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Monitoring Best Practices White Paper for Enterprise Manager 13c Now Available


Monitoring Best Practices White Paper for Enterprise Manager 13c now available

Hello everyone, we're happy to report that the Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c monitoring best practices White Paper is now available: Strategies for Scalable, Smarter Monitoring using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c.

Initially published with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and now updated for Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c, it was written based on many years of working with customers with large data centers who needed monitoring features to enable them to monitor at scale. The paper offers guidance from planning your monitoring setup, understanding key Oracle Enterprise Manager monitoring concepts and features, to strategies for how you can use these features to implement a scalable monitoring solution.

In this paper, you’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage Administration Groups and Template Collections to manage alert thresholds across different environments in an automated way
  • Configure your Incident Rule Sets to send incident notifications to the appropriate teams based on event type and severity, escalate important incidents, prevent a flood of email alerts when a host goes down
  • Use privilege-propagating groups with roles to ensure different IT Operations staff have the appropriate level of access to your targets as soon as they are added to Oracle Enterprise Manager

Many of the examples are largely based on real-world scenarios.

The white paper has also been updated to include tips on how you can use Administration Groups/Template Collections to manage thresholds for primary and standby databases, and advice on how you can leverage event compression to reduce potentially large sets of events into a smaller set of actionable incidents.

If you are veteran user of Oracle Enterprise Manager, read the white paper to see if there are any hidden gems of advice or features you may not be using in your deployments.

If you are new to Oracle Enterprise Manager, read the white paper to learn from our best practices experience so that you too can make the most of Oracle Enterprise Manager monitoring capabilities.

The white paper is available on the Oracle Enterprise Manager pages on oracle.com, you can download it here.