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How to Automatically Fix Tablespace Full Alerts Using Corrective Actions

Karilyn Loui
Product Manager

Hello everyone! Starting with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c, we released a new corrective action called "Add Space to Tablespace". This corrective action automatically addresses the ‘tablespace full’ problem across different types of tablespaces – locally managed, dictionary managed, permanent, temp and undo tablespaces. When a tablespace is near full and the tablespace full alert has triggered, the corrective action will increase the tablespace by extending existing datafiles, or create new datafiles for Database Instance and Pluggable Database targets.

Add Space to Tablespace corrective action can be used on any of the following Tablespace Full metrics to increase either Smallfile or Bigfile datafiles.

•    Tablespace Free Space (MB)
•    Tablespace Space Used (%)
•    Tablespace Free Space (MB) (dictionary managed)
•    Tablespace Space Used (%) (dictionary managed)
•    Tablespace Free Space (MB) (Temp)
•    Tablespace Space Used (%) (Temp)
•    Tablespace Free Space (MB) (Undo)
•    Tablespace Space Used (%) (Undo)

See the steps below to setup an “Add Space to Tablespace” corrective action.

1.    Navigate to Enterprise > Monitoring > Corrective Actions.

2.    Select “Add Space to Tablespace” from “Create Library Corrective Action” drop down and click “Go”.

3.    Populate the Name field for the corrective action and select “Metric Alert” event type.

4.    Click on the Parameters tab and fill out parameters for the corrective action.

5.    Click on “Save to Library”.

6.    The corrective action will be in Draft status. Test the corrective action by generating an alert and manually running the corrective action via Incident Manager.