korea Telecom transformed to offer Private and Public Infrastructure Services. HDFC will share how they continued their private cloud through Database Schema as a Service.

Don't forget to join us at the Oracle Enterprise Manager General Session that features many real-world IT heroes who will share their personal journeys with Oracle Enterprise Manager. A full listing of Oracle Enterprise Manager activities at Oracle Enterprise Manager is available at the Focus-on document.

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Thursday Aug 29, 2013

Go from Zero to Deploying Oracle Database and Applications in the Cloud

Imagine being able to build, deploy, and manage an enterprise private cloud in a matter of hours.

Is it possible? Yes, it is.

Join us for this special online event featuring interactive product demos using real-world IT scenarios to see how it’s done. This webcast will start with a keynote by Sushil Kumar, Vice President, Oracle. This is your opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of how to transform to the private cloud and ask questions of product experts.

Learn how to:

  • Use Oracle hardware and software products to deploy an enterprise cloud
  • Deliver and manage database, applications, and shared IT infrastructures on enterprise private clouds
  • Propel your high-value enterprise applications to the cloud faster and with less effort
Register now for this webcast and take your enterprise to the private cloud in a matter of hours.


Sushil Kumar

Vice President, Business Development and Product Strategy,

Martin Pena

Director, Oracle Enterprise Manager Product Management,

Anand Akela

Senior Principal Product Marketing Director, Oracle Enterprise Manager,

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Tuesday Aug 20, 2013

Short Demo Video : Deliver Database as a Service with Oracle Enterprise Manager

This demo provides an overview of various use cases and benefits of delivering database as a service using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

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Tuesday Aug 06, 2013

Secure, Subset and Self-Service Database provisioning in Cloud

One-step inline data masking and data subsetting is a very innovative solution in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c that enables enterprises to provision secure and reduced size test systems directly from the production or standby database without the need for a full production database copy. So you are able to create reduced size copies of production database keeping the referential integrity of data set intact saving on storage costs and more importantly also ensure your sensitive database never creeps into any of your development or test systems in compliance with data privacy policies.

With Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 customers have now started adopting this one-step on-the-fly masking and subsetting solution along with Database-as-a-Service(DBaaS) self-service provisioning capabilities and the outcome is one of the most comprehensive and unique solution to realize self-service provisioning of secured, subset copies of production like databases for all of testing and development needs in a private cloud model.

In this blog post I will walk through the steps required to achieve this comprehensive solution for test and development systems provisioning in enterprise private cloud.

1) Prepare source database

One of the ideal option in case customer has physical standby is to convert physical standby into a snapshot standby for one-step data subsetting and masking operation. A snapshot standby receives and archives but does not apply redo from primary until converted back to physical standby. So once you have created subsetted and secure dump from snapshot standby you can convert snapshot standby back to physical standby using Oracle Enterprise Manager. Refer to Oracle Data Guard guide for considerations in using snapshot standby.  In-line data subsetting and masking can also be performed on production database in case there is no physical standby.

2) Perform Inline data subsetting and masking workflow

Here are the steps :

a) Create Application Data Model(ADM)
ADM is a knowledge base entity in Oracle Enterprise Manager that captures application metadata, referential relationships, sensitive columns and is used by both test data management and data masking. There are pre-defined drivers to capture data relationships from application metadata tables for Oracle Applications such as Fusion Apps and eBusiness Suite. Security Administrator requires EM_ALL_OPERATOR privilege to create ADM and Data Masking and Subsetting definition.

b) Create Masking and Subsetting definition

As a best practice, Security Administrator can create masking formats for all regulated information in the enterprise. There are out-of-box Oracle supplied default masking formats also that can be used from format library. Next step is to create masking definition that includes information regarding table columns and the format for each column. You can choose which columns to mask. Data Masking workflow can be referred here.
Next step is to create Data subset definition and use the same ADM and database used in creating the masking definition. In this step you can define the table rules,rule parameters, include 'Ancestor and Descendant tables' or 'Ancestor tables only' option this ensuring referential integrity is maintained. At this step Space estimates can also be reviewed and depending on the result, you can modify or add new rules and review back on space estimates value. Pre/Post subset scripts can also be included in definition.

