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Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud News at OOW19

Moe Fardoost
Senior Director of Product Marketing

This year at #OOW19, Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud showcased key innovations in support of Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Our in-depth coverage of these enhancements were discussed in our Product Keynote: “The Future of Oracle Enterprise Manager and Management Cloud: Strategy and Roadmap”, presented by Oracle Executive Wim Coekaerts (@WimOracle), Senior Vice President of Software Development.  Read on for a high-level summary of the keynote content, and be sure to watch the session webcast below.

Our primary conversation at OpenWorld revolves around Oracle’s Enterprise and Cloud Manageability Strategy, the manageability product portfolio and investment areas. If you already are an avid user of Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud, you’ll be happy to hear that we are increasing investment in those areas, so you can keep using these products and enjoy increasing levels of automation to optimize the operational aspects of your Oracle ecosystem. These products will also help you to adopt new technologies such as Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without requiring you to use new tools or learn new techniques.

Oracle’s strategy in manageability has been, and continues to be, to offer maximum customer choice in best-in-class monitoring, analytics and automation for hybrid Oracle estates.  We do this by making manageability features available through the on-premises Oracle Enterprise Manager family of products and through our Management Cloud services.

Hybrid IT Management, Smart Insights and Hyper-extensibility are the requirements for today’s systems management challenge and are therefore the main pillars of Oracle Manageability investments and key areas of innovation. Oracle is delivering next generation capabilities to help you manage your Oracle ecosystem today and your next generation IT investments on-premises and in the cloud as depicted in Figure 1.

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Figure 1: Oracle Manageability solutions help customers address new challenges

During the product keynote, each area was discussed in depth.  For example, Oracle is delivering integrated solutions for managing hybrid IT regardless of where it is deployed. As more deployment options become available, this approach ensures that whether you are using Oracle Enterprise Manager on-premises, Oracle Management Cloud on Oracle Cloud or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without the other two, you will be able to have the same level of visibility and control for managing your entire IT estate. In the category of Smart Insights, we are updating our management platforms with intelligent, modern capabilities built on Machine Learning and big data analytics. Hyper-extensibility ensures that you have access to full stack telemetry with an open architecture that can be extended beyond what is available out-of-the-box.

 New Capabilities in Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager is continuing the tradition of delivering rich capabilities for managing your fleet-wide, hybrid database estate. We are introducing new capabilities to support Oracle Autonomous Database including guided migrations, utilization analytics and capabilities for managing customer-managed components that run on top of Oracle Autonomous Database. These include new application performance monitoring and user experience management.   

In Smart Insights category, the on-premises product is adding ML-powered proactive Exadata utilization optimizations and consolidation planners for all modes of Oracle Exadata. Attendees will also see a cool demonstration of a brand-new Oracle Enterprise Manager Mobile App, designed to deliver insights on-the-go and helps to reduce mean-time-to-repair with better and more efficient collaboration across diverse IT teams.

Providing choice is a key driver of the innovations you will see from Oracle. Along with the App, we will also demonstrate a new Plug-In for a popular visualization software that will bring insights across multiple instances of Oracle Enterprise Manager into a single pane of glass. Be sure to stay for this demo.

New Capabilities in Oracle Management Cloud

Oracle Management Cloud will continue to excel at providing comprehensive monitoring and intelligent analytics for hybrid IT estates, all delivered in a lightweight SaaS deployment model. The product is introducing new integrations that will be of interest to Oracle Enterprise Manager users who need machine learning-based analytics as well as application performance monitoring for IT operations. One of Oracle Management Cloud’s key advantages is that it uses Oracle Cloud as its big data repository. Users can collect and analyze metrics and logs for much longer time periods.

In Smart Insights category, new algorithmic optimizations improve anomaly detection, clustering, correlation, and forecasting. These improvements help users identify abnormal behaviors proactively, get better intelligence such as behavior patterns, symptoms and topologies, and avoid problems in the future.

Integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

We are not just focused on making Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud better. We are also making the same enhancements available to users of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This will ensure that all users, regardless of their console of choice, have a uniform experience in visibility, intelligence and control. One of the main benefits of uniform management across multiple consoles is giving customers choice and supporting all the different ways they may use Oracle technologies today and in the future.

Specifically, the OCI Console is being enhanced to have access to the monitoring and analytics services mentioned earlier. Conversely, Oracle Management Cloud and Oracle Enterprise Manager will have deep access to OCI artifacts, including identity/roles, compartments and services.

Cool Enhancements Keep Coming

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c is now available as an App on Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  This isn’t just for those who want to try Oracle Enterprise Manager without the need for dedicated on-premises hardware but also for customers who are interested in moving their production Oracle Enterprise Manage environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Need more reasons to be interested? How about standing up a new Oracle Enterprise Manager instance in under an hour? For those interested in best-practice deployments, you can select from many available OCI shapes with out-of-the-box enterprise configurations designed for high availability.

Watch the Oracle Enterprise and Cloud Manageability Product Keynote from Oracle OpenWorld 2019

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