Wednesday May 23, 2012

Difference Between Oracle’s Application Testing Suite and HP’s QTP?

If you are a testing software solution provider, one of the questions that prospects are asking our partners and sales reps, is the difference between our solution and HP's QTP. Since we are only an expert in our own products, we usually provide our own key capabilities and let the prospect decide how that compares to the product they're using/considering. 

With the release of Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 earlier this month, we have plenty of new capabilities to talk about. And that's exactly what we're going to do today, May 23rd at 08:00 PST or 17:00 CET, in a live Webcast led by our Lead PM for Application Testing Suite:

Oracle Enterprise Manager Webcast Series
Introducing Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1

Wednesday, May 23, 8 a.m. PT

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This webcast introduces the latest version or Oracle Application Testing Suite, the centerpiece of Oracle Enterprise Managers application quality management solutions.  Learn about what Oracle Application Testing Suites different components: Oracle Test Manager, Oracle Functional Testing and Oracle Load Testing offers and how you can benefit from them during the testing of your Oracle Applications. 

You will also learn about the new features added in the latest version and why they will make a difference to your testing. Oracle Application Testing Suite can help you to cut testing time and to minimize the risks for upgrades or new deployments. 

We hope you can join us. 

To close off, there is a nice, but unfortunately outdated and incomplete, comparison between the two products on this blog post at Ask QTP. Maybe we need to write our own comparison after all. Please give us your vision on the difference between the two in the comments?

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Tuesday May 08, 2012

Testing in May: Keep the bugs away

When Oracle's Application Quality Management(AQM) solution was positioned in a leader position for Integrated Software Quality Suites in January 2011, this wasn't a surprise to us at Oracle since we've been steadily working on and earning our position for some years.  Ever since, we've seen an even bigger increase in customer interest into these testing solutions from both Oracle and non-Oracle customers. We decided to focus this month of May on showcasing our entire Application Quality Management solution as well as spotlighting some individual parts.

We kicked off the month with a live webcast for an interactive community exclusively engaged in improving software quality,, that gave the dedicated testing audience an insight into Oracle’s Approach to Application and Infrastructure Testing: Strategies and Best Practices. (now available on-demand).

If your not familiar with our AQM offerings yet or would like a high lever refresh, please join us for this free webinar led by Product Management:
Application Quality Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager - A Comprehensive Approach to Preserving Quality During Change

Oracle Enterprise Manager Webcast Series
Application Quality Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager - A Comprehensive Approach to Preserving Quality During Change

Thursday, May 10, 8 a.m. PT

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Save weeks on application testing time. Reduce Database testing time by up to 90%, using the Application Quality Management components of Oracle's Enterprise Manager. 

Oracle's Application Quality Management products provide a complete testing solution for Oracle Database, Oracle Packaged Applications and custom Web applications. 

Key capabilities include: 

  • Application Testing - Test Management, Functional Testing, and Load Testing capabilities ensure the quality of web-based applications - including Oracle e-Business Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards. 
  • Infrastructure Testing - Enables realistic, production-scale testing of the application and database infrastructures. Using real, production workloads to generate load against applications or databases under test, these solutions do not require any script development or maintenance. With Application Replay and Real Application Testing you can reduce your testing time by more than 80% while providing the most efficient, optimized and highest quality testing for validating application and database infrastructure changes. 
  • Test Data Management - Oracle Test Data Management and Data Masking provide efficient, automated and secure test system creation capabilities for Oracle and non-Oracle databases, with out-of-the-box templates for Oracle packaged applications. 

We already previewed Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 at the StarEast testing conference, but we will provide more on this later this month now that the product is available. You can also look forward to new Youtube demos and our participation at the EuroStar Virtual Conference. But again, more on that later.

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Wednesday Mar 07, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Quality Management OPN Specialization for Acolade Consulting.

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Acolade Consulting in becoming one of the first within the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) to achieve the Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Quality Management (Oracle EM AQM) OPN Specialization. OPN Specialized Partners are differentiated in the marketplace, gaining a competitive edge and access to broader and larger solution opportunities

Rajesh Krishnan, Practice Director, Acolade Consulting with Patricia Nance,
GM Oracle Alliances and Channels at a recent  partner recognizition event in Sydney.

Partner organizations achieving Oracle EM AQM specialization have demonstrated proficiency in providing Application Testing and Quality Management Solution and Services with Oracle technology. Customers can locate Partners proficient with Oracle EM AQM in the OPN Solutions Catalog to help them test packaged, Web, and SOA applications and ensure quality, scalability, and availability of applications and their infrastructure. 

The Oracle EM AQM solution consists of these distinct functional capabilities:

  • Oracle Application Testing Suite – comprised of Oracle Test Manager, Functional Testing for automation testing, and Load Testing for stress, volume and performance testing
  • Oracle Real Application Testing – for maintaining application quality when there is a infrastructure change or database upgrade.
  • Oracle Application Replay - for generating production workloads against web and Oracle applications under test, which are identical to production.
  • Oracle Data Masking – for maintaining high level of data security by scrambling test data and maintaining end to end data integrity 

Utilizing the Oracle EM AQM Solution, Partners can help customers manage their entire quality assurance (QA) process, including defining test requirements, creating and executing automated and manual test cases, tracking defects, performing load tests and database tests.

Find out more about Acolade Consulting's Specialization 
Find out more about Oracle Partner Network

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