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  • June 27, 2019

Monitoring and Management When You Are Navigating On-Premises and the Cloud

Moe Fardoost
Senior Director of Product Marketing

Most companies manage IT resources in their data centers. Additionally, most companies are beginning to leverage the benefits of the cloud. Both, at the same time, which leads to new challenges. If you are experiencing any of the following, read on and learn how Oracle is making it easier to monitor and manage traditional as well as next generation IT environments.

Are your data management needs changing?

  • More demand for data from lines of business
  • Deploying or consolidating databases in the cloud
  • Increase in application and user activity resulting in database contention

Are you deploying new application architectures?

  • Transient resources (VMs, containers, serverless, etc.)
  • Microservices and infrastructure as code-based apps
  • Distributed HA architectures, including hybrid clouds

Do you have dynamic applications with demanding resource requirements?

  • Rapidly changing application topologies
  • DevOps and continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD)
  • Variability: dynamically scale resources up/down

Is your organization growing rapidly?

  • Necessity to guarantee service levels
  • Fast roll-out new applications which require monitoring tools

Oracle’s History of Self-Managing Technologies

Oracle has a long tradition of innovative automation technologies for managing diverse workloads. Oracle Enterprise Manager has been providing deep insights and full stack management for Oracle Database environments since the 1990s. In 2003, Oracle introduced the first self-managing database with Oracle Database 10g. The culmination of Oracle’s manageability leadership is the Autonomous Database introduced in 2018. Oracle Autonomous Database can automate over 80% of daily manual operations.   


Figure 1: A sampling of Oracle’s long tradition of manageability innovations

Oracle is investing in manageability because customers need flexible solutions that can operate in multiple environments. Products such as Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud form the foundation of Oracle’s Enterprise and Cloud Manageability solution, providing a rich set of functionalities to help customers manage the health of their applications and infrastructures regardless of the deployment model. 


Oracle’s Enterprise and Cloud Manageability

Oracle provides a solution designed for modern hybrid cloud deployments where IT must manage new application architectures as well as existing systems of record. These systems are deployed on-premises, on Oracle Cloud, and on other cloud provider platforms as well. Examples of the capabilities include:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager is a single pane of glass for deep management of the Oracle stack with highly specialized capabilities for managing Oracle Database whether deployed in your data center, or in the cloud, including Oracle Autonomous Database.
  • Oracle Management Cloud is a cloud-based monitoring solution built on big data analytics and machine learning for a broad range of application architectures and deployment models and is designed for monitoring on-premises environments, and multi-cloud environments together or individually.
  • For those building cloud-native applications, you have out-of-the-box monitoring in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure via OCI Monitoring Cloud Service.


Use Oracle Enterprise and Cloud Manageability Solutions Individually or Together

Depending on your use cases, you can use each product individually or in various combinations. Oracle integrations across these tools helps reduce the manual effort to effectively monitor and manage your environments.

Let’s look at some typical use cases.

 Use Case

Solution Combination

Monitor and actively manage Oracle Stack (cloud and on-prem), best solution for users who need deep capabilities for managing Oracle Database using an on-premises tool


Oracle Enterprise Manager

Manage large database environments and applications that run on them in a hybrid cloud environment with deep insight across the Oracle stack

Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud

Monitor database environments on OCI with deep management capabilities that extend to on-premises

Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor and actively manage workloads that span cloud and on-premises using a cloud service

Oracle Management Cloud

ML-based log mining and analytics across OCI and other environments

Oracle Management Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using a built-in solution

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring


Let’s take a deeper look at each component.

Oracle Enterprise Manager


Key Logs/Metrics

Key Capabilities

  • Oracle’s primary database and systems management Product
  • Single pane of glass for on-premises and Oracle Cloud
  • Deep visibility for Oracle Databases and Engineered Systems, including Autonomous Database
  • Go-to console for database consolidation and migration to Oracle Cloud


  • Oracle Database diagnostics telemetry (ADDM, ASH, AWR, etc.)
  • Engineered Systems telemetry including network, host, OS metrics
  • Oracle Apps, Oracle Middleware, etc., configurations


  • Managing Oracle on-premises and in Hybrid Clouds
  • Database performance management
  • Database lifecycle management, Cloud management and DBaaS
  • Engineered Systems, middleware, and applications management
  • Configuration and compliance management
  • Centralized communication and collaboration, with sandboxes, named credentials and auditing



Learn more about Oracle Enterprise Manager.


Oracle Management Cloud


Key Logs/Metrics

Key Capabilities

  • ML-based analytics and unified data for various clouds & on-premises
  • User experience & application monitoring
  • Optimized for Oracle Stack, on premises, in Oracle Cloud and other clouds
  • Heterogeneous monitoring
  • Integrated with EM


  • User/browser activity
  • Application configurations
  • Network, host, OS metrics
  • Host, platform, app logs
  • Oracle Apps Unlimited, Oracle MW & Database logs


  • SaaS-based, easy-to deploy, comprehensive set of monitoring and analytics capabilities
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • IT analytics
  • Log analytics
  • Integration with EM for analysis of EM data



Learn more about Oracle Management Cloud


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring


Key Logs/Metrics

Key Capabilities

  • Better developer and end user experience
  • Supportability for apps/services
  • Gain better insights with OCI's native tooling
  • Automatically scale infrastructure to meet demand


  • OCI Compute
  • Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)
  • Load balancing (LBaaS)
  • Block Storage
  • Object Storage


  • Metrics and graphs for resources (infrastructure or customer applications/services)
  • Service metric summary for all resources in a cloud partition
  • Aggregated view of custom and OCI metrics in console
  • Dimensions for filtering resources
  • Advanced query language
  • Customizable alarms based on one or more resources
  • Real-time alerts via the OCI Notifications



Learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring


Take advantage of Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Management Cloud and OCI Monitoring to streamline and simplify your solutions for monitoring and managing cloud and on-premises environments.

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