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  • September 30, 2020

Enterprise Manager 13.4 RU6 on Oracle Linux 8 in an HA Configuration in Just a Few Clicks!

Daniela Hansell
Senior Manager, Enterprise and Cloud Manageability



Exciting news from Oracle's Enterprise and Cloud Manageability team: the latest update to the Oracle Enterprise Manager App on the OCI Marketplace is now available!

The latest release of Enterprise Manager App (Stack 1.2) has these new additions:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4, Release Update 6
  • Oracle Linux 8 operating system on all hosts
  • Ability to place resources in separate compartments
  • Configuration support for WebLogic Server Admin(WLS)  & Node Manager password as well as access to the WLS Console
  • Data Guard support for the Oracle Management Repository Database

This Marketplace stack includes a pre-configured Oracle Enterprise Manager (version - 13.4-RU6) with a co-located Oracle database (version - 19.8) for a single node configuration and an OCI 2-node RAC database system for a multi-node configuration as the Oracle Management Repository.

You can now deploy the latest Enterprise Manager 13.4 Release Update 6 running Oracle Linux 8 environments in various configurations in just a few clicks!

EM and Network Administrators can now group and place the OCI resources in the appropriate authorized compartments.  For example, you may place the OMS nodes, Shared & Block storage in a compartment "EM Admin", DBaaS resources (for the multi-node case) in a "DB Admin" compartment and VCN, Subnets, LBaaS resources in a "Network Admin" compartment.  The ability to place the Marketplace stack in a compartment and other OCI resources used by the EM setup in a different compartment simplifies the monitoring of database resources.

With Data Guard you can ensure high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data. Data Guard is an optional feature available from stack version 1.2 onward for Multi-Node High Availability deployments. You can easily and securely enable Data Guard directly from the stack setup. In addition, using Data Guard, you can apply database patches with no downtime by simply switching from your Primary Database to your Data Guard setup. Once the switch completes,  you can apply your patches on the Primary Database and then switch back from Data Guard to the Primary Database.

To get started with deploying Oracle Enterprise Manager App:

  1. Sign in to OCI and from the OCI Main Menu navigate to Marketplace. Search and click on Oracle Enterprise Manager (Oracle Enterprise  Manager 13.4). For easier access you can filter by Type Stack.

  1. Review the Oracle Enterprise Manager details, note that "13.4-RU6 (stack version 1.2)" is selected by default, select the compartment where the stack will be located, acknowledge you read the Oracle Standard Terms and Restrictions and click Launch Stack.

For full set up details, see Setting Up Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


We hope you enjoy and take advantage of these new features! 

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