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Introducing the brand new Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana

Murtaza Husain
Director, Product Management - Management Cloud

We are pleased to announce that the Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) App for Grafana 13.4 Release Update 3 (the App) is now available.  The App is available for download via Oracle Enterprise Manager's (EM) Download Page

Note: Please ensure to review the certification matrix on the App Download Page which calls out the certified and minimum versions for both, Grafana Server and Oracle Enterprise Manager.


What is the Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana?

The App allows you to integrate and display the rich data set of EM Metrics directly in Grafana. As EM users know, EM collects extensive metric data from various managed targets, and this App allows you to leverage this data in the Grafana environment, perhaps for creating specific data visualizations, or integrating EM data with other data sets you may also be importing into Grafana. All EM users are entitled to use the App at no additional cost, however you may still need to meet licensing requirements for the EM Management Packs that provide the data.

Once the App has been enabled in your Grafana environment and connected to an EM instance, you can create custom EM-based Grafana dashboards by browsing and selecting the EM metrics of interest, or by creating direct SQL queries against the well-established EM Repository’s SDK (MGMT$) Management Views or other target databases.


Creating Target-Specific Visualizations

For example, EM users who manage Databases may create highly-customized Database Performance views by modifying a sample out-of-the-box  dashboard we have provided as part of the App. Below is a screenshot of one of our out-of-the-box dashboards which includes several familiar EM metrics such as (not limited to) DB time, Average Active Sessions, Logon Count, CPU, Memory and I/O.

Figure 1 The sample database performance dashboard provides an out-of-the-box, target-specific view of the key database metrics.

Users can easily clone this dashboard (or any other sample dashboard) to further customize it based on their preferences.


Creating Enterprise-Wide Visualizations Across Many Targets

In addition to visualizations for specific EM targets, the App can also be used to create enterprise-wide visualizations of all your EM targets. For example, a quick look at Availability Status for all your targets might look like as following:

Figure 2 The sample enterprise-wide availability dashboard across all your EM targets in a certain region.


Extending Visualizations Across Multiple EM Instances

In the case where you are leveraging several EM instances, you can create visualizations that incorporate data from those multiple instances in a single dashboard, either by creating custom dashboards or by using pre-built dashboard templates across multiple EM instances and targets. For example, below is a dashboard with separate panels, pulling data from the different EM sites ( Data from multiple EM sites, multiple targets):

Figure 3 The sample view of metric data rendered from different EM sites on a single dashboard.

It’s important to note that all of this dashboarding is possible without compromising on security – the App utilizes our proven, built-in EM security model to collect data without exposing any target-level credentials to a Grafana end user.


Installing the App 

From installation perspective, you must first already have a Grafana Server running in your environment (installing Grafana is outside the scope of this article, consult Grafana documentation for details).  Assuming that you have already a Grafana Server up and running in your environment, you can then download and install the  App on your Grafana server.

Then you will configure the App via Grafana’s user interface and add your respective EM site(s) as valid data sources. The screenshots below show the various App configuration steps.

Figure 4 The Data Sources Configuration view of Grafana's user-interface.


Figure 5 The Settings view of the Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana where the connection to your EM instance or Remote Management Repository can be configured and established.

For detailed explanation on installation, upgrade and usage, you can refer to the Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana User’s Guide. In the case of a new installation of Oracle Enterprise Manager, you should install EM first using EM Installation Guide and then complete the configuration required for the App detailed in the EM App guide.

The App is an example of Oracle’s ongoing commitment to allowing you to extend your use of Oracle Enterprise Manager via various extensibility mechanisms.  For other examples of Oracle-provided and partner-provided extensibility capabilities, visit the Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange at http://www.oracle.com/goto/emextensibility .

Have questions about the Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana? Community support is provided via the forums at Oracle GroundbreakersHappy dashboarding and we look forward to hearing about your experiences with the App.

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