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  • April 20, 2020

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 Release Update 1 is now available

Dan Koloski
Vice President

We're happy to inform you that our first Release Update (RU) for Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 is now available for download!  You can download the Release Updates from My Oracle Support: Patches & Updates.


So what's a Release Update anyway?

Release Updates (or "RU" for short) are a way for us to deliver new EM features and bug fixes to you more quickly, without waiting for a major release vehicle (such as EM 13.x) to deliver them.  In the past you might have heard of these referred to as "Bundle Patches (BPs)" or "Plug-In (PG)" releases, such as "EM 13.3 PG" or "EM 13.3 BP1."  Release Updates may contain any or all of Oracle Management Server (OMS) patches, OMS-side Plug-In patches,  Agent patches and Agent-Side Plug-In patches.  As your environments change more and more quickly, we will be using regular, ongoing RUs to deliver the management capabilities so that you can ensure your EM environment has the latest and greatest functionality EM has to offer.  We hope to make these Release Updates available on approximately a monthly basis.

This particular Release Update is referred to as "Enterprise Manager 13.4, Release Update 1" (or "EM 13.4 RU1" for short). 

To see the patch levels after you have installed them, execute the command omspatcher lspatches .

For example, after installing patch 30850513, the following command...

$./omspatcher lspatches | grep 30850513

...should yield the following output:

oracle.sysman.top.oms/ Core 30850513 30850513 Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 Platform Update 1 (  

What's in this Release Update?

We've made improvements in a variety of areas in this Release Update, including:

  • Exadata X8*/Exadata Cloud Service/Exadata Cloud-at-Customer Management
  • EM Mobile Application
  • Database Fleet Maintenance
  • Autonomous Database Management
  • Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA) Management
  • Big Data Appliance (BDA) Management
  • Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) user interface
  • Additional Certifications in this RU
    • Fusion Middleware January 2020 Critical Patch Update
    • JDK 1.8 Update 241
    • WebLogic Server Patch Set Update 30675853
    • FMW Targets
    • ServiceNow Connector


How do I install this Release Update?

This Release Update consists of two patches on the OMS-side and several Agent-side Plug-In patches. The full details are available in My Oracle Support, Note 2647078.1: Enterprise Manager 13.4 Master Release Update List (Includes Plugins).

The OMS-side patches are listed below.  Customers should apply both of these patches, in order.  In future RUs, we plan to include all OMS-side activities in a single patch.

  1. Patch 30850513: Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 Platform Update 1 (
  2. Patch 30895878: Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 Plugin Update 1 (

The Agent-side patches are below.  The first patch updates the Agent itself, and the remaining patches update various Plug-Ins:

  • Patch 30850532: EM Agent Platform Bundle Patch (
  • Patch 30850553: EM DB Plugin Agent Bundle Patch (
  • Patch 30851071: EM VT Plugin Agent Bundle Patch (
  • Patch 30971920: EM BDA Plugin Agent Bundle Patch (
  • Patch 30851087: EM OVI Plugin Agent Bundle Patch (
  • Patch 30850608: EM FMW Plugin Agent Bundle Patch (
  • Patch 30851109: EM SI Plugin Agent Bundle Patch (
  • Patch 30850992: EM Exadata Plugin Discovery Bundle Patch (
  • Patch 30850950: EM FMW Plugin Discovery Bundle Patch (

Please make sure to view the READMEs for each patch to see the full list of enhancements, bug fixes and instructions for applying the patches.

We hope you enjoy the latest functionality in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4, Release Update 1. 

We'll continue to update you as we release additional RUs to ensure you can stay current with the latest Oracle Enterprise Manager has to offer.