c) Generate subset using export option

Using the definition subset can be created by writing the subset data to export file. Specify directory where to save the export dump and schedule the subset job. Once the job is complete, the subset Data pump file of production data with sensitive data masked is ready. The overall flow is described here
Some key tips -
- Parallel degree can be used for faster export. Start with twice the number of CPUs and tune from there
- %U and max file size parameter can be used to ensure optimum use of parallelism
- Rule parameter in where clause can be used for actual subset generation with different values
- Column rules can be used to set large-sized columns to null or fix value to reduce database size further

3) Prepare secure test/reference database

Once the Data pump export file is generated it can be imported in a test/staging database . For details refer here.This test database can be used as a reference for all development and testing copies and hosted in Self-Service portal for end users to request from service catalog.

4) Self-Service Portal Setup

Following two options are available to cloud-enable this secure reference database for self-service provisioning of future copies of this database via Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution :

a) Snap Clone option that leverages storage level copy-on-write technologies for cloning and is suited best for functional testing requirements and for short lived databases.With this option you can clone terabytes of data in few minutes and storage saving is enormous with this option. you need to review the supported storage options for this method. As of time of writing the post Netapp and ZFS is supported though there are plans to support more storage options in near future.

b)  RMAN based cloning from backup is one of the favorite option for DBAs. The restore process is completely automated with EM 12c DBaaS and this option is best suited for performance and load testing, development requirements and for databases used for significant updates.
Once you decide on the option, steps to follow are documented in one of my recent blog post around Planning Database as a Service Implementation Project

Refer to Private Cloud Setup and Administration guide here for details on DBaaS Setup and Snap Clone, RMAN Profile options. The secure database prepared in previous step will be used as reference target by SSA Administrator while creating database provisioning profile using RMAN backup or Snapshot option. Please also ensure you have reviewed this MOS Note for DBaaS related patches -
"Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Recommended Plug-Ins and Patches for Database as a Service (DBaaS) (Doc ID 1549855.1)"

5) Self-Service database provisioning in Cloud

End users can now request for secure subset copies of production database via Self-service portal for all kind of functional QA, load and performance testing, development requirements. All the databases provisioned from this approach are also enabled by default with EM 12c powered monitoring and diagnostics, lifecycle and cloud management capabilities.

Solution References

1) Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Packs
Oracle Test Data Management Pack
Oracle Data Masking Pack
Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack
Oracle Database Cloud Management Pack

2) Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Platform and Plug-ins
Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 Base Platform (
Enterprise Manager for Oracle Database (DB) plug-in
Enterprise Manager for Oracle Virtualization (VT) plug-in
Enterprise Manager Storage Management Framework (SMF) plug-in
Enterprise Manager for Oracle Cloud (SSA) plug-in

Additional information

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Monday Jun 10, 2013

Private Cloud Benefits : Different Strokes for Different Folks

Register Today

Private Cloud Survey Findings from Five Key Industries

Are you feeling the pressure to deploy private cloud but lack the real-world data to support its benefits from early adopters in your industry? You are not alone. A recent survey of the cloud computing field by IDG Research Services uncovered very little in the way of industry-specific guidance for private cloud.

In this Webcast, you will learn the results of the IDG survey that reveals stark differences in the use cases, benefits, and challenges reported by industry—specifically banking and financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, high tech, and the public sector.

Attend this Webcast to learn about the key aggregate findings of this IDG survey on private clouds with added detail around the five industry sectors. Hear the survey results regarding:

  • Private cloud investment in your industry
  • The range of benefits being reported
  • Challenges to cost benefits realization and what early adopters have done to address them

Webcast attendees will receive a complimentary white paper summarizing the survey results. Register now for the Webcast.

