Discovering an Oracle ZFS 7120 Storage Appliance with Ops Center 12.2 and creating an iSCSI LUN

Contributed by Juergen Fleischer and Mahesh Sharma.

In this blog we will show you how to discover an Oracle ZFS 7120 Storage Appliance within Ops Center (12R2) as a dynamic storage library. Once discovered we can create, delete, resize and dynamically assign iSCSI LUNs from Ops Center.

First we need to configure the 7120 for iSCSI LUN distribution.

Creating an iSCSI Target Group

We need to create an iSCSI Target Group so to define the ports and protocols by which the LUN will be presented. To do this we need to logon to the 7120 BUI from a browser i.e. https://<7120-hostname>:215 .

To configure the iSCSI target, go to:

Configure -> SAN -> click the “plus +” icon next to iSCSI. Shown below.

From the pop-up enter a meaningful alias and decide which network interface to use. Click OK to end.

Note: CHAPS authentication can be used and is supported by Ops Center, and would be recommended for a Production environment.

If you are not sure which Network Interface to use, have a look at the Network section, which will show how the Networks are defined.

Once the iSCSI target has been created (OC-iscsi in our case), we need to create a "Target Group" that includes our created target.

To create a Target Group, place the cursor over the OC-iscsi and a Move icon  () will appear.

Drag the Move icon () to the iSCSI Target group.

Once moved across to the iSCSI Target Group, a default target group is created called target-0. Click on the edit symbol next to this, rename it with something meaningful and click OK. In our case we used Ldom-Guest.

Click Apply to confirm the changes.

Now that we have created a Target on the ZFS 7120 appliance, we can discover the 7120 with Ops Center.

Discovering the Oracle ZFS 7120 Storage Appliance.

We started with creating a Discovery credentials for the 7120, from:

Plan Management -> Credentials, from the right hand side under Actions clicking Create Credentials.

From the Create Credentials pop up we selected “Storage Administrator” as the protocol from the drop down menu and completed the other fields as shown:

Next we created the Discovery Profile, from:

Plan Management -> Profiles and Policies -> Discovery.  From the right hand side under Actions clicking "Create Profile".

From the pop-up we selected Sun ZFS Storage Appliance as the Asset type, as shown. Click Next when completed,

From the Targets page, we entered the IP address of the 7120.  The "Target Group" and "Target" were entered in the Plugin Specific Information Section, as shown below: