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New Database assemblies are available now to simplify cloud deployment via Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Self-Update

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Deploying application in the cloud is a
huge challenge.  Typically customers either deploy various components of the
application individually and then manually wire them together.  Some
vendors even allow you to deploy a bunch of VMs together but you still have the
hard and painful job of connecting the dots. The problem gets even worse if you
start to think other deployment constraints – such as which components should
be co-located and which not, what should be the network topology of the application
(i.e. database and middleware should be in different network segments), which components can
scale out and if so how should the scale out happen.

Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder (OVAB) and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c address this
challenge. Using OVAB, application developers and architects  can model
the application topology graphically, define all dependencies and deployment
constraints, and package the entire application in form of what we call an
application assembly. These assembly can then be uploaded to the centralized
software library in Enterprise Manager for self-service deployments.

At the launch of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c last year, we talked about Oracle's plan to offer assemblies for all our products which will allow you
to deploy any of our products – including packaged applications – by click of a
button. Enterprise Manager has a live link back to Oracle which will notify you
of the availability of new assemblies and download them if you are

Last week, we made new Database assemblies available via Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Self-Update. The release of assemblies will help customers deploy the cloud solution more easily on Oracle VM platform. Customers can create a zone of Oracle
VM 3.x servers and deploy these assemblies from the Enterprise Manager 12c
Self-Service interface. Following screenshot shows how they look like in the self-update interface of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Roddy Rodstein Wednesday, April 11, 2012


    Thank you for the information!

    Could you please assist with a couple questions?

    After the assemblies are downloaded and applied, a) where are they visible in cloud control, i.e in which Software library folder are they managed and b) from which Self Service portal, Infrastructure or Database are they configured and c) can they be deployed directly from the cloud infrastructure / oracle vm manager pages?

    Thank you

  • Sudip Datta Wednesday, April 11, 2012


    a) It should appear under Setup->Extensibility->Self Update

    b) The SSA admin can publish these assemblies to a Self-Service user and the Self-Service user can deploy it. the details are documented in part II of the "EM12c Cloud Administrator's Guide"

    c) No. The Oracle VM Manager does not understand VM assemblies. It only knows how to deploy VM templates (single tier guest).

    Hope this helps.



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