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    April 29, 2015

EM Compliance ‘Required Data Available’ flag – Understanding and Troubleshooting


Starting in release of Enterprise Manager a new column was
added to the top level Compliance Standard Results page named ‘Required
Data Available’. This column is meant to convey whether the data
required for proper compliance evaluation of all of the rules within the
Compliance Standard for each associated target is available in the
repository. If the value for a given target is ‘No’ then the compliance
results for that target should not be considered valid. A value of ‘Yes’
indicates the required configuration data is being collected and
results valid; at least from a data availability perspective.

One challenge facing customers is the lack of understanding of the
column and how to correct the cause of the ‘No’ status. The goal of this
guide is to explain how this column’s value is derived and provide some
tools to correct the situation.

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