Featured Speakers:

Janet King
General Manager/VP of Research
IDG Research Services
Anand Akela
Senior Principal Product Marketing Director

Register Today

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Thursday Jun 06, 2013

The Enterprise Manager: Episode 9 - Java Platform as a Service

Empty VM containers are not good enough for java developers since they will need to install and manage software and Java before they can use it. Our intrepid hero Ed Muntz explains how Oracle Enterprise Manager enables complete Java Platform as a Service via self-service cloud portal.

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Wednesday May 29, 2013

The Enterprise Manager: Episode 8 - Database as a Service

Our intrepid hero Ed Muntz is back after a short stint in marketing to rescue the CIO Felix from IT challanges created by virtualization sprawl and management challanges for his enterprise databases.

Spinning VMs for database deployment is creating VM sprawl. Ed Muntz explains how Oracle Enterprise Manager enables rapid deployment of private database as a service and provides total control over the Database as a Service cloud.

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Tuesday Mar 26, 2013

Get OPN certified on Oracle Enterprise Manager and other Oracle Technologies at Collaborate

A rare opportunity to get your OPN Certified Specialist credentials at the Collaborate 13 event and at times your staff is not in the booth! Register now.

At Collaborate 13, Oracle Partners have a unique opportunity to become Oracle Certified Specialists in their chosen Oracle solution area from exams available at the event site. Understanding there are times the Exhibit Hall is closed to your staff, special hours and an onsite location have been arranged to make it as easy as possible for OPN Partners to take advantage.

OPN certification differentiates Oracle Partners in the marketplace by providing a competitive edge through proven expertise. Earning these certifications will also contribute to increasing your company's level in the OPN Specialization Program. Oracle Specialized partners are recognized by Oracle, and preferred by customers. Make sure you check the exams available at the event site and register early as there is a limited number of FREE vouchers enabling partners to take exams at no charge.

This is an excellent way for Oracle partners already attending the Collaborate event or have staff exhibiting at Collaborate, to easily get away when the Exhibit Hall is closed and take the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c exam 1Z0-457

Best of all is there are a limited number of FREE vouchers available, so the first partners to register and use them save $195 for each person that takes the exam. As you  have already invested in travel for staff to be at the event, why not get more out of that investment and take advantage while staff is already out of the office to get it done.

Friday Mar 22, 2013

Cookbook : Middleware as a Service using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Oracle's Middleware as a Service (MWaaS) solution for enterprise private cloud provides a complete application development and deployment environment. It includes a complete runtime environment comprised of all services necessary to deploy and run an enterprise-class application, including services such as application hosting, persistence store, application integration and APIs that enable programmatic access to additional computing services that might be required by an application. Identity services are an example of APIs available within a PaaS environment. MWaaS facilitates cheaper and faster deployment of applications as developers need not deal with the complexities of the underlying hardware and software components.

Oracle recently published a cookbook for Middleware as a Service using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. This document explains the step-by-step instructions in provisioning a WebLogic domain using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c . These steps include:   

  • Security Configuration for Named Credentials, Roles and Accounts for Cloud Management
  • Using Out of Box WebLogic profiles shipped with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c R2
  • Customizing WebLogic domain creation procedures to your environment and business requirements
  • Setting up the Middleware Zones
  • Setting quota limits for each cloud management roles
  • Definition of Service Templates to be used for middleware domain creation
  • Configuring chargeback policies for your middleware cloud infrastructure

Wednesday Feb 27, 2013

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Plug-In Update 1 Installation and Upgrade Overview

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Plug-In Update 1 Installation and Upgrade Overview

Friday, March 01, 9:00 a.m. PT

Register Now

Join us for this live technical presentation to learn about Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1 release and how it impacts you. This webcast is a must-attend event for users who have EM 12.1.0.x in their environment or are planning to deploy EM 12.1.0.x or upgrade to EM 12.1.0.x from older Enterprise Manager versions.

