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  • November 26, 2020

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 Update 8 ( Is Now Available!

Daniela Hansell
Senior Manager, Enterprise and Cloud Manageability

We're excited to announce our eighth monthly Release Update! 

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 Update 8 (, RU8 for short, is now available for download from My Oracle Support > Patches & Updates.


Release Updates Details

Release Updates (RUs) are a way to roll out new EM features and bug fixes quickly, without waiting for a major release. Release Updates are versioned with a trailing digit indicating the RU version. Note that RUs are cumulative, which means that the most recent RU includes functionality from all previous release updates.  Our general recommendation is to apply the most current Release Update as soon as possible.


Key Updates in RU8

Functionality added or enhanced in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 RU8 includes new capabilities for the EM Job System, updated Configuration and Compliance standards interface, and enhancements to Engineered Systems support.  This release update also coincides with the release of a new Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana, version 2.0.0.

Important to note:  Before applying RU8, be sure to review the Enterprise Manager 13.4 Master Release Update List (Includes Plug-ins) (Doc ID 2647078.1) MOS note.  A new OPatch version was uploaded to MOS (Patch# 28186730). The EM 13.4 OMS OPatch must first be upgraded to, before applying RU8.  Once OPatch is upgraded and RU8 has been applied, you can apply the WLS OCT 2020 PSU/CVE patches.   

Here are the RU8 highlights:

Enterprise Manager Job System: The Job Diagnostics dashboards provide an administrator view into Job System operations, thus allowing you to isolate and identify problems when running jobs.  The performance of the Job System relies on the performance of the numerous underlying components.  The Job Diagnostics interface consolidates all these performance metrics into intuitive dashboards for easy comparison and analysis.

Figure 1: Job System Overview

Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana version 2.0.0 : This new version is certified with the latest Grafana version 7.3. This app is compatible with EM 13.4 RU7 and above and introduces the following key new features:

  • A new intelligent RU version check enabled, which will ensure you have an appropriate RU before allowing you to install
  • Out-of-the-box sample dashboards for WebLogic Server Performance Summary and WebLogic Server JVM Performance Report
  • Support for string-based metrics
  • Ability to highlight SQL syntax 
  • Metric extension dashboard capabilities
  • New properties for granular throttling of Grafana REST API

Figure 2: WebLogic Server JVM Performance Report

Compliance Standards:   The Database Compliance Standards interface now allows you to "Create Like" a database compliance standard and create a new standard for a pluggable database. This new standard can be further customized with additional folders and rules.

Figure 3: Create-like Dialog for Compliance Standards

Engineered Systems Infrastructure Server Discovery:  You can now discover the ILOM server using the REST access point through the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control user interface. Use the guided process in the user interface to select the ILOM target, monitoring agent, and specify the monitoring credentials for the setup. 


For more details on what is new in this release, see the New features in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 Update 8.


Complete List of Updates

You can see the full list of enhancements and bug fixes in the Release Update READMEs and the My Oracle Support note: "Enterprise Manager 13.4 Master Release Update List (Includes Plug-ins) -Doc ID 2647078.1".

More details on the key enhancements available with all EM 13.4 Release Updates, see:

As always, we welcome feedback on how we can improve your experience with Enterprise Manager!  Be sure to also check the following locations for continuous updates:

Oracle Manageability Solutions for Database and Cloud (solution briefs, customer stories, White Papers)

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13.4 Technical Content (documentation, videos, technical blogs and other resources)

My Oracle Support > Certifications (for the latest certified platforms and version combinations)

We hope you enjoy Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 Release Update 8!

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