Oracle has recently released new and updated Enterprise Manager Plug-ins which enables optimum utilization of compute resources giving customers more flexibility and control during application development, leading to faster time-to-market for delivering IT services. These plug-in provide enhanced support and extend EM's capabilities for Database as a Service (DBaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and introduce new features for Testing as a Service (TaaS).

During this presentation we will review the following topics:

  • Overview of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1
    • Does it have new features or bug fixes?
    • How do I get EM 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1 binaries?
    • Various Install/Upgrade/Additional OMS Usecases
    • What happens to Agent Binaries?
    • Go over Install/Upgrade FAQ on EM 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1
  • Quick overview of new version /revision of plug-ins
  • How to deploy new plug-in in your existing EM 12.1.0.x environment
    • In Offline or Online mode
    • Using emcli to reduce OMS downtime
  • Documentation
  • Q&A

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Tuesday Sep 25, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Anniversary at Open World General Session and Twitter Chat using #em12c on October 2nd

As most of you will remember, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c was announced last year at Open World. We are celebrating first anniversary of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c next week at Open world.

During the last year, Oracle customers have seen the benefits of federated self-service access to complete application stacks, elastic scalability, automated metering, and charge-back from capabilities of Oracle Enterprise manager 12c. In this session you will learn how customers are leveraging Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to build and operate their enterprise cloud. You will also hear about Oracle’s IT management strategy and some new capabilities inside the Oracle Enterprise Manager product family.

In this anniversary general session of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, you will also watch an interactive role play ( similar to what some of you may have seen at "Zero to Cloud" sessions at the Oracle Cloud Builder Summit ) depicting a fictional company in the throes of deploying a private cloud. Watch as the CIO and his key cloud architects battle with misconceptions about enterprise cloud computing and watch how Oracle Enterprise Manager helps them address the key challenges of planning, deploying and managing an enterprise private cloud.

The session will be led by Sushil Kumar, Vice President, Product Strategy and Business Development, Oracle Enterprise Manager. Jeff Budge, Director, Global Oracle Technology Practice, CSC Consulting, Inc. will join Sushil for the general session as well.

Following the general session, Sushil Kumar ( Twitter user name @sxkumar ) will join us for a Twitter Chat on Tuesday at 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.  Sushil will answer any follow-up questions from the general session or any question related to Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Private Cloud .

You can participate in the chat using hash tag #em12c on or by going to (Needs Twitter credential for participating).  You could pre-submit your questions for Sushil using any of the social media channels mentioned below.

RSVP for tweet chat by going to

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Tuesday Sep 18, 2012

Examine your readiness for managing Enterprise Private Cloud

Cloud computing promises to deliver greater agility to meet demanding  business needs, operational efficiencies, and lower cost. However these promises cannot be realized and enterprises may not be able to get the best value out of their enterprise private cloud computing infrastructure without a comprehensive cloud management solution .

Take this new self-assessment quiz that measures the readiness of your enterprise private cloud. It scores your readiness in the following areas and discover where and how you can improve to gain total cloud control over your enterprise private cloud.

Complete Cloud Lifecycle Solution

Check if you are ready to manage all phases of the building, managing, and consuming an enterprise cloud. You will learn how Oracle can help build and manage a rich catalog of cloud services – whether it is Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Database-as-a-Service, or Platform-as-a-Service, all from a single product.

Integrated Cloud Stack Management

Integrated management of the entire cloud stack – all the way from application to disk, is very important to eliminate the integration pains and costs that customers would have to otherwise incur by trying to create a cloud environment by integrating multiple point solutions.

Business-Driven Clouds

It is critical that an enterprise Cloud platform is not only able to run applications but also has deep business insight and visibility. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables creation of application-aware and business-driven clouds that has deep insight into applications, business services and transactions. As the leading providers of business applications and the middleware, we are able to offer you a cloud solution that is optimized for business services.

Proactive Management

Integration of the enterprise cloud infrastructure with support can allow cloud administrators to benefit from Automatic Service Requests (ASR), proactive patch recommendations, health checks and end-of-life advisory for all of the technology deployed within cloud.

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Latest information on Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud.

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